Bengals-Jaguars Postgame Quotes

Posted Oct 9, 2011


OCTOBER 9, 2011


On the resiliency of his team:
“We’re so inexperienced, so young that they have this ‘Let’s go’ kind of thing where just don’t worry about it. There’s nothing we can do. We can’t go back and get it. We can learn from it; we can make the corrections and then we move forward and go. If there’s an opportunity again, there’s enough players on the field that we can overcome it if we just keep working together.”

On Andy Dalton’s progress:
“It was a great job by Andy. He’s playing well. We’re just going to keep coaching him. We know we might have to overcome some plays, but we’re just going to keep working hard on taking care of the football.”

On Bernard Scott:
“It was the same thing we had last week. He had the same number of carries last week. It’s been two weeks in a row. I told you I screwed up when we played before then and I didn’t get him into the game, so I told you guys and the coaches I would take care of it. That way they can worry about coaching. I was able to stay on the plan today.”

On the Jaguars decision not to take the wind in the fourth quarter:
“That’s not our call. It’s their call and they chose the wind in third quarter. They asked me the same question earlier but that’s really not my decision; it’s their decision. It worked out for us today.”

On his gutsy calls at the end of the game:
“Jay (offensive coordinator Jay Gruden) reminded me that even if we kicked the field goal at the end, we had to stop them. He felt good about it and felt good about what we were doing offensively and we were able to convert it. ”

On his team coming back after bad plays:
“That’s the thing. When you have a bad snap or something there’s nothing you can do. You can’t worry about it. We just have to find a way to fix it and just move on. We can’t sit there and worry about it. Everybody knows what we did wrong, so we can make the corrections. So when we’re in that situation again, let’s make sure we can make that play. Hopefully the next nine or ten plays we’re in that situation, we’ll make the play.”

On battling bad field position:
“I was really thinking about that in the second quarter. We weren’t able to flip the field position and that makes it difficult. We found ourselves today like we’ve been in a lot of the games we’ve played already this year. They were holding serve pretty good today.”

On the team’s battling to the end:
“You’ve got to play every play hard. The defense came up with two big goal line stands today and that ended up being the difference in the game. The red zone and goal line in the first half ended up being the difference in the game and we have to keep building on that. They didn’t play their best and we’ve got some things we need to fix, but it’s good. It’s what the NFL is all about. We’ll go back to work. We have a big game against the Colts in what is going to be a filled-up, loud Paul Brown Stadium. ”


On rally to win:
“That’s the one thing that this team does. We just need to put ourselves in position in the fourth quarter to win the game. We were able to do that. We didn’t worry what happened early on in the game. We just took care of what we had to do and were able to get the win.”

On A.J. Green:
“We’ve got a lot of confidence in him. He’s done an outstanding job. If you get the ball close to him, he’s going to make the catch. He makes my job a lot easier.”

On converting two fourth downs:
“It’s what we had to do. We had to have it. We were able to execute and do some good things.”

On comfort level:
“The more experience I have going out and seeing different looks, I feel like I’m becoming more comfortable. Definitely getting easier.

On Blaine Gabbert:
“It’s fun being in the same class coming out of college and coming out of this draft. I definitely follow him and I follow Cam (Newton). It’s fun to actually play against them.”


On pressure on Blaine Gabbert:
“We let him get out of the pocket and make some plays on us early in the game, but this defense keeps fighting. We got to him three times, I think, but it should have been more than that.

On containing Maurice Jones Drew:
“He’s very low to the ground, elusive and strong. He’s a good runner but we just wanted to keep playing our game. Eventually, we felt it would work out in our favor.


On the touchdown:
“It was an out-route and Andy [Dalton] got a little time and I was wide open and he just gave me the ball.”

On the road win:
“It’s always great to win on the road and it’s one of the toughest things to do in the NFL. It’s a fight every week and to get one on the road always feels good.”

On 3-2 start:
“We are 3-2 and we could be 5-0 right now but that’s not the way it is. But we’ll take this and we’re going to get better each week.”

On team effort:
“We [offense and defense] both stepped up in big situations. The defense stopped them a couple of times in the red zone and held them to field goals. We converted those fourth downs, especially the last one, that was a big one.”


On Dalton’s play:
“It was nice to see him have some success today. It’s nice to see him grow as a professional. It’s always exciting to see a young man be successful in a clutch moment.”

On hard-fought victory:
“They played good defense. There was a lot of motivation for us to come in and get the win on the road. It’s a large momentum boost for us.”


On first-ever TD on fumble recovery at end of game:
“My first reaction was that the quarterback made a rookie mistake and let’s get after the ball. This is my first one. I played fullback a little bit in high school but didn’t get the ball enough to score. It feels great. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. Not every defensive lineman gets a chance to score a touchdown.”

On defending Blaine Gabbert:
“We just wanted to get him into second or third and long situations and be able to get after him. We felt if we could stop the run and actually get him into third and long that we can rush four guys and get to him.”


Former Jaguar on playing for the Bengals:
“It’s always good to come back home. I’m just enjoying playing football. I felt I went from one great team to another great team. It’s a whole lot different up there in Cincinnati. It’s all about just going out, executing and playing good team football. Right now, we’re doing that.


On defensive effort:
“We were relentless. Even though they made some good plays, I think our old team would have folded but this is a new squad and we have a lot of heart on this team. And that is what coach Zimmer [defensive coordinator] has been talking about, playing with heart and finishing games and we finished today.”

On sloppy tackling:
“It was real sloppy and the guy running the ball, he’s talented, 32 [Jones-Drew] is shifty and so small and he’s hiding behind the linemen. But we have to tackle better and next week we have Indy and that’s who we are going to focus on.”

On holding Jacksonville to field goals:
“We knew we had to stop them and knew it was a big series. Defensively in the game we held them to field goals and that’s what it’s about but we have to start better. We will look at the tape and have Indy next week."


Opening statement:
“Pretty crappy feeling right now. Simply not acceptable on a lot of fronts. Just put it on my shoulders; I’m not doing enough. We can’t have breakdowns like that at the end of the game, we can’t even execute a two-minute drive - it’s unacceptable.” “I hate losing. I’m sick of it, I’m sick of talking about the numerous reasons why we can’t make some of the plays that will allow us to have a lot more fun. Like I said, I hate it, I hate losing. I’m sick of sitting here and answering questions about why we’re not winning.”

On the botched snap:
“Looked like Brad (Meester) snapped it before the quarterback was ready for it. We saw something on Monday night with the Cowboys. I saw the same thing maybe you did. How the hell can that happen? I don’t know how it happened for them, but I will find out how it happened for us. I don’t want to see that again. How do you explain that? How do I explain that? The only thing I can tell you is that ultimately it falls on my shoulders when it doesn’t go right, and I take the blame.”

On stuff that doesn’t translate from practice field to games:
“Yes. The first two times we’re down there in the red zone, knocking on the door, I see us making those plays in practice. How does the game feel when you have 21 points instead of 13? I’m seeing those things and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Holy cow, you have to be xxx me – it’s unbelievable.”

On punt game:
“Not even close to good enough in either phase. The special teams has been a strength of ours here. We’ve got our two Pro Bowlers out, but they’re not punting and they’re not returning punts. We’re certainly a better unit when we have them. Our coverage units actually were pretty solid, but the wind affected us more than it affected them. It was windy and tough conditions, but I’m not going to sit here and make an excuse. It is nowhere near acceptable to allow a ball to be uncaught and roll to the two-yard line when we could have caught it at the 30, or 25. “There were several questionable decisions. Ultimately when you are back there, you have to make the call and we have to live with it. That part of our football team is not helping us; difference between backing them up and putting giving them the ball on the 30-yard line. You are just asking for an awful lot. The defense did some decent things, but a 3rd-and-18 for a touchdown just doesn’t sit well. We’re doing some gritty things defensively to slow people down. There are some (overall) things that are half-way decent, but you can talk them when we are dealing with a loss as ugly as this.”

On possibly being on the hot seat:
“Sure, that’s part of the business. I’ve been in this game long enough to understand if you win you get praise. If you don’t, you get criticism. I understand that part of it. For me, I’ve got to continue to focus on doing the things I believe in. I have faith in what I do and how I do it. I have faith in the integrity that I operate with and the work ethic that I bring – that’s not going to change. Whether it’s good and you’re praising or whether it’s bad and you’re ripping me, I’m going to be consistent. I’m going to be a man of integrity and a man of faith that works hard every day. And that won’t change. ”

On making personnel changes:
“It’s always a combination, that’s the nature of our business. You’re constantly looking for ways to help your team operate at a high level with the guys you have, and if guys prove that they can’t get something done then you do what you have to do rectify the situation. I don’t want to get into that kind of discussion right now, that’s obvious in the business. I think right now we’ve got to quit talking about plays we shoulda, woulda, coulda made and start making some plays.”


On how to find a way to win:
“It is a matter of executions. We are plays away in these games and we have to find a way to pull it out. I got to hit Marcedes (Lewis) in the redzone for that touchdown, that’s a play that sticks out in my mind because I missed it. At the end of the day those seven-points would have won us the football game.

On miscommunication during the two-minute drill:
“That is my fault. It is a miscommunication error and we got to correct that because in that situation we are driving, feeling good, we just hit a couple of completions and it falls on my shoulders.”

On team falling apart at the end of the game:
“You win as a team, this is a team. Not one person lost us this football game. Collectively as a group we got to stick together and correct our mistakes. We are working very hard during the week to improve on these things but they got to carry over to Sunday.

On being more motivated since the Bengals passed over him in the draft:
“There is no question; you always want to win football games no matter who the quarterback is. Andy (Dalton) is doing a great job leading that team but that game meant a lot to me. Those games stick in your head against the team that passed up on you in the draft and it is just a bummer we lost because we were just plays away.”

On the botched snap:
“It just boils down to a communication error and we’ve got to correct that.”

On if it was snapped before he was ready:
“I’ve got to find a way to catch it.”

On if there is a key word for Brad Meester to snap the ball:
“You always have a snap count in football and we didn’t execute it. At the end of the day we have to correct that. It’s inexcusable to end a game like that. We had completions right there. We were getting on offense going, getting a little momentum. It’s tough to end it that way.”

On the goal line situations where they settled for field goals:
“We’ve got to score points, period. It doesn’t matter how we score, we’ve got to score. If that’s me throwing, if that’s MoJo [Maurice Jones-Drew] running, it’s all about execution. We’re the ones out there like Mo said. We’ve got to get our job done. It falls on our shoulders. We didn’t execute today.”

On if he thought the TD to Jason Hill was enough at that point to win the game:
“You never can think like that. That’s called complacency and nobody is complacent on this football team. Being complacent is a disease. You always want to go out and get more. You’ve got to stay eager, you’ve got to stay hungry and that’s why we play this game. We’re all competitive guys or else we wouldn’t be out there on Sundays busting our tail, beating up our bodies physically and mentally for this game. We want to win games, period. Winning cures all like Mo said and it sucks to lose, period.”

“It boils down to execution. Like Mo (Maurice Jones-Drew) said, the plays that are called are phenomenal. We’re the ones out there on the field. We’ve got to get our job done; I’ve got to get our job done, my job done. Mo has got to get his job done. It’s a collective team effort and right now we’re not doing that.”

On if he wasn’t expecting the snap:
“Like I said it was a communication error.”

On if he could explain what happened with the snap:
“That is pretty self-explanatory. We’ve got to get that down and I’ve got to catch the snap regardless, period, end of story.”

On if he wasn’t expecting the snap when it came:
“I’ve got to catch the snap.”

On if he expected the snap:
“I expected the snap. I’ve got to catch the ball.”


On the game:
“There is no positive in losing. We tried to take the high road the last three weeks. We’re just not making enough plays on offense. It’s frustrating. The only answer is within us. Right now we have to find a way to win games because we’re breaking down in the second half.”

On why there were two first and goals in the first half with no touchdowns:
“We ran plays well in practice. We had opportunities; we just aren’t making the best out of them. They did a good job but it wasn’t anything we haven’t gone against. We have to execute better.”

On if he was surprised or disappointed that in the six plays near the goal line he only ran it once:
“I don’t care, I just want to win. Regardless if I block 100 times, run it 100 times, catch it 100 times or I’m not even on the field. At the end of the day, winning solves everything and right now we’re not finding ways to do that. It’s not about me, it’s about this offense. We have to find a way because the second half is killing us. We have too many weapons for that. Tomorrow we’re going to have to come back and figure this out. It’s frustrating… I’m tired of not sleeping.”

On whether or not he thinks Jack Del Rio should stick around as the Jaguars coach:
“At the end of the day, he’s not playing. If someone has to go, obviously it’s going to be one of the players. You can call it whatever you want; we have to execute the plays. It’s not on the coach. It’s sad that he has to take the heat, but he shouldn’t. He’s not out there strapping it up going out to play. All he can do it sit and watch. He can make corrections, but if we don’t make the corrections ourselves, we don’t tough things out and play. He’s not wearing a jersey.”

On if he thinks Del Rio is putting the team in a position to win:
“Every week we should win. We have a game plan that we practice. We are here ten hours Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday we’re here about eight, Thursday we’re here from six to six, Friday we’re here from six to two. I spend more time here than I do with my family. I know these guys more than I do my family. So there is something going on here that we have to fix so we can go out and produce. We are not producing. Twenty points is not enough for us to win games in this league, simple as that. It’s not on coach Del Rio, it’s not on coach Koetter; it’s on us, the players. It’s going to get fixed tomorrow. Enough is enough. If people aren’t tired of losing, they don’t need to come and play this game. We are going to find out tomorrow who is tired of losing.”


On what happened with the snap miscue:
“It was completely my fault. Blaine [Gabbert] made a check on that play at the end of the check apparently he was still signaling and I thought that I thought I heard something, obviously it was defensive. That’s my fault I’ve got to know it was him and I snapped it and he wasn’t ready. It was 100 percent me.”

On how this loss ranks with all the others:
“This probably one of the hardest ones I’ve ever had to deal with. I put this one on myself and the end of the game you’ve got a chance to go down and win it and I screw up something stupid like that. I definitely put it on myself and it’s probably the hardest one I’ve had to deal with.”

On was the reason for miscue blamed on unfamiliarity with the quarterback:
“I don’t think that’s an excuse for this one. I take this 100 percent. He’ll try to take some, but I’m not going to let him. It’s completely on me. I should be able to know his voice and I thought that was it and I snapped it and he wasn’t ready.”


On if he felt the offense had changed some after earlier success:
“Of course, it was a big play and we needed it. Reggie [Nelson] came down and cut on that particular play and left him free. It was a big play but I don’t know how much time was left, but you definitely think things were going in our favor. A couple of things happened and ya’ll know the end result.”

On his thoughts on the fumbled snap:
“I think it was communication. Blaine [Gabbert] was checking and I just seen the ball come out so, I don’t know what exactly happened with that but we got to be better in that situation. Whoever it was we’ve got to do better. Overall I guess coach hit it on the head that execution, I think guys are out there playing hard. The red zone has been giving us some trouble for whatever reasons so there wasn’t enough execution. The hunger is there I think. That’s evident but it ain’t enough.”

On if he feels snake bitten:
“It’s tough. 1-4 ain’t good on nobody’s list. It sounds nasty. We can’t stop or slow down now, you just got to keep pressing to get better.”


On what was said in the locker room following the game:
“It is frustrating to be in the situation we are in right now with our record but, the main thing is, we have to stick together. We have to stick together as a team, come together, learn from the mistakes we made in this game obviously but be ready to roll once Wednesday comes around we got to be excited to get back out to practice and start playing some winning football.”

On difficulty of upcoming schedule:
“We have a tough schedule ahead, so we don’t have time to feel bad for ourselves, feel sorry for ourselves. We got to get rolling now because we have a tough schedule. It is not going to get any easier, so we got to fix our mistakes and improve where we need to so we can play some winning football.”


On defensive coverage during his interception:
“It was a Cover 2. When you go against a young quarterback you want to show him a lot of different stuff, switch your alignments, switch your stunts, mixing coverage. Maybe he liked the matchup and threw the ball up; maybe he read the coverage wrong. I just made a play in the position I was supposed to be in.”

On defensive approach to today’s game:
“They wanted to run the ball a lot. They have shown that over the first few games of the season. They wanted to run the ball to protect and make the situations where they were manageable. We knew that as a defense so the one thing we needed to do was stop the run. I felt like we did a good job of that for the most part and force them to be in situations they weren’t comfortable in whether it be second and long, third and long. We were able to be successful at times and at times they got the best of us too.”

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