Bengals-Ravens Postgame Quotes

Posted Nov 10, 2013

"I just told the team in there, 'It was a disappointing loss.' Early in the game, we don’t convert the fourth-down play, and then we kind of got sideways there for a second."


NOVEMBER 10, 2013


Opening statement:
“I just told the team in there ‘It was a disappointing loss.’ Early in the game, we don’t convert the fourth-down play, and then we kind of got sideways there for a second. I thought in the second half, we came out of things and really played like the guys they are. We got the life to them and started doing the things we needed to do. We hurt ourselves a lot with penalties in this game, and we couldn’t catch a break. And, really, in the first half, that was incredible. I have never seen a run of penalties so one-sided, and we were still 17-0 at half. And we get the field goal in the third quarter and kept fighting our way back. Obviously, turnovers hurt you. We got some turnovers on defense, which kind of equalized things and created opportunities. So, that was good.”

On going for it on fourth down early in the game:
“The official sat on the ball for so long there, and that’s not to our advantage in that situation. So, in hindsight, I probably should have called a timeout there and let us huddle up and do what we were going to do instead of standing there at the line. To look back on it, I kick myself for not calling timeout. Obviously, on fourth and half a yard, I expect us to make it.”

On fourth-down play in overtime:
“They covered the play, and Gio [Giovani Bernard] reversed his field. Obviously, you don’t want to lose the yards we lost.”

On whether he was disappointed in the offense:
“I think early in the game, we weren’t consistent. We weren’t doing things other than the first drive when we got the ball to midfield. We didn’t create enough opportunity and change the field position like we needed to. We weren’t really good on third down today. I don’t know where we ended up today, but I know we weren’t good on third down.”

On whether the pressure on quarterback Andy Dalton affected his play:
“The got some pressure at points. I thought Andy [Dalton] moved in the pocket. They got some pressure and got him down a couple of times, but we have to just keep moving and seeing what we are doing and make sure we are doing it right.”

On whether he is worried about the momentum that was built:
“I don’t, actually. The way we fought in this game – I don’t worry about that at all. I thought this was a game where we showed the type of attitude these guys have and play with because they could have put their tails between their legs, ducked their heads and checked out of it. But they didn’t do that. They just kept playing. We scored on the very last play of the ball game. They just kept playing. The defense was on the short field quite a bit today, and they kept going out there and playing and didn’t flinch. And that’s what we have to do. We get hit with the flea flicker in that second series, and we get them to third down. We have to make a play on third down.”

On the play of the defense despite injuries:
“We are pleased with the execution for the most part. We’re taking steps forward. Obviously, we are playing with some new guys, and most of those guys handled themselves well. They did a good job of understanding the offense today and getting to the right spots.”

On the Hail Mary play:
“We don’t get to practice that live, but every chance you have to show that on tape when you see somebody get an opportunity and have an opportunity to run it, you talk about it and make sure guys understand where they want to get to and then get in position to get the ball tipped up in the air where we can go and rebound it. I don’t know who ended up getting the tip, and they tipped it back right to A.J. [Green]. That’s what you want to do. You want to go up strong, and hopefully, you have a chance to go up and contest the ball and get it batted up into the air, and we can come down with it on the rebound.”

On penalties:
“They were disappointing. I just don’t know how they can be so lopsided all the time. It was six- or seven-to-one in the first half, and they were huge plays. At one time, I looked up and there were five penalties for 95 yards, and then we got one after that. Some of them were just in a bad run of it because we’re not that far off of it. Things happen, and we get a facemask when we’re rushing with a blitzer. So, some things, we can’t help.”


On the swing of emotions during the game:
“I know this team and anyone who has seen us knows we are never going to give up, we are going to fight to the end. It came down to that Hail Mary pass to send it into overtime. But this game is different if we make plays here and there. On the Hail Mary pass I did see the whole thing happen, I just threw it up and hoped for the best. I know we did a great job tapping the ball into the air, and I saw A.J. [Green] sitting there waiting for the ball. In that situation, if you can’t make the catch you want to tip it up and keep the play alive. That’s something we never practice, but we do talk about it. When I called the play, I just reminded everybody what to do.”

On the overtime:
“We were very close to winning this game, we just needed one more play and we couldn’t do it. We’ve had a couple games like this, this year. Today we just couldn’t get it done.”

On the team’s struggles in the first half:
“It seemed like we had a lot of third-and-long plays. In the second half we did a much better job and we didn’t have so many third-and-long plays.”

On the win:
“The win was definitely a factor, but that’s the way it goes. You just can’t think about it too much. It just didn’t work out like we wanted it to.”

On the defense:
“Defense really played well today, they gave us lots of chances and we couldn’t take advantage of them. We needed to score more points and it didn’t happen for us today.”

On two tough losses in a row:
“We can’t get down on ourselves. There’s a lot left in the season, and we can control our own fate. We are still in a very good position with a lot in front of us, we just need to play our best.”


On the importance of today’s game:
“It was a division game, an AFC game. Obviously we wanted to win, but we didn’t get the win. It was a hard-fought game. They came through in the end. We just have to go back to the drawing board, work hard and get ready for Cleveland.”

On the game plan facing the Ravens defense:
“We wanted to do all the things that we did. We wanted to attack them in the run game and the pass game. We just didn’t do enough of it.”

On the first half play into the second half:
“The first 30 minutes wasn’t some of our best football. We came back in at halftime, regrouped. We went out and made some plays. It took us all the way to the end of regulation to get it to a point where it was tied up. We felt we had all the things in us and all the tools to go get a ‘W.’ We just fell short.”

On their overtime drive:
“That drive was a good drive. It stalled us out on fourth-and-2. We wish we could have converted that and went in and scored a touchdown, but they played a good football game today. We take our hats off to the Ravens. We just have to get better as a football team.”


On his preparation for today’s game and starting:
“We waited to see how Jermaine [Gresham] felt today, but I prepared all week as if I was going to play in case he didn’t, and that’s what ended up happening today.”

On being a rookie and playing in a big game:
“It was quite an experience, playing every snap as a rookie. It was definitely a physical game, and I would have liked to have gotten the win.”

On his game:
“I felt comfortable, but there were a couple that I would have liked to have gotten back. I tried to pride myself on catching contested balls and taking opportunities when I get them.”

On his catch in the fourth quarter:
”It was just an out-route, and I had to get to the sticks to try and keep the drive going. And I had to come up with that catch.”

On his connection with QB Andy Dalton:
“I got my hands on two of them, and Andy said the one sailed on him. We were on the same page, but there were plays I just have to make. Not having Jermaine [Gresham] doesn’t help us, for me I like having him in there talking to him, that’s what we’ve been doing all year. It definitely hurt us without him in there.”

On two close losses:
”Obviously we would like to get off to a better start and not have to dig ourselves out of the big holes like that. We definitely have the fire power on offense to put up points in a hurry. So if we can focus on getting off to a better start, and our defense is playing great football, and we just have to pick it up.”

On who was the toughest guy to play against on the Baltimore Ravens:
“[Terrell] Suggs – he’s one of the hardest guys to block in the league from what I hear, so that was a challenge.”

On the Ravens getting the best of them:
“I didn’t feel that way at all. I felt like we held our own and me too. I just have to look at some of the mistakes and the film and get better for next week.”


On the Hail Mary pass:
“I was in the right spot at the right time; we talk about that a lot. And I was just looking for someone to tap the ball so I could catch it. I stood off to the side and watched. I was thinking about coming back closer to the ball but I stayed right where I was and the ball found me. It would have been a greater play if we had won.”

On the wind conditions:
“It was a little tough for us, we just needed to stay focused and make some plays. We didn’t make enough plays and we didn’t win.”

On overcoming a 17-0 deficit:
“We knew we could come back, we’ve been in a lot of situations like that. And we know how to play from behind. If we made one or two more plays we could have won.”

On setting the team record of five 100-yard games in a row:
“My numbers are going to come, I don’t worry about that. It’s more important to get a win. It’s not about stats; it would mean more to me if we had won the game.”


On first-half play:
“I feel like we did a good job. They had something like 98 yards going into halftime. The first penalty when they threw the ball deep – that hurt us and got them in the red zone. But other than that, I think we did a great job. There were a lot of calls that were kind of iffy. It was one of those types of games.”

On effectively attacking Ravens offense:
“We got downhill. We got into the offensive linemen before they could double-team our nose tackles. Me and [LB Vincent] Rey did a great job of getting downhill, eliminating double-teams, getting our blocks, and tackling [Ravens RB] Ray Rice.”

On the reaction to the Hail Mary pass:
“They were about to take me in and check me for a concussion. I saw it on the big board and I thought, ‘Man that was crazy.’ It was like a video game. It was a great throw by [QB] Andy [Dalton]. He threw it to the end zone. It was a great heads up play by [WR] A.J. Green.”

On whether the first-half penalties were one-sided:
“Yes. A bunch of penalties were like that. But we’re at their home, and that’s what happens with home field advantage.”

On the out-of-bounds hit on QB Joe Flacco:
“He was still in bounds. He kept trying to go for yards. I didn’t hit him aggressively. I put my helmet across the bow and made a clean play. The funny thing is, I was on their sideline, and I think it was the defensive coordinator, and he pushed me. I was thinking, ‘Come on, man. You should have a little more class than that.’ And I will try to turn that into the league.”

On whether he felt he was being targeted today:
“Not at all. I was on fire today. There was nothing they could do. [Ravens T] Michael Oher threw me down, and it was pretty late, I thought. I don’t know why I didn’t get the call. If he feels he has to do that…”

On LB Vincent Rey having a big day:
“He was on today. At the beginning of the game, we were both a little sluggish. I kept telling him, ‘Let’s go. Your play is going to come.’ He’s like my brother. He’s helped me ever since I’ve been a Cincinnati Bengal. He’s helped me with the plays because he’s the smartest linebacker we’ve got right now. He just does a good job of anticipating plays and getting downhill.”


On halftime locker room adjustments:
“The main thing that was said at halftime was to hold our composure, get downhill on the run and react to the pass. It was just normal football. We didn’t have to change anything. It was a mental thing, just stay tough, whoop the man across from you, and we were doing a pretty good job of that, but we didn’t get the win in the end.”

On all the plays he made today:
“I was just doing what we practiced this week. All credit goes to Coach Zimmer [Defensive Coordinator Mike Zimmer] and Coach Guenther [Linebackers Coach Paul Guenther]. I was just doing what I was coached to do. Their job is to tell me what to do. My job is to do it and do it as hard and smart as possible.”

On reaction on the sideline to the Hail Mary pass:
“We were going crazy. I was just looking forward to the extra point, then I was thinking, ‘It’s overtime. Let’s go. Let’s go try to find a way to win.’”

On the defensive play in the first half:
“We made a lot of mistakes and hurt ourselves. They were able to make some plays also. Giving up 17 points was rough. We know it’s 60 minutes, 60-plus minutes today, so whatever Coach [Marvin Lewis] calls, we’re going to play as hard or smart as possible.”


On the defense:
“We played good, we stuck together and played hard football to the end. It means we can do it, and we just give the ball back to the offense and let them work.”

On the second half being different than the first half:
“There weren’t any changes; we just have to start fast. We just have to believe what we see, keep rushing after the quarterback and I think our defensive line did a good job of that and we settled in. It took a little while longer than we wanted it to. And we settled in and came out in the second half and just played football.”

On the many overtime games:
“It doesn’t matter, it ain’t gonna be a pretty win anyway. An overtime win, I’d take it any day.”

On playing the Cleveland Browns next week:
“All division games are important, we’ve just got to go back to the drawing board and go out Monday and see what we messed up on and keep on playing.”


On his forced fumble:
“I saw an opportunity to hit his arm, and I went for it.”

On the defense:
“We’ve got to eliminate the first plays, and penalties killed us.”

On the difference between the second half and first half:
“We didn’t commit as many penalties in the second half.”


Opening statement:
“Who did this game – CBS? Well, they got their money’s worth. Great football game. Hats off to the Bengals. They played very well. There is no give up in that football team. I said to Marvin [Lewis], ‘With these two teams, something like this is always going to go to the end,’ or something like that. He was very gracious as well, so we appreciate that. Team victory in so many ways. I think what it was all about in the end, and the thing I’m proud of as a coach is the heart of our guys. I feel like they showed the heart of champions today. Where this leads us, we will find out. We have to get better in a whole lot of areas. Individually and collectively, we have to improve as a football team. But these are the games you have to win in order to have a chance in this league, and we did it, and I’m proud of our guys. Defense got the game ball along with Justin Tucker, and they deserved it – one play notwithstanding, which was a great play by them. We didn’t play it exactly right when you tip it up in the air … He’s trying to knock it down, and he tips it up and gives them a chance to make a play. That was tough. James Ihedigbo – what can you say? I think he had a couple interceptions, and he and Corey Graham made an incredible tackle on Giovani Bernard, who has taken plays like that and put them in the end zone already this year. So to make that play was just a fabulous effort by our guys. I couldn’t be more proud of our guys. Every phase of our football team, found a way to win the game. We often say, ‘By whatever means necessary,’ and that certainly held true today.”

On his reaction to the Hail Mary:
“How could I even remember that? It’s a disappointment, but you don’t get disheartened. You still have a chance to win the game still. The game is not over. I’m proud of the fact that our guys looked at it that way; our team looked at it that way. It’s not something you have to go walking up and down the bench to make the point of. The guys already know it. We’ve got leadership across the board, and they understood that. I’m proud of that. I really am.”

On loosening things up offensively:
“Yes, you have to do that. It’s not that we don’t have those plays in for the most part. They’re all plays we’ve practiced before and have been in game plans. You have to cause problems for a defense, and those plays got some yards for us, so it was good.”

On the fast start vs. slow second half:
“We didn’t put points on the board in the second half. It’s two things: It’s defense, yes. Give them credit. They played exceptionally well. We certainly didn’t make the plays we needed to make. We didn’t have any big chunk plays, which hurt us. Turnovers, absolutely – that will stop you every single time. We’ve got to run the ball better. We’ve got to get our passing game going, too. Those two things go hand-in-hand. There are plenty of things for us to look at, individually and collectively, and we’re going to look at them hard, like we always do. We’ve got to find a way to move the ball better. We will. We have to.”

On James Ihedigbo’s play:
“I don’t think I could talk more about his play. It kind of speaks for itself and the plays you talked about. He unwinds us back there as well, in terms of getting us in the right calls, the right checks and those things. He’s a very cerebral player, as well. I think he’s got tremendous character. He’s a tremendous guy. He’s a big, strong, athletic, gifted guy. He’s been fighting his whole career for an opportunity like this, and he’s making the most of it. When you talk to him, you’re going to be impressed. It’s just the kind of guy he is.”

On the wind being a factor today:
“They were into the wind. We had the wind at our back, so that was a big factor in overtime. I think it was a factor throughout the game in the passing game as well. Joe [Flacco] could probably speak to that better than I could, but it affected the passing game as well. So, the wind was a major factor.”

On if he would have picked a side rather than receive in overtime because of the wind:
“No, we wouldn’t have done that if it had been the other way. It wasn’t quite that dramatic.” (on Lardarius’ Webb’s play) “Thank you. Our secondary played tremendously well. Everybody is going to talk about the last play, which is a shame in some ways. Maybe you will talk about the whole game. I thought the pressure was very good, but our secondary covered a very talented and gifted receiving corps all day. Jimmy Smith, Lardarius [Webb], Matt [Elam], Corey [Graham] – all the guys. Chykie [Brown] went in there and did a nice job as well, so I’m really proud of our secondary. [Secondary coach] Teryl Austin has done a great job with those guys.”

On any injuries:
“I don’t think there is anything that’s going to linger.”

On the pass rush:
“I thought our defensive coaches did a great job of coaching the pass-rush lanes. You saw at the end that Andy [Dalton] got out for a couple plays. Andy Dalton can hurt you moving around in the pocket and going for yards and first downs, and he didn’t do that as much today until right at the end, he got a couple. So, pass-rush lanes were very disciplined. Our one-on-one pass rushes were really excellent. And then the blitzes were just well timed. We got some good pressure from our nickel, from our linebackers and our free safeties. [Defensive coordinator] Dean [Pees] did a good job of mixing up all of the pressures. What makes that work is the coverage behind the pressures, so you can’t get a quick throw out. Our guys did a real nice job of that.”


On what he was thinking during the Hail Mary pass:
“Overtime. All right, let’s go.”

On starting strong in the first half, but not being able to continue into the second half:
“We struggled. We’ve got to get better. We definitely got something going early with some help from our defense giving us some short fields. We got touchdowns which proved to be big, but we struggled all day. You have to give credit to the [Bengals’] defense, but we have to do a lot of things better in order to be successful.”

On if it’s one of the most exciting games in his career:
“I don’t know if this was exciting. It would’ve been more exciting if you were on Cincinnati’s side. Obviously, we won, so that was exciting. I don’t know if it was more exciting as it was one of those ones where you go afterwards, ‘Phew.’ I’m glad we won this one. Having said that, it is a big win, and you take them no matter how you get them. I thought our defense played really well today and gave us some chances to score point and kept them out of the end zone, got turnovers. We’ve got to look at this and try to catapult ourselves the rest of the way.”

On the wind conditions:
“The one place that comes to mind is New York’s old stadium – I played the Giants there my rookie year. It was weird because, when you look at the top of the stadium the wind was blowing one way, but down on the field, the wind was blowing the opposite way. It was kind of easier to throw the ball into the wind. The flea flicker, I could’ve gotten it out there more. I probably could’ve adjusted for [the wind]. I just felt like I was a little bit behind him, so I had to get the ball out quick. Throwing with the wind, it was tough to throw the ball down the field just because that’s when the ball got caught up and went right or just went totally long. If you could keep the ball low into the wind, it was a little bit easier than throwing with it.”

On if it’s tough not to think about the playoff ramifications when Cincinnati tied the game:
“Of course it’s tough. It’s not that tough when you take the field, you’ve got the play call, and you’re going after it. Obviously, we all want to have it be easy and knock the ball down and get out of here with a win, but that’s not how it happened. We need to stand up, rattle ourselves and go win a football game. Our defense today did a good job on fourth down. We took the ball and didn’t have to move it too far. We made a couple of plays and got ourselves into a position where [Justin] Tucker could make a kick.”

On if it crossed his mind that it might’ve been the end of the season:
“I don’t know if you’re thinking that it’s going to be it for us for the season. You’re probably not thinking all good thoughts. There are some bad thoughts in there. Listen, it is what it is. We’re laying ourselves out there, we’re putting our bodies on the line, and we’re going out there and playing as hard as we can. We want to win football games. We’re doing the best we can to win football games. We’re not playing great right now, but we’re doing the best we can to win football games. If it doesn’t turn out that way, once again, we’re a bunch of tough men, and we have to stare it in the eye and stare it in the face and say, ‘All right, let’s go get the next one.’ When you’re out in the field, it’s tough to think about all that stuff. Real quickly, you kind of say to yourself, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me. It is not going right. It is just not going right.’ Me and Torrey [Smith] just sat back down on the bench and just looked at each other and said, ‘Wow.’ But then pretty quickly, you get back up, take the field and see what you can do.”

On if this puts the Ravens back in the AFC North division race:
“Of course. I never really thought that we were out of it, just because we hadn’t played these guys. We still play Pittsburgh again. We’ve got a good stretch. Before this, there were eight games left. Anything can happen in that amount of time, especially when you have two more division games. I don’t think we ever thought we were out of it. And this game definitely helps. We’ve just got to continue to go out there, and we understand that we have to win football games. We’re at 4-5, and we’ve got to do the best we can to win every one.”


On what the locker room was like after the win:
“Kind of like, wow, heck of a football game there. Just happy, excitement. I’m kind of letting the adrenaline kind of ease down as we speak. Great game. Great game. We played awesome on defense. We have the motto that once you put it on tape, that’s what expected of you, and defensively we played lights out today. I made the reference back to the 2000 defense—they didn’t give up anything to anybody. And when you go with that mind-set, you know, it shows on the field. Lardarius [Webb] played awesome. Jimmy [Smith] played awesome. The secondary as a whole played great as well as the D-line. We came out on top.”

On his range of emotions:
“You know what, I was just saying to the whole team, ‘Don’t let your good get in the way of being great.’ I look at myself as a great player, and that’s what I aspire to be. When you have a heck of a day, and you get two interceptions, and then I made a bone-head play to kind of put us in the position that we were, you can do one of two things. You can [drop] your head and [say], ‘Oh, man, and give up another one.’ Or you can say, ‘Hey, the next time they’ll throw the ball in my vicinity, I’m going to make a play. That’s what I did. The fourth down was, you know, a key stop there. The defense rallied, ran their butts off to the ball, and we bottled them up to give our offense great field position. That’s what it’s all about. You’ve got to make plays. That’s what people remember.”

On being part of such a strange game:
“It’s the NFL, every game’s going to be close. Very rarely do you see teams just blow out other teams. Denver’s doing that, but most of the league, it’s going to be close games. It’s going to be fought to the end. We didn’t expect Cincinnati just to [think} we’re down 17-3, let’s prepare for next week. We expected that. They gave us their best shot, and we fought back and ate it up. That’s kind of what it’s all about.”

On if he’s had a game where he’s been involved in so many big plays:
“I can’t really remember off the top of my head. All I can say is, you know, playmakers make plays, and that’s what matters.”

On what happened on the Hail Mary play:
“Jeromy Miles, he’s the jumper. He’s tall, long. He’s supposed to jump up, tip the ball. My job’s to be back, almost in the back of the end zone. I saw the ball get caught in the wind, so I knew it was going to hit the end zone. I knew it was going to be short, so I moved up, bone-head move, I moved up a little bit. I just should have stayed back. It probably would have fell right in my lap. I saw it drifting, tried to slap it to the ground. It went up in the air; easy touchdown. I mean, things happen. I mean, my defense, guys had my back. They said ‘hey, let’s keep playing. Let’s keep playing. We’ve just got to stop them and get them off the field and get the ball to our offense, and we did that.”

On what it was like getting his first INT:
“It’s a great feeling. Any time you make a play to help your team, it’s awesome. To put our offense in that position for them to put points on the board, it’s great. To come in that fashion, then get another one. It’s a hunger. You’ve got to want more. You can never be satisfied. You can’t really ever get complacent on the field. You want to be the guy to make the play. I was in an opportunity to do that and capitalized on it, and the offense did what they did.”

On what he was doing on the fourth-down play in OT:
“We kind of took them as they came out between me, ‘Buck’ – Daryl Smith and Arthur Brown. They ran the play earlier in the game, and the offensive lineman, he grabbed me, and I couldn’t get off the block, so the other guys made the tackle. Once I saw the tight end go to the other side, I said, ‘Oh, they’re running it again.’ It just clicked. He broke out. He’s a strong runner, Giovani Bernard. He’s a very strong runner, [We] chased him down, bottled him up.”


On if he was worried about the win on the game-winning kick:
“I wouldn’t say worried, but we always take it into consideration. We go out in pre-game, and we try to get a pretty good gage on what the wind is doing. This isn’t unusual. We do this every game- what the wind is doing, what the rain is doing, what the field is like. So, we have a plan going into the game, and at the end of the game, we wanted to have the win, but obviously some of that’s up to the coin toss. We ended up getting the wind behind us, it was kind of a cross-wind. We had a plan. The ball wasn’t going to move too much. We just figured we’d just hit it as close down the middle as possible and give it a shot.”

On the way he tried to hit/kick the winning kick:
“Just hit it through.”

On the range of emotions on the sideline:
“I was standing on the sideline right next to Kyle Juszczyk at one point, and I said to him, ‘A lot of people say if you play long enough in this league, you’ll experience just about everything.’ And I told him last year, just in one year and this first half of the season, I feel like I personally have experienced just so much. But you never know when something crazy will happen, and then literally, like the next play, A.J. Green catches that ball in the back of the end zone. So, he says to me, going out to kick off in overtime, he’s just like, ‘You play in this league long enough, anything can happen.’ What’s cool about this team is everybody seems to have their mind and their heart in the right place. Nobody really batted an eye. I mean, of course, there’s going to be frustrating parts of any game, and there’s also going to be times when you’re going to experience elation and joy. But as professionals, it’s our duty to put all that aside and forget about the emotion of the game [and] just go out there and do our jobs. I’m happy right now. I feel like I did that for my team. But at the same time, now our eyes are focused on next week’s opponent and trying to improve upon our record and give ourselves a chance to be in it at the end of the whole thing.”

On the pressure of the game-winning kick:
“That brings me to another sideline conversation I had with [kicking consultant] Randy [Brown]. As soon as they scored their first touchdown to bring them within seven. Randy smiles at me, and I smile right back at him. He says, ‘You and I are the only two people in this stadium that know exactly what’s up right now. Sure enough, the game comes down to three points in overtime. We feel like we’re a team that’s built for these types of games. That’s how all of these AFC North games tend to be, in my limited experience in them. They tend to be dog fights. At the same time, I think they’re the most the fun games to be a part of.”


On today’s win:
“It’s a great win. Sometimes you have to win by any means necessary. Winning heals a lot. Now we have to get on a roll to get back where we want to be. It was a good team win. Number one, it gives you confidence. It’s great to get rolling with a little bit of confidence.”

On his overtime receptions:
“It felt good, man. It felt good to actually get open and actually have some space where I could run. It’s always good for me to help out any way I can. With no doubt, today was a team effort. Vonta [Leach] was in there plugging away, he was able to nail a few people. We just did it all together. Things happen in games, we happened to overcome this one.”

On K Justin Tucker:
“Once we got to the 30-[yard line], I knew we were in field goal range. That’s why, when we were running the ball down there, I personally wasn’t looking for a big play. I was looking to manage the situation and keep gaining positive, positive, positive, because we were already in range.”

On the Ravens mental toughness:
“We’re tough, man. The one thing I say about this team is that we work hard. I guess this is one of those days where you can say the hard work paid off. After Cincinnati tied it, nobody really said anything. I heard Jameel McClain bring the defense together and say ‘let’s go get it.’ Not that we owed it to them [the defense], but we have a job and a responsibility. When your defense is playing like that, the best thing you can do is not put them back on the field in overtime when they get a stop. And that’s what we did.”

On the Ravens offense struggling today:
“That’s a good defense over there. Let’s put it all in perspective. They are number one in this division right now for a reason. That’s a good football team over there. They made their stops, we made ours. They played a good game, solid on both ends. But, if our defense plays like that, we’re going to have an opportunity to win football games. We should’ve put them away a lot earlier, but our defense definitely bailed us out.”


On the Hail Mary pass:
“One good thing that Coach [John] Harbaugh emphasized all week was finishing. At that moment, we were able to seize on that, and we thought about [finishing]. The guys were frustrated on that play, and give [Cincinnati] credit because they made it. But one thing we did was we regrouped as a defense and we went out and answered the call.”

On the amazing energy on defense:
“Well, the fans were great. When our crowd is that loud and energized, it really helps a lot. Give credit to [Defensive Coordinator] Coach [Dean] Pees. He had a hell of a scheme dialed up for us, and props to our linebackers coach, Coach Ted [Monachino]”

On his ability to move around within the defense:
“It’s good when you have a Defensive Player of the Year like [Terrell] Suggs that can move around. So to be able to flip like that, give him credit. Not all pass rushers can flip like that, and for me to be able to feed off that is great.”

On the play of the secondary:
“Our secondary did a great job--interceptions, great plays. We were able to make one more play than Cincinnati today. Give Cincy credit but we were the better team today.”

On looking ahead to Chicago:
“We have a good team in Chicago, so we have to have a good week in preparation. We have to make sure we are ready to make sure we are able to answer the call there.”


On what he’s going to do to celebrate tonight:
“I have my folks up here, so go get something to eat and then go play ‘Call of Duty’ for the rest of the day.” (laughter)

On what his ‘Call of Duty’ was today:
“Just do whatever is necessary to win. I felt like I left some plays out there, but, some tough ones and I’ve got to make them. The most important this is that we won, and I’m glad, I’m happy for everyone here.”

On his touchdown catch:
“I just saw the ball, knew to go get it, I was probably going to get hit low, and hang on to it.”

On if keeping concentration is one of the hardest things for receivers:
“Yeah, because you know you’re going to get hit. I didn’t know from where really, and I knew I was going to be vulnerable, because I was going to try to jump as high as I could to go get it. But, it was a touchdown.”

On having energy at the end of the game:
“Yeah, like I said, we left some plays out there, but I think the most important thing is we were able to move the ball today, and that’s a positive sign for us. We’ve got to be consistent with it against a great team, and I’m looking forward to really next week.”

On starting fast today and what was different this week:
“There’s no special thing. We were just executing early and making plays. We took advantage of the opportunities and the biggest thing, offensively, is that we scored touchdowns early; it wasn’t just a lot of field goals. We just executed a little more, made some plays, left some out there, but we did enough to get the win today. And our defense played their tails off, and there’s nothing like being an offense that’s kind of trying to find your way at times, and having a defense like we do. We love those guys and it’s awesome to play with them.”

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