NFL Draft

  • Hobson's Choice Podcast: Duke Tobin

    Posted May 2, 2017

    Geoff Hobson sits down with the Bengals' Director of Player Personnel following the 2017 NFL Draft.

  • Hobson's Choice: upon further review

    By Geoff Hobson - Posted Apr 30, 2017

    With the drafting of fourth-round pick Josh Malone of Tennessee, keeping seven receivers looks to be an option for the Bengals.

  • Fast and Furious for Bengals depth chart

    By Geoff Hobson - Posted Apr 29, 2017

    In a need for speed the Bengals quenched their thirst at the Fountain of Youth at the top with the draft’s fastest player ever in No. 1 pick John Ross. And they kept on going when they picked three other players that either had the fastest 40 time in their position group or would have if they were invited to the NFL scouting combine.

  • Mixon takes next step

    By Geoff Hobson - Posted Apr 29, 2017

    If they happened to look up at the walkway above the Bengals weight room, they saw Joe Mixon take his first steps in Paul Brown Stadium Saturday. And the fans at the Bengals draft party cheered and yelled welcome as he paused, as if not quite sure if it was for him. He held up his right and waved on his way to the elevator with the cheers chasing after him.

  • Bengals go fourth: rush LB Lawson, fleet WR Malone, run-stuffer Glasgow

    By Geoff Hobson - Posted Apr 29, 2017

    The Bengals came into the last day of the NFL Draft with a league-high nine picks and got off to a fortuitous start Saturday when they took the top player on their remaining board in Auburn defensive end/linebacker Carl Lawson.

  • Ross' fire fuels fast

    By Geoff Hobson - Posted Apr 29, 2017

  • Bengals offense transforms overnight

    By Geoff Hobson - Posted Apr 29, 2017

    After scoring an average of 15.5 points per game in their nine losses last season, the Bengals have suddenly transformed their offense and special teams in the last 30 hours it took to select the fastest player in history at wide receiver and a big back that has a history of moving like a scat back.

  • Mixon agent glad Bengals called

    By Geoff Hobson - Posted Apr 28, 2017