Bengals-Jets Postgame Quotes

Posted Nov 25, 2010


NOVEMBER 25, 2010


On the game:
The thing I am disappointed in is not being able to get our guys through some of the errors that kind of bit us in the butt here. We come in at half time and have a couple of turnovers in the red zone which hurt us in this football game. After halftime coming out with the lead, we allow them to run the reverse for a touchdown and we get right back in things and then we touch the punt. Those kinds of things in a football game like this you can’t have. It just took us farther and farther away from the opportunity to keep staying on track offensively. Then you’re playing uphill when you get in that situation when you know you have to throw every snap.

On the punt:
Three guys told me upstairs he touched the ball. I rely on the people who watched the replay.

On if it was worth challenging the punt:
No. If you know he touched the ball, why would it be worth the challenge?

On who his pins the loss on:
I pin this on me.

On the defense:
We lost the football game. They scored two touchdowns in the second half which were big and both were on plays we needed to be able to defend. I am disappointed in that.

On Jonathan Wade:
It’s a big thing to come in and be able to start like that. It’s a difficult thing. He handled the situation well. He didn’t seem to be unnerved. He made some plays. We’ll look at the tape and see how he did.


On his frustration level:
I’d say it’s as high as it has ever been in my football playing career, period.

On not being able to establish the running game:
That’s a good run defense. That’s their focus and their mentality to stop the run with their corners covering in passing situations and they did a good job of that.

On the protection breaking down after:
There wasn’t a ton of different blitzes. We just had a tough time against them. It’s a good pass rushing front, a good run stopping front and a good overall defense.

On the Jets red zone defense:
They didn’t bring the pressures that they had shown. They just dropped back and played zone coverage, rushing three and dropping eight. They did a good job other than the one time (wide receiver Jordan) Shipley had the touchdown. That was that same defense and we just beat them in the end zone that one play.

On the non scoring trips in the red zone:
We had a tough time on the other trips trying to find ways to squeeze it in there and just didn’t get it done.

On why he’s frustrated:
It’s a lot of things. It’s where we are and where our record is. What we’ve struggled to do as an offense, defense and special teams and not winning games. That’s as frustrating as it gets in this league when you just can’t find ways to win games.

On fighting through the night:
It was just deflating. That’s the thing you have to fight. We came out of halftime with a lead and felt good about ourselves and then sure enough they had a real nice play with Brad Smith. Then, we got something going and then the Jets had a kick return for a touchdown. Then the play where they got the ball back inside their own red zone after we stopped them. It’s just been that kind of year for us and its incredibly frustrating.

On their poor second half play the last two games:
It’s everything. It’s not one thing. It’s not one player. It’s all of us and that helps lead to the frustration factor.

On the effort of the team:
I feel we’ve been fighting. We’ve had guys banged up and injured coming back in games and playing. There hasn’t been quit in us, I feel like. You’re never sure about the game that night. We’ll have to go back and look at the film but guys had the right eyes in the huddle. There wasn’t a “quit” look on anybody’s face. We’re down two scores and we’re talking about taking it one drive, one play, one score at a time and we just were not able to score.

On how the Jets handled Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco:
(They handled them in) different ways. They played some man-to-man stuff. We had Chad and T.O. on the same side of the field and they went corners over and covered us man-to-man and they rolled a safety over the top sometimes. They just changed it up. They did a good job. They’re two good corners and both of our guys had a couple of opportunities and made some good plays but we just didn’t play well enough.

On the overthrow of Owens in the end zone:
It looked from my angle that he was open and I’ll look at it on film. It was just a poor throw by me.

On his health following the game:


On his frustration level:
We are 2-9. I’m just trying to make the most of it. I’m just trying to go out and work hard. I don’t know what to say. It’s something different in every phase of the game every week. Offensively, defensively or special team, we find a way to put ourselves in the hole. I’m out of answers.

On if he regrets calling Darrelle Revis an “average cornerback”:
Nobody said anything when he called me a slouch. I feel like I’ve played this game long enough to gain my respect. You guys want to make it a big deal about because I called him average. But for what I’ve done in this game, nobody said anything about him calling me a slouch. So I said what I said to kind of fire my team up and I wanted his “A” game. I’m not a slouch by any means. If you want to think that, check my stats.

On if Revis said anything to him during the game:
No, it was straight competition. I’m not going to back down from anyone. The media can say what they want to say. I can play this game. There is a lady living in an assisted living home named Alice Black. She didn’t raise a slouch. There is a lady living in Alexander City, Alabama named Marilyn Heard. She didn’t raise a slouch. I’m confident in myself.

On if he said anything to Darrelle Revis during the game:
No. For what? He said what he had to say about me, and I can have my opinon. You guys jump on my opinions. It’s funny to me. It wasn’t about me and Revis. We came here to win a game as a team. We understand and I understand that there are individual match-ups. But in the big scheme of things, we tried to accomplish something today as a team and that is to win.

On staying motivated when the special teams gives up points:
It’s tough. As a team you have to play collectively. Everyone has a responsibility, be it offense, defense or special teams. I can’t control what they do on special teams the same way I can’t control what they do on defense. My responsibility is to do what I’m supposed to do on offense. As an offensive unit we didn’t get it done.

On the team not playing well in the second half of games:
I feel like I’m a broken record. All I know is I’m giving it all I’ve got. I made the most of my opportunities today.

On if the team is playing hard:
The effort is there. You have to be sharp in your assignments. You have to pay attention to detail. That’s across the board, in every phase of the game. Every week there has been some mishap. For some reason we can’t play well for four quarters.

On if it is difficult to stay motivated when losing:
As a professional you have a job to do. That’s all you can do. They brought me in to help on offense and I’m trying to live up to my end of the bargain.

On the lack of half time adjustments:
Again, I made the most of my opportunities. We can go back an access the film, but the opportunities were there. Once that ball is snapped and thing are happening I have no control of that. I’m just trying to get into my routes and beat the guy in front me with the plays that are called. There were opportunities there and I didn’t get those looks.

On if he was surprised by the Jets coverages:
No, I prepare for this all week. I knew what they were going to do. I know what type of corner Revis is. Despite me calling him average, real talk, the guy is pretty good. At the same time, I did what I was supposed to do with the plays that were called.

On if Revis had safety help:
At times. They are sneaky with their coverages. The safety played over the top a little bit. There were times I had him man-to-man and during those times we either ran the ball or the ball went elsewhere.

On Antonio Cromartie’s interception in the endzone:
e had a route to hold Cromartie on the backside. Chad (Ochocinco) ran a “drive” route and the linebacker picked him up. I had Revis on the outside and the safety Jim Leonhard to the inside. Cromartie fell off and played centerfield. It was a good play.


On today’s loss:
Obviously, I’m not ecstatic about the outcome, but we came out here and fought hard, even though it was a short week. It (the loss) was based on some mental aspects of the game, where we need to line up, how we need to stop this offense. We just didn’t finish.

On his first NFL interception:
It was a cover five. It was a man-to-man. I had the man on the back. He came down (and) checked down. We just had good pressure on (Mark) Sanchez. He rolled out. The running back rolled out and I went underneath him. Sanchez threw it up and I came up and picked it off. What a great feeling to pick off your old teammate. I talked to him afterwards. I was just excited about it. It’s my first pick and what better way to pick it off against your old teammate.

On the reverse for a touchdown:
Obviously, they scored. I played the flash and I had to get outside of that. He came inside of me and that was that.

On the Bengals not finishing games in the second half:
It’s very frustrating. Some of these games we’ve played, we’ve been that much closer to walking off the field with a “W.” There’s nobody to blame. We walked in here together and we’re going to walk out. Unfortunately, it’s not with a win, and we’re just going to keep fighting. That’s all we can do. We’ll watch film, get coached up, see what we did wrong, and come back next week on Sunday and prepare for the Saints.

On his teammates not giving up on the season:
Unfortunately, things aren’t going our way, but all we have is ourselves. There (are) only certain things that we can control and that’s how we come out and perform each Sunday. This is all we’ve got. We’ve got 60 or 70 people, including the organization, that are fighting against everyone out there that don’t think we can do it and don’t believe in us. Even though we’re two and whatever, we’re still coming and giving it everything we’ve got each game.

On if he thinks tonight’s game was his best in the NFL:
I don’t think so. I think there were more complete games that I’ve been in. Although, it was great to have that interception, I was hoping to have some points coming off of that. Things don’t work out the way we want them to, but we’re just going to keep coming back and fighting. That’s all we can do.


On how the offense played:
It’s hard to tell. I think when you’re playing a team like the Jets, you have to be very efficient running the ball. Be able to control the clock a little bit. I don’t think we did that well. I think the key to winning games, especially games like this, we got to get Ced (Cedric Benson) going. That’s what I think.

On his matchup versus Antonio Cromartie:
(Cromartie) is a great deal. They probably have one of the best tandems, as far as cornerbacks in the NFL. Along with us, (with) Leon (Hall) and Johnathan (Joseph). It was fun, I enjoyed it. I would have liked to take (more) opportunities with the way they were playing as far as the bump-and-run with no help. I tried to make the most of the ones that did come. I had a drop towards the end. Other than that, it wasn’t a decent day. It was okay.

On what is keeping the team together:
Ourselves. There’s no point in getting mad, no point in getting vicious. We’re close. We count as one unit. We were still not effective tonight. We’re in this one. I don’t know how to describe it.

On if he think he had a touchdown catch:
That’s why we have instant replay. If they said it wasn’t, I guess it (my foot) wasn’t in.

On how hard it is to believe the team is 2-9:

On if they just left him with Cromartie:
In the beginning. The first three quarters, I was left out there. I would (have) liked to take a lot (more) opportunities. To get one-on-one (coverage) is very rare, and that would be my first occasion this season. I would have liked to take advantage a little bit more. But we do have to run the offense. It’s more than about the situation I’m getting. Once we got into the later stages of the game, they changed. They started playing a soft 2 man.

On how he would describe his frustration:
No. Not frustrated.

On if the team is frustrated:
Yeah. I don’t have any reason to be frustrated. I’m ready to go back to work. That’s it.


On the reverse:
I got a pretty good read on it. I was able to get a pretty good jump on it and then a lineman came out on me and I wasn’t able to. I was trying to avoid him inside or outside or wherever I could do it and I couldn’t do it.

On whether they knew if it was coming:
Well, anytime he’s in the game, it’s an alert and where he aligned was kind of a hint. We just didn’t really fit it right.

On Jonathan Wade’s performance:
I think he did pretty good. I mean we’ll go back and look at the film. He had that touchdown play and I’m not sure what happened, but for a guy who kind of just jumped into the defense, especially on this short week, he made some good plays out there.

On keeping it simple:
To be honest, we kind of just ran our defense. I didn’t see any differences. (Wade) did a good job. We didn’t simplify it or anything like that.

On Jonathan Wade’s checks:
Yeah, he can do all the stuff. He didn’t bust any coverages I’m sure. I mean he was on top of things the whole week.


Opening comments:
This is a great win for us. We’re 9-2. We knew the Bengals would give us their best shot. They played well, but we found a way to get it done. Today, it was our special teams and Brad Smith that got it done, along with our defense. It wasn’t a great night for our offense by our standards. We did run for 171 yards, so I guess we’ll take that. It was good to see the defense and our special teams really lead us today.

On the Jets play in the second half:
I just believed that momentum was headed our way. If we stopped the penalties and things like that, we felt that it was just a matter of time before we took control of the game, and that’s really what happened.

On the Jets defensive backs and the defense’s two interceptions:
It was huge for us. We almost had another one, but it was good. It’s crazy that we’ve only had five interceptions up until this game, so now we have seven. They happen in bunches, and now we get Tom Brady on Monday night. He hasn’t thrown an interception in something like 199 attempts, so we’ll see if we can change that. Again, I’m happy with our guys.

I want to wish everybody a happy Thanksgiving. I want to make sure that everybody knows this: I ask my wife for green bean casserole twice a year – for Thanksgiving and Christmas. She’s not making it. I’ve got issues right now with that.

On the New England Patroits:
I’m not looking forward to going against Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, but we’ll see. They’re clearly the best team in football. That’s what it looks like and that’s what all of the experts say, except me. We’ll see.

On Jets WR/KR Brad Smith:
He is an amazing guy and an amazing talent. You want me to give you the stats like I always do? He is the only guy to throw for 8,000 yards and rush for 4,000 yards in college. He had 200 total yards and two touchdowns today. I’m definitely glad he was on our side. He’s a phenomenal athlete. Everything we asked Brad to do, he does. Quite honestly, when our DB’s were down, I was like, ‘We’ll put Joe McKnight in there, and we’ve always got Brad Smith.’ He’s just a great football player.

On the Jets slow start:
When we’re on defense first and we defer, I think that has something to do with the slow starts. I think we do really well when we start the second half with the ball. We’re close to leading the league in scoring when we have the ball to open up the second half, so that’s something I always lean on. The fact that we’re pretty stout on defense…I don’t know how many points we’ve given up in the first quarter, but it’s not many.

On the Jets defense once the team led by two touchdowns:
It was just a great job. You have to tip your hat to our coaches, Dennis Thurman and Bob Sutton, in particular, do a great job with the linebacking corps and our back end. They do a tremendous job. Mike Pettine leads the group, and they just did a great job today.

On if the Jets have to play better against New England on Monday night:
I don’t know. Maybe they’ll have to play a lot better, too.

On the performance of the pass rush:
We got big Trev (Trevor Pryce) going. I think Calvin (Pace) got one I believe. That’s what happens. You get ahead of people and you make those plays. I felt good about unleashing those guys a little bit.

On a big win affecting his confidence against the Patriots next week:
No, I don’t think so. I’ve always been confident, as you guys know. I don’t care about what people believe and all that stuff. I know what I believe, and our football team believes that we can beat anybody, so we’re going to have to prove that. I think they’ve won 25 straight at home and we’ve won eight straight on the road. We plan on making it nine. It’s going to be tough, but we’re just the men for the job.

On any Jets injuries:
No, not that I know of. I think with Damien Woody we had an extra lineman up. We had Vladimir Ducasse (Thomas) up as well as big Wayne (Hunter) and Rob (Turner) just in case. He played well. He played the whole game. I thought he played really well.

On the Darrelle Revis-Terrell Owens matchup:
I told T.O. after he caught an eight-yard pass, ‘Hey man, don’t be shaking your head. That’s the longest catch you’ve had all day.’ That’s when I grabbed Wayne (Hunter), so he never came after me. Revis is Revis. He’s back to being Revis, the best in the league.

I tell you what - (Antonio) Cromartie did a great job. Chad Ochocinco is a great receiver. With both those guys, the Bengals are the only team in the league who can match up with those two.

On battling the Patriots next week for first place in the division:
It is really special. If we win this game, we’ve beaten them twice. That’s huge. One of our things going into the season was that we had to do a better job in our division. Right now, we’re 3-0 and we’ll see. It’s going to be a huge test for us, but we’ll look forward to it.

On his halftime speech:
I don’t know. I don’t remember what I said. It was probably nothing. You guys give me too much credit. I really felt that the momentum was getting ready to shift. I just thought if we could play Jet football that we were going to find a way to win, and that’s exactly what happened.

On the Jets defense tonight compared to Sunday:
The communication was really great. Let’s face it: we played pretty well this past Sunday for three-plus quarters, but when you make mistakes in this league against good talent and all that kind of stuff, people can burn you.

On watching the Patriots game earlier today:
… I was all excited at halftime. Then, after I watched more, things started going on and I was like, ‘Man, oh, man.’ But that team, I’ll give them their props. They look pretty darn good right now. There’s no busting about it. I’m not going to tell that lie. But when you look at it, the only thing that matters is that they are 9-2 and we are 9-2. I think you have to put us ahead of them because we beat them here.

On team being conditioned to play well in December and January:
That’s a true statement. Everything we do in the offseason – the way we lift, the way we train, the way we take care of ourselves on and off the field and our practice structure – it’s all to get to this time of the year. That’s what you do when you get to December and January, you have to win. I think that’s what we’re built for. Like I said, when we had that time off, it wasn’t just to win one game. It was to win a bunch of games at the end of the year. That’s why we do that. My record is horrible after a bye week, but my record is pretty decent in December and January. Granted, I only have one year, but my record is pretty good.


On putting the Bengals away and not letting it come down to the final minutes of play:
I’m just proud of our defense and special teams for playing so well and lifting up the offense today, because we weren’t at our best and I was pretty much the reason for that. I made some poor reads, some poor throws and a couple of bad decisions. To get a win when your quarterback doesn’t play that well, means we have a pretty good team and I’m really proud of the way they helped us out. We made throws and plays when we needed to on offense, but it just wasn’t our sharpest night. It’s frustrating, but at the end of the day, keeping things in perspective, we’re 9-2 and had a great outing today from our defense and special teams so we’re really happy.

On Brad Smith’s rushing touchdown:
We came out, first play of the second half, with a play-action pass and Santonio (Holmes) did a great job coming back for the ball and it set us up after the big first down to have a really big play. (Brian Schottenheimer) made a great call on the end-around and Brad (Smith) did the rest. There was a great block from Dustin Keller and a big block from Braylon (Edwards). Brad Smith, the guy is pretty special, whether he lines up as the quarterback and throws it or runs the option or (handles) kick-returns and we’re lucky to have him.

On whether he will allow himself any time to enjoy today’s win with New England on the horizon:
I’m pretty ready to get this game over with. I know some of the other guys might not be, but I’d like to watch the film maybe tonight. There’s a lot of room for me to improve, especially after tonight. It wasn’t my best outing, by far. I just took a step in the wrong direction. It’s not a good thing and I need to get a lot better down the stretch.

On Brad Smith’s two big plays:
He’s an electric player. He really provided a spark for our team. When our offense was sputtering and I wasn’t playing well, Brad Smith comes in and does a great job for us with the return and the end-around. He really carried us on offense and that was big. We needed it and it’s the ultimate team sport, so we’re thankful.

On getting ready for New England:
I can’t wait to get on the field again because this was a bad outing by me. I’m excited to get back out on the field as soon as possible. I wish we were playing tomorrow.

On whether he believes having played in Foxboro before helps him this time around:
We’ve played well on the road. It’s going to be imperative for me not to make bad decisions like I did today. Getting out on the edge when I scramble, I just need to know when the play’s dead and it was definitely dead today. You do that against Tom Brady and you’re dead.

On the interception:
It was just a terrible decision. I just have to throw it away and sail it into the stands. Hit Fireman Ed. It was a terrible job and a very selfish play.

On why he considered the interception a selfish play:
Because I had no regard for the ball. It was just a bad idea.

On being able to put a team away early:
It was thanks to our running game, thanks to our special teams and our defense. Our passing game never really got off the ground today and I just didn’t play very well, but we won despite the play of our quarterback and sometimes you have to take that. We’re 9-2 and, like coach says, we’ll never apologize for winning. I have a lot of work to do and I’m excited for that.

On what the team’s biggest challenge is for the second half of the season:
Our biggest challenge is staying consistent. If we sputter early, we have to rebound quickly and not take it down to the wire. Who knows how many games you can win at the end like that. I think if anyone has a shot to win a close game at the end, it’s us.

On next week’s match-up with New England and what it means to put the team in this position:
It’s a monster and it’s huge for us to start 9-2. I know that’s one of the best starts for our franchise - to do it in my second year as a quarterback (is big). Keeping things in perspective, I should be doing back-flips in here. I should be thrilled and through the roof excited and I am. I honestly am. But as a competitor and as someone who really cares about playing well for this team, it’s hard. I know I could be better. I know we could have won this game going away handily without any turnovers. It’s really too bad, but this game coming up is a big one and it’s going to be imperative that I take care of the football and make very good decisions against one of the best ball clubs around. If you make mistakes against those guys – if you scramble around and throw a pick to a linebacker like I did today, against them – you’re in trouble. Last year, we went up there and I had no regard for the ball and they ran away with it. It’s going to have to be the complete opposite. Great footwork. Great reads. Disciplined play and a penalty, mistake-free game. We’ll give them our best shot and it’s going to be a fun one.

On the Brad Smith touchdown on the end-around:
It was perfect. Dustin (Keller) made a huge block coming around, and then Braylon (Edwards) secured his guy just long enough. Brad did the rest. He just ran away from the coverage and the defense. It was set up really well. Our running game did a great job today. It was time for a misdirection play, and Brad took it the distance.

On what he attributes his passing performance:
It was a bad decision on the perimeter there, throwing the ball to Rey (Maualuga). I just had a couple bad throws. The reads were there, but the throws were just off. It just wasn’t a very good night.

On if he talked to Rey Maualuga after the game:
Yeah, I did. He was happy for me and bummed for his team. He played a pretty good game.

On critiquing his performance:
I’m proud. There’s a lot to be said for that, but the guys know how I am. I’m pretty hard on myself and I need to be after a night like this. I need to be perfect. To demand what I want to demand out of these guys, to get where we want to go, the quarterback needs to be a lot better than tonight. But I’m very proud of our team. This is a Happy Thanksgiving for us. We are 9-2 and were in the two ball games that we lost. This is a good team. We are going to have to keep playing well and I’m going to have to play better.

On if the team is prepared for December and January:
I think we all want to peak at the right time and we did that last year. I think we are just waiting for that complete game, and that would have been nice to have tonight. The way our special teams played, especially the return game, the way our defense played in getting pressure on the quarterback and getting turnovers, it’s now the offense’s job to take that momentum and use it and capitalize on those big plays. I think that was a shortcoming today. On other days it’s been the offense having to pick up the other phases, and we’ve done it. But when all three phases play well, it’s going to be scary. That needs to happen these next few games, especially this next one on the road.

On if the long week will help the team:
I think it’s great. Some of the guys are nicked up a little bit. They fought through some injuries today and played really well. We’re ready for those days off. We need the guys to be smart, get some rest, see their families and come back recharged, ready to go.

On the biggest challenge against New England:
… We just have to be sharp from an offensive standpoint. We have to play mistake-free, take care of the football, not have penalties and be efficient in the red zone and on third down. Defensively, they know they have their hands full. That’s a great quarterback as always. We need to apply pressure with the pass rush. In special teams, we have to be sharp. We have to make our field goals when we get our chances. Put us in a good position with our return game, and slow down their return game because it’s pretty good.

On which pass he would have taken back tonight:
The deep one to Braylon. He was open, running down the field. It could have been a monster night for him and I kind of ruined it for him.


On if they feel good about the New England game since they have played so well on the road:
Absolutely, we feel like we have the extra focus that you need and that it takes to play well on the road. I think we have that. Like you said, we haven’t lost on the road, so that’s going to be a great challenge for us.

On why he wanted to play with Mark Sanchez:
He has a lot of passion for the game. I think he gets it. He has a certain moxie and a swagger to him that you want to be around. He’s been leading us all year long.

On the team’s improved performance in the second half:
We just knew that wasn’t us the first half. We knew that we could play better. We’ve started slow at times this year. At halftime, we talked about and said, ‘Guys, let’s stop messing around. Let’s come out and start fast. Let’s put some points on the board,’ and we did that.


On what happened to his shoe on the kickoff return:
I don’t know. I think one of the guys dove and tried to tackle me and kind of knocked it off a little bit. I was running and trying to stick my shoe back on. After a while, I just said, ‘Forget it.’

On his 53-yard reverse for a touchdown:
(It was an) excellent play-call. The blocking, I think it was Dustin (Keller) and Braylon (Edwards), had some tremendous blocks. I just had to read it and I would’ve felt sick if I didn’t score on it because of how well it was executed. It’s not as much what I did, but the team executing, whether it was the return or the reverse.

On how he feels after his game tonight:
It’s exciting. This is such a blessing to be able to play this game and have these opportunities. Nothing else really matters, you’re just grateful for it.


On the chemistry of the defense:
Coaches have been on us about completing games and finishing out strong. Everything on defense has been clicking. It is getting late into the season, and usually teams start fading, but we are determined to get more wins and secure our spot in the playoffs.

On the Monday night game against the Patriots:
They are going to bring their A game and we are going to bring our best. I’m looking forward to it and I think they are too.

On knowing the score of the game with the Patriots and the Lions:
I didn’t pay attention to the score. I really didn’t know what the score was. I was focused on the task at hand today.

On the matchup against Terrell Owens:
The stats show. I don’t know if you interviewed him yet? He called me average and today I showed him how an average corner plays. The stats don’t lie, you can’t change the stats.


On the second-half performance:
The offense has been bailing us out and playing so well. I think we have one of the best offenses in the league. The stuff they’ve done the past six weeks is pretty unbelievable. I think as a defense, if we can get up to that level, we can feed off of each other and today we did that a little bit. It was a step in the right direction. It wasn’t perfect, that’s for sure. Cincinnati has two all-pro wide receivers, an all-world quarterback, a great running back and a big offensive line, so it was a challenge. They played well, but we came out on top.

On the sack/safety:
That’s the second of my career. I had one in my third year against the Vikings. I knew when they had to snap the ball. The first time I tried, I went offsides. I thought I knew the count, but they double-pumped me. I had a little key and they had to snap the ball eventually. Literally, I guessed. I’ll go on the record and say I guessed. It was either going to be offsides or a safety.


On the chemistry between him and Mark Sanchez:
We have a great thing going on here, and it’s not just me. It’s Dustin Keller. It’s Braylon Edwards. We’re definitely waiting on Jerricho (Cotchery) to get back here. Look what Brad Smith did for us today. We have weapons all over this team and we’re going to use them and continue to use them until they run out.

On every game there being a new star for the team every game:
That’s what it takes around here and that’s what we continue to preach in the locker room amongst ourselves. Somebody has to make a play. Somebody has to step up. This team has too many guys, too many weapons on it for us not to block like we’re supposed to, pitch and catch and play good defense like we’re supposed to. Today, our defense really played their tails off. Special teams did an amazing job and then the offense, we finished them up.

On his reaction to Brad Smith’s kickoff return:
Man, I think NFL Films got it recorded on the mic. I was miked up for the game because I was excited. That kid is special. Fortunately, I’ve gotten the opportunity to share lockers with him, right next to him. He’s an amazing guy. He’s been patient. All this season, I’ve seen him work in practice. He’s been battling injuries, taking over the job, playing quarterback, running back, special teams, wide receiver, whatever it is. He’s been out there. He’s our guy. He’s our X-factor.

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