Marvin Lewis Press Conference Transcript

Posted Nov 15, 2010

Opening comments:
“After going through the tape a few times today, I think the thing that was most disappointing was our inability to sustain the running game yesterday. We got off to a pretty good start but were unable to continue it, particularly coming out in the second half. We obviously got behind a little bit and we didn’t get as many chances with the interception and the fumble, but we didn’t sustain it and finish it and get the positive yardage plays. That’s something that we need to improve in and it really hurt us yesterday.

“Defensively, we did a lot of good things to hold their offense to one touchdown on a short field all day long. We played good on third down, other than the one drive where they drove for the field goal where they made some third-down conversions. In the kicking game, we still need to get our return game going. Our kickoffs got going a little bit. Punt returns, they did a good job of holding the ball up pretty good all day, and we didn’t get many opportunities and had to fair catch the football. On the other side, our guys I thought did a good job, with Kevin (Huber) getting the ball up and our guys putting it down inside the 10-yard line.”

On Mike Nugent’s injury:
“We put him on IR (Reserve/Injured list) today, and the same for Morgan Trent.”

On if Nugent will need surgery:
“I would imagine that, but I don’t know for sure.”

On the difficulties of finding a replacement kicker, given that many are under contract in the UFL:
“That’s part of it. It’s more than a couple of weeks (that UFL kickers are under contract for). It’s way into the middle of December now.”

On CB Rico Murray’s play yesterday:
“He did a good job of filling in with limited time as far as getting the reps in there with the first group, basically in one day. It was a good job of him of cramming and the other guys, I think, of adjusting a little bit and moving around.”

On the progression of the young players on defense:
“I think yesterday was a step forward for Carlos (Dunlap). He was sick all week last week and really didn't get to practice. He stood out there and came to the meetings on Thursday, stood out and watched on Friday, and then got the work in on Saturday. But I thought assignment-wise, he did a good job and obviously had a couple of good plays. He's got to keep taking steps forward: Learning how to practice is the biggest thing with Carlos, and what it takes to be a pro. He’s been spending some extra time here on Tuesdays, which is good. He needs to keep taking the steps. I thought Geno (Atkins) did a good job yesterday. Brandon Ghee made some plays, did some positive things on special teams. Really, on defense, his only issue was the one snap that needed to be a little tighter in the coverage, get the guy tagged down when he falls down.

“And our two young guys on offense (Jordan Shipley and Jermaine Gresham) are getting a lot of snaps in. We're having a little error, and it's hurting us a little bit. So we have to really help them out a little bit, because I think we're kind of assuming sometimes they're a little ahead of their times, and it's hurting us at some critical moments. It's not for lack of trying hard and trying to learn it, but just when things change a little bit, they've not been as on point as much as we need to be. But it's great experience for them, and the only way to play is to get out there and play. And the quarterback's doing a good job taking the bullets for them.”

On if he might pare assignments down with Shipley and Gresham:
“I don’t know about paring it down, but try to eliminate as much of the grey as we can. I don’t know that we have a lot that pares. Try to eliminate some of the grey, which I think will allow them to keep playing fast and make natural football plays they are used to making, and blocking and running and running routes and blocking the right spots and all the things they are asked to do. That’s kind of where we are.”
On where the fault lies with the interceptions:
“I just kind of addressed all those things, and that is about all we are going to say about it. We need to do better all the way around. Our quarterback can help and do better. I think our receivers can help and do better. I think our protection can help and do better, and it will make us a much better offensive football team in those situations. It doesn’t do us any good to be more specific publicly.”
On the pass protection against Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis:
“We did (protect well). Most importantly, our guys did a good job assignment-wise. And even though we weren’t able to sustain the runs, on a lot of the check-downs, we were able to get the ball to the underneath guys, which served the same purposes. Once they were able to get a little bit ahead of us, they were able to go back to doing things they are really comfortable in and sit back and go more cover-two, which they want to do anyway and let the rush have at you. It was even more critical once they were ahead by 10 points there, and our guys did a great job of doing that.”
On Gresham’s overall play yesterday:
“Again, we have to maintain the football (Gresham had a late fumble). We got the ball on the ground twice with him. Once when he was tackled and hit the ground, the ball came out. Secondly, the play at the end. We have to know the situation. We want to preserve time anyway, we want to kill time. If it kills six or seven seconds struggling for another yard, so let’s get down, let’s get back. Let’s get the ball back to the official and get on to the next play. Lesson learned. But he did a lot of good things. He ran well with the football, but he’s got to run with it high and tight and make sure he has the ball secure at all times.”
On Gresham’s blocking:
“He’s an excellent blocker.”
On if there was too much variety in the offensive game plan:
“We just have to look at what we are asking some of the guys to be able to adjust and do on the fly, and make sure we eliminate the grey.”
On the play where Palmer checked down to Benson in the second quarter and Chase Coffman was open for a touchdown:
“The read is on the other side of the field. Jermaine kind of stumbles a little bit.  That’s where the ball is supposed to go. Jermaine stumbles a little bit, Carson sees him, he thinks he’s falling, so he gets the ball underneath. Contrary to popular belief, quarterbacks don’t look from one side of the field to the other – unless they want to get hit and killed.
On Coffman’s overall play in his NFL debut:
“It was his first time. He did a good job blocking in the running game in the chances he had on third downs. Special teams-wise, he’s still got some improvement to make. It was his first chance out there for a while in live football. We can be out here practicing as we have been, but he hasn’t played in a live football game since Indianapolis in the preseason, so it’s been a little bit of time. But I expect Chase to adjust to the speed of the game and keep getting better.”
On if any of the other players (Chris Crocker, Tank Johnson) who were out yesterday will be back next week:
“Too early to tell. I think we are getting closer. If not this week, for sure Thanksgiving.”
On bringing in a new kicker:
“Hopefully by Wednesday we will have somebody else on the roster. At least one. We have bigger fish to fry than that right now.”
On if he needs a defensive back:
“We brought Rico up, so we’ll stay kind of even there. Rico did a very good job on special teams again. We are getting good work out of him. That’s one thing, he’s being productive. When he gets his chances he has shown through, so that’s good.”
On if Murray can also play safety:
“No, he’s a cornerback.”
On if Morgan Trent will have surgery:
“Yes, at some point. Andre (Smith) will have surgery, too.”


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