Ben-Gals Roster

Xavier University
Technical Data Analyst
Birth Date:
Dayton, OH


NAME: Justine


BIRTHDAY: June 6th

OCCUPATION: Technical Data Analyst

NAME: Justine


BIRTHDAY: June 6th

OCCUPATION: Technical Data Analyst 

EDUCATION INFO: Bachelors of Science in Computer Science from Xavier University 

NUMBER OF YEARS AS A BEN-GAL: This is my first year!

MOST MEMORABLE BENGALS GAME: My most memorable Bengals game was seeing my sister's first game as a Ben-Gal! I can't wait to experience this with her this season!

MOST MEMORABLE BEN-GAL MOMENT: Being able to try out with my sister was such a memorable and special experience! Finding out we both made the team was such an unbelievable feeling!

FAVORITE BENGALS PLAYER: Hard to choose, but A.J. Green has made some amazing catches and always plays with great energy!

FAVORITE THING TO DO IN CINCINNATI: I love going being outside and seeing all of the beauty Cincinnati has to offer! Some of my favorites are Findlay Market, the skyline, and of course the Bengals!

FAVORITE SPORT TO PARTICIPATE IN: I have been dancing and cheerleading my entire life, but also ran track my entire life! 

FAVORITE BOOK: Water for Elephants 

FAVORITE MOVIE:  Les Misérables


PERSON WHO I ADMIRE MOST: I admire my sister, Jordan for following her many passions and being such an amazing role model for me and so many others. I am so lucky to have her as my sister and my Ben-Gal sister.

FAVORITE PRIZED POSSESION: My favorite prized possession is my phone. I love being able to snap a picture at any moment during all of my wonderful experiences.

THREE WORDS THAT DESCRIBE ME:  Positive, Hard-Working, Thoughtful

WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO YOUNG KIDS ABOUT BECOMING A CHEERLEADER?: Becoming a cheerleader is about learning to be confident in yourself and your abilities. My advice to young kids is to work hard and be persistent in following your dreams. With hard work and confidence you can accomplish anything!

BEST ADVICE EVER GIVEN TO ME: The best advice given to me is to not stress the small stuff. Little things can go wrong all the time! So focus on the positive and don't worry about being perfect!

GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT: My greatest accomplishment is graduating from Xavier University with a Computer Science degree, being one of four women in my class with this degree. 

FUTURE GOAL(S): I aspire to be a role model for young women in the Technical Field. I hope to do this through my intellect and hard work, as well as through my role as a Ben-Gal.