Memories of the Ben-Gals: Alyson

Posted Mar 13, 2017

Alyson shares her favorite memories since joining the Ben-Gals.

Why did you decide to audition for the Ben-Gals?

I wanted to continue my dance career at the professional level. At the time I was eager to challenge myself to see if I could make the team, and was very excited when I did.  

What is your favorite memory from being a part of the Ben-Gals?

My favorite memory with the team was when we traveled to London last season. The Bengals played the Washington Redskins. The entire week there was so memorable, we were able to go to the military base there and learn about their government and some of their everyday rituals with the guards. That week, the team was able to bond over all of these new experiences. 

At what point did you have your “I’m actually an NFL Cheerleader” moment and what was it like?

You end up having so many of these! The one that stands out immediately was the first time I stepped on the field. We were shooting our calendar that year at the stadium and we hadn't practiced out there yet. I will never forget how enormous the stadium felt, and how breezy it was that day. I actually kind of started crying!  

What advice can you give to others who are looking to try out?  What did you do to prepare for auditions?

The best advice I can give you is get in really great cardio shape before auditions start. Auditions can move pretty quickly and being able to keep up physically is so important!

I would also recommend going to our prep classes! They are a great way to relieve some nerves and gaining confidence! They teach you a certain style that you will adopt while dancing as a Ben-Gal! 

Would YOU like to join the Ben-Gals this season?  Auditions start April 24th!  You can register for prep classes and view other important dates here.

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