TDBH: Even Commish watching Chad dance with stars

Posted Mar 21, 2018

This Day in Bengals History - March 22, 2010

Orlando, Fla. - Even though he is here in the middle of running the NFL’s annual spring meeting and has to host a reception tonight, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell plans to watch Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco make his debut on this season’s first episode of  ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars.” As he exits his first news conference of the week after being buffeted by questions ranging from labor-management negotiations to the Jets-Giants coin flip, Goodell is asked if he'll watch. "I'll watch. I love Chad," Goodell says and when asked if he thinks The Ocho will win he says, "He better be the best." The Ocho is turning heads at the league’s annual stately affair.  Drew Rosenhaus, Ochocinco's agent, says he would have been in Los Angeles if not for the meetings. "I'll make it out there," Rosenhaus says. "I think he's going to be around for a while on the show."

Even old school Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis gets into the spirt of it. He tells the media the next day that he and wife Peggy break away from the reception to watch. “My wife was like, ‘We’ve got to go up and see it.’ And he told me he was up first, so I did get to see it,” Lewis says. “I thought he did well. I thought he needed to loosen up and be more himself. His voice got all squeaky and high at the end of it when they were talking to him. That’s unlike him. I imagine he’ll come out of his shell pretty quickly.” Lewis actually thinks Ochocinco’s foray into the land of TV is good for him. “This keeps his attention, keeps his focus,” Lewis says. “It’s great for his flexibility and his core strength. He’s been challenged by it and he’s going to get challenged by it. It’s a good thing for him … I imagine he will move on. I didn’t get to call in and vote. I’m sure my wife did. I got a message from him last night: ‘Don’t worry; I’ll be back to myself next time.’ ’’

Lewis’ players have a lot going on this offseason. Middle linebacker Dhani Jones is already a Reality TV star, thanks to the Travel Channel’s “Dhani Tackles the Globe,” series. While Chad is dipping, Dhani is currently on a three-week expedition that stops a mile from Mount Everest. “It’s got nothing to do with playing football or team,” Lewis says. “Guys are doing a good job of looking to their life after football. They’re people with more substance.”

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