Texans at Bengals Postgame Quotes

Posted Sep 14, 2017

Houston Texans at Cincinnati Bengals postgame quotes 9/15/2017


Head coach

Initial Comments ...

        “It’s difficult to win many games when we don’t score touchdowns. I think today with the defensive side of the ball, they had an opportunity to control the game. Then we let them have the one score, then later on the field goal — the drive for the field goal there in the fourth quarter. Those are big differences in the football game. It makes a difference whether we are playing for a touchdown or a field goal in the end. We’re hurting ourselves with our execution at times, and just playing through and being smart — 100 percent (of the time). Making every catch, making every throw, making every block, making every tackle, coverage — whatever it may be. Don’t get frustrated, keep playing. Our frustration crept in tonight.”


Is that the biggest explanation as to why you haven’t scored a touchdown in eight quarters?

        “That’s execution. That’s the biggest thing. The execution and how we attack. We’re not doing a good enough job. We’re seeing similar things, and we have to be able to have a better plan for it.”


Are you shocked by the lack of production from this offense?

        “I am shocked. Yes I am. We should be better.”


So how do you fix this offense?

        “We have an opportunity to look at it and get better, and we will get better.”


Would you consider changes to personnel or elsewhere?

        “Well, we’re not going to sit here tonight and (harp) on that and talk about that right now.”


Did you think the protection was better this week than it was against the Ravens?

        “I’ll have to see that. I think at times we did a better job. It’s hard to put it all in a capsule.”


Two straight home games, two straight losses. Marvin, what kind of encouragement can you offer the fans?

        “We have a long season ahead. It’s unfortunate. We want to win for these people. They come out, they’re loud. It was a great crowd tonight. We didn’t send them home with smiles on their faces, that’s for sure.”


Are you worried about Andy Dalton?

        “No, I’m not worried about Andy.”


Is Andy’s job secure at this point?



The defense has played well. There was a broken play that resulted in the 49-yard touchdown, and the 48-yard play on third-and-seven last week ...

        “Right. You don’t want to have those plays. If you want to be a dominant group, like they can be, you have to dominate for 60 minutes. Not 59:52.”


After the Ravens game, you said it was one of the most disappoint games of your career. Would you say this is up there with that?

        “That’s why I shouldn’t tell you guys anything (laughs). I’m just disappointed because we’re a better football team than we’ve gone out and shown in the first two weeks.”


Was the game plan different at all this week than last week, and was it just a lack of execution?

        “Well your game plan is always different against different opponents.”


You said you’re not worried about Andy, but would you say he’s taken a step back this season?

        “No, I don’t think he’s taken a step back. I think we have to continue to let Andy do his thing. We have to do things better around him.

        “We weren’t good enough today. We didn’t play good enough to win on offense. And, on defense, we gave up a play that you can’t give up. (The Texans) didn’t give up a 48-yard play for a score, and that’s the difference in the game. Same thing as last week. If you want to be dominant, be as dominant as the other side.”


It seems like Joe Mixon’s workload improved a little bit more this week ...

        “He had the biggest workload last week.”


Is that a trend?

        “We play them as we go. We play them as we have plays on the sheet. Joe got a good opportunity tonight and did a nice job from my vantage point on the sideline, it seemed. He ran hard.”


Is it getting late early, Marvin? Do you feel that this season has the potential to slip away early on?

        “Well, we’ve dug ourselves into a little bit of a hole against two AFC opponents, which you don’t want to do. But, we have plenty of time to be better.”

That play when Tyler Eifert stepped out of bounds was the difference of the game ...

        “There are a lot of differences in the game. A lot of ‘one plays.’”


Why did you decide to make Tyler Boyd inactive tonight?

        “I can only suit up so many players.”


Was it a medical reason?



You admit you’re frustrated. How do you get past that frustration after a loss?

        “Look at where the corrections need to be made and what we need to do better. The ‘how,’ ‘why’ and ‘what.’ That’s the only way to do it, is to break it down to the fundamentals of ‘why.’ Either we have to do it better, do it with different people, or do it a different way. We’re not going to wing it. We have to make sure we do it and continue to repeat it.”


Where do you think you’re failing on offense?

        “We’re failing to convert enough thirds downs. That’s a big part of it. We had a couple of third-and-threes, third-and-fours tonight that ended up being fourth-and-ones. We had a third-and-two and ended up with a fourth-and-one. Right now, we’re not making enough first downs and keeping the drives alive to give us an opportunity. Then, when we’re getting into the red zone, we’re not scoring touchdowns. We’re not converting third downs or those plays in the red zone that make touchdowns.”




Obviously, you have to be pretty frustrated. Red zone difficulties; is it the same problem, is it different problems?

        “We just haven’t been able to make a play down there. That is what it’s coming down to. We had a couple third and long situations, which makes it tough as well. We have to look at it, and find a way to correct it because you have to score touchdowns. If you are going to win in this league, you have to score touchdowns, and we haven’t done that. We have to get it fixed.”


Are you shocked about the way this offense has gone so far this year?

        “This isn’t the way we know we can play. We haven’t hit our stride yet. For us, we are disappointed and we have to find a way to fix it. That is all we can do right now.”


What’s the balance been like the first two weeks, trying to get the ball to A.J. Green, and distribute it still? Has it been more challenging than normal?

        “Everyone knows where A.J. is, and so there are different things where coverages are going to be shifted his way, and he is going to be doubled and different things. We were able to get the big shot down the field today, but yes, there is a balance. You want to get him involved as much as possible, but teams try to take him away.”


Is there a point to where you say, “Man I wish I could of found a way to get him the ball more in the second half?”

        “Yeah. Obviously, you want the ball in his hands as much as possible. You have your best player out there, and you want him to be a focal point. We are going to have to look at it, and see what we can do differently.”


Rotation of players; it can be a tough balance. You want to get guys involved, but then get them enough touches where they can find a rhythm. It’s got to be a tough balancing act?

        “Yeah, that is part of it. Whatever it is, whatever we need to do — we need to figure it out and win some games.”


It has to be tough for John Ross. He ran the reverse well, and got to show his speed, but the guy gets his helmet on the football and he loses possession. You know he has to feel worst than anybody?

        “You get an opportunity, and you want to make the most of it. Like you said, he had a good run, but we have to secure the ball. It was an unfortunate play.”


What was your view on the play when Tyler Eifert stepped out of bounds and got called back? There seemed to be some guys running open?

        “I looked up there, and he was open. I didn’t see him step out. The way he was acting like he was open, I don’t think he knew he stepped out. For me, I just saw him open and threw it to him.”


That play has to sum up the game?

        “Yep. I don’t know how far he stepped out, but we are close. At the end of the day, there is no excuse. We have to get it done.”


What do you think about your accuracy? It seemed like there were a couple of throws you would like to have back ...

        “I know one specifically on third down, I missed Jo (Brandon LaFell) on a double move. I am trying to put the ball in the right spot.”


Before throwing the ball to Tyler Eifert, were you thinking about running it?

        “I thought about running it, and then I saw Tyler open .... We are close, obviously.”


Is this frustrating?

        “It’s tough. You never want to start the season this way, and all we can do is put our heads down, work, and find a way to fix it.”


Where do you see the breakdowns offensively?

        “You can’t get behind the chains, everybody has to be on the same page, we have to communicate and do your job. That is all it comes down to. For us we have to find a way to do it more.”


Do you have a reference point? I am sure you have never gone eight quarters without scoring a touchdown. Have you had some droughts where you had to pull yourself out of it as a team, and how did you go about it in the past.

        “All it takes it one. That is how it works. We have to find a way to do it.”


If you get that one, do you think the flood gates might open up?

        “These games are full of momentum. If you can get it, and score, it helps.”


Marvin said your job is secure, does that support mean something to you when times are frustrating?

        “Sure. I feel like I am trying to play the best I can, and help this team win.”


Do you feel the criticism you get is justified?

        “We haven’t won, so the quarterback gets the blame. Obviously, last week it wasn’t my best game. I will look at the tape today and see how much more I can do. Like I said, all I am trying to do is play the best I can and we are going to look at what we can do to get there.”


When will start to become a mental thing, and the team starts pressing? Are you worried about that?

        “No. We just have to play the game and trust what is going on out there.”


Have you notice any, “Aww man we didn’t get a touchdown on the first trip to the red zone?”

        “No we are not thinking about any of that. The guys tried hard, we just came up short.”


Andy, you always seem so matter of fact up there. At what point, do you need to start developing a sense of urgency about the season?

        “Right now; it’s all about winning in this league, and we haven’t done that yet. We put ourselves behind to get where we want to do. We have to start winning, and start winning now.”




It’s remarkable that you were out there tonight. How did your elbow come out of it?

        “Fine. I felt like if could step in and play and give it my all, then that’s what I was going to do. It doesn’t matter what the injury is. If I can play, then I’m going to.”


It’s amazing that Giovani Bernard rehabbed so well from an ACL tear in November to come back as quickly as he did, and then you came back quickly as well from the elbow dislocation ...

        “We owe a lot to the training staff that we have here. They do a remarkable job with the rehab and treatments and get us back ready to play, when they say we’re ready.”


It seems like both games thus far were the same type of deal, with not a lot of margin for error and one play determining the outcome ...

        “The road for us right now doesn’t get any easier in the next 10 days. We’ve got to figure out what we’re going to do to come out with a win, no matter what it is.”


Tomorrow’s going to be a big morning for you after you wake up after everything you did tonight. Do you feel pretty confident it’s not going to be any type of situation where you’re not going to be able to get back on the field? You do have 10 days before you have to head up to Green Bay ...

        “My body feels like it’s ready to play. If they don’t feel like I’m ready, then they’re not going to play me.”



Wide receiver

There were a bunch of plays between special teams and offensive that went for over 20 yards, but it seemed you just couldn’t string them together ...

        “It’s not enough. It’s not finishing. You’ve got to score touchdowns in this league to win, and it just wasn’t enough.”


After eight quarters of football at home and not being able to put a touchdown on the board, that’s got to be shocking ...

        “Yeah, it’s very frustrating. We’ve got to figure it out soon. We have to go back and look at the film, refresh our minds and just come back ready to work and score touchdowns.”



Offensive tackle

For the second straight game you were held without a touchdown ...

        “Our offense has to score points, and we didn’t score points. We didn’t play good enough.”




The offense hasn’t been able to get a touchdown yet in the red zone, after six trips, and there are just three field goals to show for it. Nobody ever expected that ...

        “It comes down to penalties, turnovers and being inefficient in the red zone. We’ve struggled with all three of those things. That’s not winning football. Luckily, we got the Thursday night game there. In a couple days, we’ll go back and watch it, try and regroup and get everybody on the same page. Obviously, we need to come out firing next week. Obviously, we certainly haven’t played well enough to win, as it shows.”



Wide receiver

After the offense you were in while in college, what’s it like after two games to not score a touchdown?

        “It’s tough. It’s tough to not be a factor in games. It’s kind of a mental thing where you’ve always been a big play guy. Maybe without that fumble, I would have got myself going a little more.”


How much did you want to make a play again after that fumble?

“Ever since that play was over. Every time the offense was ready to go, I was ready to go. You never want to end like that — that’s never good.”


Did the defender’s helmet hit the ball on that fumble?

        “I should be higher and tighter with the ball. It was a good play by him. He got his helmet on the ball.”


It’s not exactly how you dreamed your first touch would go ...

        “Not at all. It’s my first game, and I got my feet wet a little bit. You’re always going to learn stuff like this. I was also told that one play doesn’t make your NFL career. I’ve got a lot more opportunities to come.”


You didn’t make it out there too much after that. Was that a little bit disappointing?

        “I’m in the process where I’m still learning. I’m also still getting thrown into the NFL. It’s still tough.”



Wide receiver

What happened on the last drive?

        “I was running twenty yards down the field, and didn’t see anything. I didn’t see the ball in the air at all.”


How frustrating is that, given the late game situation?

        “It’s tough. I want to make plays. I just need to work hard, run my routes, and help the team win.”


As a player, are you frustrated with the play calling?

        “Offensively, it’s not on one player. We’re just not having success now. We’re not executing.”


Is it simple enough to fix these things and start winning games?

        “Yeah. We just have to find a way.”


Would you like to see more 50-50 opportunities thrown your way?

        “Who wouldn’t? But it’s what the offense dictates.”


You’ve never gone through anything like this, are you at a loss for words?

        “It’s tough. You put a lot of work into it. We lay the foundation in the summer, and it’s tough when you work your butt off every day and it doesn’t come out your way. We just have to find a way to get our playmakers the ball.”


Andy overthrew a few people. Is that a stat that’s starting to matter?

        “Andy missing balls here and there, we can live with that. When it’s crunch time though, we have to get our playmakers the ball. It’s simple as that.”


It’s not in your nature to demand the ball, but how do you get yourself involved more?

        “It’s the offense. It has to fit within the offense. We have to figure it out.”


How do you get the playmakers the ball?

        “We have to sit down and work it out.”


Does this loss feel worse than the home opening loss?

        “It’s bad because we have so much talent. We shouldn’t be playing this bad. We need to go on this break and look at it, get our mind right, and do everything we can to change it.”


Have you ever seen Andy struggle like this?

        “He’s not struggling; he’s just had bad breaks. It’s a lot of things.”




Do you agree with AJ Green, in that the team needs to get the ball to its playmakers?

        “He’s as big as it comes on this team. If he said that, I’ll put it on him. I won’t elaborate on anything like that, especially right now.”


Is this game more frustrating than last week?

        “I think so. I want to win. That’s all I want to do. We went out there and gave a heck of a performance. I was talking to Adam (Jones), and for him to come out there and battle in his first game back, he competed his tail off. For us to get this loss, it feels bad.”


How do you guys right the ship?

        “It takes some time to come together as a unit. We need to rally around each other. We need the offense, and the offense needs us. For us to go far this season, we need each other, especially right now. We have to go out there and get the wins.”


All these offensive weapons, is it crazy to see them not score touchdowns?

        “Everybody has weapons. What’s frustrating to me is we’re not punching it in. Everybody has weapons. They have high paid receivers, cornerbacks. Everybody has players. They just outplayed us tonight. We took the bad end of the stick.”




How frustrating is it to have a dominating defense, and slip up for 30 seconds?

        “I was on the backside, I blame myself. I should have run faster. It’s a team game though; offense, defense, and special teams. We just didn’t come out on top. We’ll figure out a way, we always do. We’ll band together and keep the troops going.”


That last drive, it seemed like they targeted you?

        “I like it though. I prefer they come to my side. I love to compete. On the one where I tripped up, I have to know I have a smart receiver going against me.”


Is it frustrating to drop these two home games, given the way the schedule broke?

        “It’s frustrating for all the guys. We have a lot of younger guys here. They’re going to play football for eight or nine more years, Me, I know my clock is ticking. I have a window, and it’s probably three to four more years. I’m trying to win by any means necessary. We need to do whatever we have to do to fix this.”


Do you start thinking about the dropped interceptions, given the offensive struggles?



You talk about playing Bengal football. What is Bengal football?

        “It’s offense, defense, and special teams. This is the NFL; you have to win all three sides of the ball. Normally when you win special teams and defense, you win the game. You have won field position. If you win the field position, you should win the game. There’s no sugarcoating that. That’s what happens in the NFL. It won’t happen overnight. You have to take it like a man and keep working.”



Tight end

Is this as frustrated as you’ve been?

        “We have so many good players. We all have to look in the mirror and be accountable for our own individual matchups. It starts there. The performance tonight was not acceptable and we have to find a way to do better.”


Talk about your recalled touchdown ...

        “I stepped out of bounds before I caught it.”


Did he put his hands on you?

        “No, I was scrambling. I had my eyes on the quarterback. I need to be more aware. That’s pretty basic stuff. It should never happen.”


Two games without a touchdown is a far cry from the explosive offense of 2015 ...

        “Not scoring a touchdown in two games is not good. I don’t have the answers, but we have to figure it out.”


Andy has been overthrowing guys. What do you think is in his head right now?

        “I don’t know if he’s frustrated. That’s not my area to critique. My job is to run the plays that are called, get open, block for the running backs, and help the offense move the ball.”


On your scramble, was it a broken play?

        “Yeah I was scrambling to get open. I need to be more aware of where the sideline is. I was too worried about trying to get open. I have to know where the sideline is.”


When you interact with the defensive players, do you sense their frustration?

        “I think so far the defense knows they played well. Frustration doesn’t help anything, on either side. They’re encouraging us, they’re doing their job. They kept the score within reach. We should win those games. It was a heck of a game from them, and we’ll find a way to score some touchdowns next week.”











SEPT. 14, 2017




Head coach

What do you think about the job Deshaun Watson did for you tonight?

        “It wasn’t perfect. He did some good things. It will be a lot to learn from. We’ll watch the tape.”


What are your thoughts on the defense and how they performed?

        “They did a good job. On a short week, I thought the players and the coaches did a really good job of playing hard and playing good fundamental defense.”


Are you encouraged how some rookies stepped in for Brian Cushing?

        “Again, we have to watch the tape. It looks like they probably did a decent job. I saw (Zach) Cunningham in on a lot of plays. Dylan Cole has been making plays since he got in here. Somebody has to step up when somebody goes down, and I thought those guys did that. We had a couple guys go down in the secondary and those guys stepped up too. It was good to see.”


Your thoughts on Deshaun Watson’s 49-yard touchdown run?

        “It was a good play. He didn’t see anything open down the field and they were in a Tampa coverage. He saw it and he took off. He can run, and he’s a very instinctive runner. He did a nice job on that play.”


How encouraging is it to see Deshaun make that kind of play this early in his career?

        “That’s one of the things you’ve seen throughout his career at Clemson, and what we’ve seen in the preseason here. He just has that ability and that knack. Sometimes he has to do a better job with it. Sometimes the journey is over and he wants to keep it going. I thought overall he did a nice job and he was smart with the ball.”


What are your thoughts on naming Deshaun the starter and what went into that decision?

        “It’s just making decisions in the best interest of the team. I really care about what the guys in that locker room think, and I talked to some of my assistants to see what they thought and a couple of other guys, and made a decision. I just try and make decisions in the best interest of the team.”


What does it do when you lose Kevin Johnson and Johnathan Joseph?

        “You lose two starters, but you know I thought other guys stepped up and made plays. It was good to see those guys step up.”


What are your thoughts on the recent suspension to Brian Cushing?

        “I think Brian’s statement speaks for itself. I love Brian Cushing. He’s meant a lot to me and my family since I’ve been here. I feel bad for what happened. I think he’s owned up to it, and in his statement I think he talked about it. He’ll serve the suspension and he’ll be back at some point.”




What’s your reaction to your first start? How do you feel like it went, and how were your emotions?

        “Just being able to have my first start on my birthday was pretty emotional. Late-game, Thursday night, primetime — it was a great opportunity for me to show what I’ve got and what I can do for the team. It was good. It was a hard-fought win. We knew they were going to test us early on and throughout the whole game.”


Take us through the touchdown run, with what you saw and what you did ...

        “I was just trying to make a play. I broke away and found a hole. Our receivers and everyone down field did a good job of blocking for me and gave me a chance to find the end zone.”


What are your thoughts on being named the starter in just your second NFL game?

        “I’m just going with the flow. Whatever the coach asks me to do, that’s what I do, and then go from there.”


How do you feel like it went overall? Did you feel like there were some nerves or anything like that? How did it feel?

        “I don’t really get nervous when I step on the field. Football is football. This is what I’ve been dreaming of my whole life. We prepare as much as we can leading up to a game and go out there and do our best.”


You can’t really prepare for a touchdown run like you had tonight, but does that give you any confidence moving forward?

        “Yeah, I guess so. Each big play is always a confidence-booster. You try to get those and get the drive going, and then the next drive. You try to learn as much as you can with each rep. I’m young in this league. I’ve only seen so much and have so much more to see and experience to be able to get to the top, where I want to be. That’s going to take time, but just take it one step at a time and try to build my confidence.”


What did you think of the different guys downfield blocking for you on the touchdown run?

        “They did a good job – that’s what it’s about. It’s about whoever gets in the end zone. That’s what we want, no matter who is touching the ball. We always try to help each other out to get positive yards and positive plays. We did a good job doing that.”


What do you think you can improve upon and get better at?

        “Everything. I just want to be a complete professional quarterback, and that’s going to take time. My reads, operation with the offense, timing with the receivers, routes, sitting in the pocket, trusting my line. Everything is always a work in progress.”


Have you checked your phone yet?

        “I have not.”


You and Tom Savage hugged after the game. Could you tell us about that?

        “It’s always good. Regardless of what people say outside, it’s always love between us. We support each other, and that’s what we do. We make each other better, and we just go from there.”


This is obviously just your second NFL game. What’s it like preparing for this experience with so many veterans missing in such a short week?

        “Our mentality is just that next man has to step up. We know what we signed up for. A lot of us that barely have any experience and rookies had to step up tonight and perform, and that’s what we did. We had to do our job to the best the best we can.”


You’ve had your first win in high school, your first win in college, and your first win as a pro. Tell us what this moment means when you look back at all that you’ve been through in your life...

        “It’s special. Looking back, since I was a little boy, this is what I dreamed of. I always told people that I wanted to be an NFL player. They would always ask me what my backup plan was, and I never had one. I figured that was the only way out. This is nice. This win isn’t just for me. It’s for the whole city of Houston, the whole team, the whole fan base, and people back home in Gainesville, Georgia.”



Wide receiver

How does it feel to get a win?

        “Every time we get a win, it’s great.”


What did you think about Deshaun Watson’s performance?

        “He did a great job. We just need to get better every day. We’ll turn the page and get ready for next week.”



Wide receiver

How does it feel to get a win?

        “It feels good. It’s what this team needed. We put last week behind us. We know the team we have and it feels good to get a win.”


What do you think of Deshaun’s performance?

        “He’s a leader. He was everything we expected. He’s the guy we drafted.”


You helped block during Deshaun’s touchdown run — what did you see on the play?

        “I know Deshaun doesn’t need a lot of space to make plays. If you give him help down-field, it’s going to make a big difference. I wasn’t the only guy blocking down-field, but I knew he could make plays on his feet, so I just kept my head on a swivel.”


How valuable is it to have a QB who can make plays with his feet?

        “It’s real valuable. He can make plays like that and keep drives going.”




How important is this win with a short week after getting beat up a little bit last week?

        “We were definitely beat down a bit. We found grit and pulled it together on a short week, took care of each other and had each other’s back the whole time. That’s important. We were able to pull it off.”


How important is it to stabilize a little bit at 1-1?

        “It’s awesome. Going into the weekend with a few days extra, we can get on to the next week. Getting a win on a short week is huge.”


Deshaun Watson had a big night on his birthday ...

        “Yeah, it was huge. To get a win on your birthday and your first start — I was celebrating with him all night. It was a good deal. As an offensive line, we will pull it together. We know there’s strengths and weaknesses with every quarterback, and we just have to continue to take care of him.”


The offensive line was criticized after last week. What does it mean for this group to bounce back?

        “It’s definitely progress. It was Game 1. We went back to the drawing board and learned from our mistakes. We have five strong guys on the line and it takes a lot to break us down.”




What’s it like returning to Ohio?

        “It feels good. Ohio is home for me. A lot of fans came out. Even fans with Bengals’ jerseys were yelling my name. They just show love.”


Did it feel good to come back to Ohio and get a win?

        “Oh yeah, definitely.”


How desperate were the Texans for a win?

        “We prepared well and practiced well. We were in it mentally and physically. As long as we’re on the same page, we know we have a chance to get a win.”



Defensive end

Do you feel like this game better represented this defense?

        “We had a plan going into the game and the defense executed. When you hold an offense to just field goal attempts, that’s something we can be proud of and build on.”


What did you think of that last play?

        “J.J. (Watt) is the man. That’s all I have to say.”


Had you ever been a part of a play like that?

        “Last year. It happened last year against the Titans. To witness something like that was just icing on the cake.”


What did you think of Deshaun Watson’s touchdown run?

        “It was insane. That’s why he is who he is. The whole sideline went crazy. That was a game sealing touchdown right there.”

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