Ben-Gals Roster

Specialty Pharmaceutical Sales Representative
Birth Date:
Louisville, KY


NAME:  Sarah

HOMETOWN:  Louisville, KY

BIRTHDAY:  December 24th. I can’t wait to share my birthday with you this year Bengals Nation!

OCCUPATION:  Specialty Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

NAME:  Sarah

HOMETOWN:  Louisville, KY

BIRTHDAY:  December 24th. I can’t wait to share my birthday with you this year Bengals Nation!

OCCUPATION:  Specialty Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

EDUCATION INFO: I graduated from the University of Kentucky where I studied Journalism and Political Science. However, I am a Louisville Cardinals fan!


MOST MEMORABLE BENGALS GAME: The game against the Seahawks in 2015 when we went into overtime and won! I’ve never heard our stadium get as loud as it did that day.

MOST MEMORABLE BEN-GAL MOMENT: Being chosen to represent our team at the 2017 Pro Bowl. Towards the end of the season, the cheerleaders vote on who they would like to send. During our December 4th game, between the 1st and 2nd quarter, the cheerleaders all lined up in the south end zone to dance. Right as the music was coming on to start our performance, my director put flowers in my head, cameras were in my face and the announcement was made that I was chosen to represent my teammates and the Bengals organization at the Pro Bowl! I have to admit that I ugly cried on the field out of pure joy. My close friend and teammate, Alyson, gave me the biggest hug and cried too. I had a lot of love and support from my teammates in many ways going into this amazing experience. Several of them let me borrow attire to wear while I was at the Pro Bowl and they also sent me goodies and wrote me letters while I was there. Their letters really opened my eyes to the fact that they didn't just choose me just because of my dance ability, fitness level or glamour. Those are definitely major criteria a Pro Bowl Cheerleader needs, but they also chose me because of the person I am and how I have treated them. In their letters, they talked about meeting me at audition prep classes and how I pulled them aside to help them with their dances; they talked about how I never treated them as "rookies" but as a person and friend; they talked about how I helped guide them to be better dancers; and they talked about my positivity. The reason why this matters so much to me is because at this point in my professional cheerleading career, I am here to inspire other women and help them become the best they can be. They confirmed that I am doing just that.


FAVORITE THING TO DO IN CINCINNATI: I love taking my dog to all of the local dog-friendly spots. I also enjoy trying new local restaurants with my man Sam, and running long distance in different areas.

FAVORITE SPORT TO PARTICIPATE IN: Cheerleading, Dancing and Running

FAVORITE BOOK: Mr. Poppers Penguins is my childhood favorite. I also love all of Emily Giffin’s books.

FAVORITE MOVIE: Hope Floats and Wedding Crashers. These are my go-to’s.

PETS: I have a sweet little mutt named Gabbie, or as some of my friends like to call her, “Ben-Gab.” I had her DNA tested and she’s a Beagle/Boxer/Lab/Terrier mix.

FAVORITE VACATION SPOT/ GETAWAY:  Charleston, SC. I love the Historic District and the beaches that are close by. It’s also my favorite place to try all different versions of shrimp and grits. I love that low country cooking.

PERSON WHO I ADMIRE MOST: My mom. She has a big heart and is my biggest fan. She carries herself in a very humble way and worked hard to get where she is today.

FAVORITE PRIZED POSSESION: My stuffed monkey named Jimby. My parents gave him to me when I was seven years old and I hope to pass him on one day.

THREE WORDS THAT DESCRIBE ME:  Bubbly, Loving, Competitive

WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO YOUNG KIDS ABOUT BECOMING A CHEERLEADER?: Choose the person you look up to most in the industry and learn from them. Learn how they got to where they are today and take action to follow in their footsteps. Always, always, always go full out in every dance (including practices) like you’re performing for a crowd.  

BEST ADVICE EVER GIVEN TO ME: Surround yourself with people who inspire you.

GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT: I have two! My greatest individual accomplishment is being chosen as the 2017 Pro Bowl Cheerleader. My greatest team accomplishment is winning the World Championship in Cheerleading with GymTyme All-Stars.

FUTURE GOAL(S): To become a loving wife and mother, and to advance in my career.