Fantasy Forecast

  • Fantasy Forecast: Season Recap

    By James Morris - Posted Dec 29, 2016

    As with any NFL season, there are highs and lows. Our goal in fantasy football is to not just weather the storm; rather, we try to outsmart everyone else and be the last boat left in the fleet.

  • Fantasy Recap: Week 16

    By James Morris - Posted Dec 27, 2016

    While a few crazy leagues play through Week 17 of the NFL season, the vast majority of fantasy leagues held their championship game this week. Some were in the hunt for the league title, and this remained active to the very end.

  • Fantasy Forecast: Week 16

    By James Morris - Posted Dec 22, 2016

    We’ve all been grinding this NFL season with the hope of making it to this point, the fantasy football championship game.

  • Fantasy Recap: Week 15

    By James Morris - Posted Dec 20, 2016

    Week 15 was a wild and crazy week not just in the NFL, but in fantasy football as well.

  • Fantasy Forecast: Week 15

    By James Morris - Posted Dec 15, 2016

    The first round of the fantasy playoffs is over (for most), and now we move on to the 2nd round where both teams, and the start/sit questions, get harder.

  • Fantasy Recap: Week 14

    Posted Dec 13, 2016

    Hill has his second 100-yard game of the season this weekend as he finished with 111 rushing yards and a touchdown. And, to reward his owners for sticking with him, Hill caught 3-of-4 targets for an additional 30 yards.

  • Fantasy Forecast: Week 14

    By James Morris - Posted Dec 8, 2016

    For most of us, the fantasy playoffs are here and we are now in the one-and-done part of the football season. Win and you move on; lose, and you drop into the consolation bracket and get to fight for the toilet bowl title.

  • Fantasy Recap: Week 13

    By James Morris - Posted Dec 6, 2016

    With the regular season over for fantasy football, owners will now turn their attention to the playoffs. The waiver wire is a barren wasteland filled with landmines that are sure to hurt you more than help you.

  • Fantasy Forecast: Week 13

    By James Morris - Posted Dec 1, 2016

    By now most people have a good idea whether or not they are in the fantasy playoffs, causing most leagues to be half active, and half dead.

  • Fantasy Recap: Week 12

    Posted Nov 29, 2016

    Many fantasy football playoffs kick off in Week 14, making this week a must-win for those looking to secure their post-season spot. There is nothing better than looking at the standings and knowing you are in, regardless of the outcome of this week.