Numbers game: Dalton chasing Kenny for most road wins

Posted Nov 18, 2017

Andy Dalton has more road wins than Boomer Esiason and Carson Palmer

.444 _ Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis’ road record

4-0-1 _ Lewis’ record vs. former assistants as head coaches

241  _ Games coached by Lewis as of Sunday

247 _ Bengals games coached combined by Paul Brown and Sam Wyche

319 _ Yards Bengals all-time rusher Corey Dillon had in first nine games

321 _ Yards Bengals rookie running back Joe Mixon has in first nine games

143 _ Bengals games it took former wide receiver  Chad Johnson to reach 31 100-yard games

95 _ Bengals games it took wide receiver A.J. Green to reach 31 100-yard games

49 – TDs from QB Andy Dalton to Green

51 _ TDs from Ken Anderson to Isaac Curtis for Bengals record

102 _ NFL starts for Dalton

27 _ Dalton’s road victories

134 _ Former QB Boomer Esiason’s starts for Bengals

22 _Esiason’s  road victories for Bengals

97 _ Cards QB Carson Palmer’s starts for Bengals

18 _ Palmer’s road victories for Bengals

186 _ Ken Anderson’s Bengals starts

41 _ Anderson’s road victories

31 _ Percentage Bengals convert on third down on offense

27.6 _ Percentage Broncos defense allows their foes on third down







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