TDBH: Bengals stifle Palmer in PBS return

Posted Nov 24, 2017

This Day in Bengals History - November 25, 2012

On a day the Bengals defense gets to Cincinnati's old franchise quarterback Carson Palmer with four sacks and an estimated 13 hits, the leader of the Bengals offense gets ejected trying to protect current franchise quarterback Andy Dalton during a now-you’ve-seen-a-little-bit-of everything 34-10 victory over the Raiders at Paul Brown Stadium that gives them their third straight victory and puts them into the thick of the AFC Wild Card chase at 6-5.  There is also: the longest field goal in Bengals history with Mike Nugent’s 55-yarder, the two longest runs in the career of Bengals running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis and Palmer’s return to PBS for the first time since he staged a walkout of the 2011 Bengals before last year’s deadline-day trade with Oakland. Stalked by a run-in with the Bengals defensive line, Palmer is harassed into a feeble 146 passing yards and an ugly 64.1 passer rating. “There’s not a whole lot of time to throw the ball against that front four," Palmer says. "They’re as good of a front four as there is in the game. You don’t want to throw into coverage, and the guys that had one-on-one were the underneath guys.

Bengals left tackle Andrew Whitworth’s second career ejection is spurred by Raiders defensive end Lamarr Houston slapping Dalton to the ground even though the fourth-quarter play is whistled dead because of a false start. "Whitworth did what he had to do," Green-Ellis says.  Whitworth confronts Houston, Houston lunges at him, Whitworth tries to grab his arms, and with 7:16 left in the game they are suddenly on the bottom of a scrum. Both are ejected, as is Raiders defensive tackle Tommie Kelly. "I've got two contracts in my life," Whitworth says. "One with my wife and the other to protect Andy Dalton.”  After the game Palmer is probably wishing he was ejected.  “You obviously hear (the boos), but I had prepared myself for it and knew what I was coming into,” he says.

A buzz saw. The Bengals have allowed just two touchdowns in the winning skein and Pro Bowl defensive tackle Geno Atkins is unblockable. During the week Palmer calls Atkins an NFL Defensive MVP candidate and on today’s third snap Atkins shows why when he blows up a screen by putting Palmer on his back. When right end Michael Johnson gets a sack a few snaps later, the game is on. It is Atkins’ ninth sack of the season and breaks Dan Wilkinson’s club sack record for tackles. The Bengals offensive line also flexes its muscles. A week after recording their biggest rushing game in the A.J. Green-Andy Dalton era with 189 in Kansas City, the Bengals do it again today with a 221-yard day that is their biggest on the ground in eight years and the first time they crack the 200-yard mark since a 210-yard effort against Cleveland in a PBS victory on Nov. 27, 2009 quarterbacked by Palmer. With runs of 48 and 39, Green-Ellis finishes with his second straight 100-yard game with 129 yards on 19 carries for the first back-to-back 100-yard games of his five-year career. "Basically it's been the offensive line and the defensive line the last couple of weeks dominating the opponents," The Law Firm says. "When you win up front, you win games."




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