Ben-Gals Roster

North Kentucky University
Customer Relations/Fitness Instructor
Birth Date:
Lakeside Park, KY


NAME:  Abby

HOMETOWN:  Lakeside Park, KY

BIRTHDAY:  June 18th

OCCUPATION:  Customer Relationship Development Manager at Whisper Pet, Fitness Instructor at DEFINE: Oakley, and Partner at A&A Real Estate (Rental Property Business)

NAME:  Abby

HOMETOWN:  Lakeside Park, KY

BIRTHDAY:  June 18th

OCCUPATION:  Customer Relationship Development Manager at Whisper Pet, Fitness Instructor at DEFINE: Oakley, and Partner at A&A Real Estate (Rental Property Business)

EDUCATION INFO: Graduated Summa Cum Laude from NKU with a BS in Marketing in 2015 with Minors in Honors, Business Administration, and Dance. I will be returning to NKU in the Fall to receive an additional Bachelors degree (BSBA) in Accounting.

NUMBER OF YEARS AS A BEN-GAL:  This is my Rookie Year!

MOST MEMORABLE BENGALS GAME: Seattle Seahawks game a couple years ago - RIGHT when the crowd thought the game was over, the team made the GREATEST comeback I’ve ever seen in my lifetime in football. And to see a crowd so overthrown with pride for their team and their city was just awe-inspiring! Gives me goose bumps just thinking about it.

MOST MEMORABLE BEN-GAL MOMENT: Hands down, walking on the field for the first time with all the girls. No fans, no players, just us Gals and all our twinkly eyes glowing for what’s to come this season. Imagining it just seems surreal. I couldn’t be more grateful or honored to share the field with any other group of girls and, together, drive the passion our city feels for football.

FAVORITE BENGALS PLAYER: Andy Dalton: Cliché, AND at the same time, he has a perseverance and resilience that is just unparalleled by anyone in the Bengals franchise. His drive and determination is just astounding and incredibly motivating!

FAVORITE THING TO DO IN CINCINNATI: My favorite thing to do in the city is try new restaurants. Nothing is greater than exploring then finding that next best spot to eat and spend time with friends and family.

FAVORITE SPORT TO PARTICIPATE IN: I’m not much of a sports girl outside of dance. Although I do love boating. Can that count? Health-wise, though, I’m a huge group fitness fan! I teach barre, indoor cycling and mini-trampoline classes at DEFINE: Oakley that are incredibly fun and extremely effective. Win, win!

FAVORITE BOOK: Kite Runner, without a doubt!

FAVORITE MOVIE: Can I say my favorite show instead? I have an incredibly short attention span, so I tend to watch more shows than movies. My FAVORITE show of all time is, absolutely, The Office. I, genuinely, have probably watched each episode 10 times, and I laugh every time! This show always brings me SO much joy!

PETS: OH YES! I have two fur babies that my fiancé and I adopted last year. Lucy is a 2 year old Beagle/Hound/Pit Mix and Sampson is a 1½ old German Shepherd/ Greyhound/Beagle Mix. We LOVE pups!

FAVORITE VACATION SPOT / GETAWAY: My BEST vacations so far have been when I’ve traveled abroad. Last year I went to Salta, Argentina to visit my dad, and we stayed at a winery called Cafayate. It was absolutely gorgeous!

PERSON WHOM I ADMIRE MOST: My mom and my dad! Can’t say one without the other. The two of them, single handedly, raised both my sister and me with a compassion and selflessness that is unmatched by anyone else. Maybe I’m a bit biased, but I am who I am today because of these two wonderful people, and I could not be more grateful!

FAVORITE PRIZED POSSESION: NOW, as of June 17, my ring. It’s like it was made just for me! (Because it was.) #FitsLikeAGlove

THREE WORDS THAT DESCRIBE ME:  Balanced. Genuine. Passionate.

WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO YOUNG KIDS ABOUT BECOMING A CHEERLEADER?:  Becoming a cheerleader is something I honestly never knew I wanted until I came to my first Ben-Gal clinic (on a whim, I might add). Because of the energy, the positivity, and the PURE JOY each and every person in that room radiated, it reminded my WHY I love dance so much. I left inspired and incredibly motivated to make this my next journey. I have been dancing my entire life and to have the opportunity to perform again and share my passion with others has been truly amazing. My advice would be to do what you love and if you SHOW your passion, your positivity, your graciousness to learn, you can become whomever you want to be…president, doctor, even a cheerleader!

BEST ADVICE EVER GIVEN TO ME: This is incredibly silly AND still has been some of the best advice I’ve ever heard (Thank you, Kid President – from Letter to a Person on Their First Day Here): “You were made from love, to be loved, to spread love. Love is always louder, so let your life be loud!” Live in passion, do what fills your love bucket, and share that with others. EVERY moment, then, will feel forever fulfilling.

GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT:  I feel so blessed that I’ve already accomplished so much in my lifetime, which makes it incredibly challenging to choose which is my GREATEST. Most recently, though, I took the largest leap of faith and started my own rental property business with my future husband, Austin. Our interests and strengths balance each other out so well and make us such wonderful partners in business AND in life! With our gusto and know-how, we’ve already accumulated 5 properties in our first year and our roller coaster is just rounding the bend before the first big hill (LOVE my metaphors). It’s been so challenging, so rewarding, and I could not be any more grateful for all the opportunities life has given me thus far. Keep sending them my way, universe!

FUTURE GOAL(S): I have QUITE the agenda for myself 10 years from now, AND I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Personal goals: I spend Wednesdays with my gals each week and date night Sunday’s with my husband, Austin, and he and I have started a family and have struck the best balance between career and family time.

Career goals: I am an entrepreneur and own two businesses – A&A Real Estate and DEFINE: Northern Kentucky. With A&A, we’ve just acquired our 30th property and have a property manager to allow Aust and me to balance our other interests as well. On the other spectrum, I’m also still working for Bright!Tax, my dad’s tax for expats business, as a CPA.

Health Goals: I’m still involved with the Bengals organization in some capacity – whether that’s cheering or taking the next leap to directorship, I see myself still involved at some level. I teach 3 – 5 classes a week at DEFINE: Northern Kentucky, and lastly, I make meals for my family 5 days a week (a HUGE accomplishment for someone who only knows how to bake chicken, steam veggies, and cook pasta).