Bengals-Jaguars Postgame Quotes

Posted Sep 30, 2012


SEPTEMBER 30, 2012


On the players who are filling in for injured players:
“That’s what they’re here for. The interception was a big play in the ball game. That was a big interception to give the ball right back to the offense after we had scored.”

On the fake punt:
“I have good coaches. They do a good job. We make good decisions when we have things. Then we have to do it and that’s the way it goes.We do things as part of game plan all and time and we don’t talk about why we do it afterwards. When we decide to use it, we just have to execute. It’s just like any other play on offense.”

On if this is his deepest roster since he has been with the Bengals:
“I believe we have a better group of guys who can make football plays…who understand it. I think they do a great job of seeing the next guy up and the fact guys are getting an opportunity (to play) and going in and doing it, you’ve got to credit our coaches for getting these guys ready to play. They understand they have to be ready to play when they are called on. You look at Orson Charles, you look at Marvin Jones on offense, you look at what (Devon) Still and Brandon Thompson are giving us on defense. You’ve got (Vontaze) Burfict, I could just go on and on. There are a lot of guys who weren’t going to be in the thick of the plan who are out there playing a lot of football.”

On his team’s ability to overcome injuries:
“I think the coaches have done a great job of that. The coordinators do a good job putting together a plan. Sometimes you can sit there and say, ‘I don’t have this or I don’t have that,’ but this is what we have and let’s make good on it. I think our coaches and players are doing a great job on that.”

On BenJarvus Green-Ellis’s fumble:
“He fumbled the ball on the one-yard line which is something you don’t want to have happen. Benny is such a conscientious person and he just needs to keep the ball high and tight. He was trying to jump over the stack, but that’s no good if you don’t have the ball with you.”

On deciding to pick up Vontaze Burfict and his continued development:
“When I watched him on tape, he had traits of a very good linebacker. I said, ‘Okay, let’s give it a shot.’ We weren’t going to pick him unless he fell through and if we could sign him, we would. I’ve got to credit Vontaze for chiseling off the weight that he showed up in Indianapolis with or even in his senior season. And from the day I was there on campus at Arizona State, I guess, even though I didn’t think it did, he took some of what I said to heart. And even though I left there upset with him and others were upset with him, he took us to heart and Adam Marchaletta, a great pro…a guy who made the most of his ability, guys like that had been trying to talk to Vontaze and said, ‘This is how you’ve got to do it, man.’ It just didn’t sink in at the time, but credit him for making the change. He’s a very, very good player.”

On the starting the season 3-1:
“It’s good. We did well in September; now we have to do better in October. We hoped to have a little better September, we’re down one, so let’s do better than this in October. With the trip to Cleveland, I told our guys we basically home for six weeks now. We started out on the road, now we have a chance to tip the scales the other way. We just have to go to work and that’s the good thing about these guys, they prepare and they work and they work.”

On having to replace four defensive backs:
“In our minds we’re okay. We had four guys who were hurt, everybody who plays for us are trained to do other things. That’s what the NFL is. If we can’t dress them all, we have to have other guys. You have to have a contingency plan behind guys who play because I can’t just make them reappear.”


On scoring touchdown:
“I knew I was in. I was two, three yards in the end zone. The offensive line did a good job getting some penetration and I was able to get in.”

On fake punt for first down:
“I didn’t know it was going on. It was huge and a big momentum swing. It was what we needed and all three phases of the game made some big plays. I was going back to the bench and next thing I saw we were running down the field with the ball, so it was a big play, big turning point.”

On success to A.J. Green:
“They had one-on-one coverage on him and we had the right call on it. He made a great play, great catch and wish he would have gotten in the end zone on it. But we found a way to put it in. We want to get him the ball different ways. He made some great plays today and it shows how talented he is.”

On long drives:
“It’s what we have to do. We feel like we have the talent to do it and we want to score every time we get the ball.”

On three straight wins since opening loss:
“We can’t worry about that and we’re looking forward, looking ahead and can’t worry about what happened early on. We’re more consistent and making the big plays and doing what we need to do.”


On defensive effort:
“Jacksonville is a good football team and this is the NFL. You can’t take any team lightly. Gabbert did a good job controlling the ball and running the offense. We just came in and played football and that was it. We didn’t come here thinking we were going to run over them or nothing like that.”

On three wins in a row:
“We still have work to do and we will look at film and try to improve. We have Miami at home next week.”

On coming back to Jacksonville:
“I loved Jacksonville and they gave me my first start. I enjoyed it here but it was time to move on.”


On stopping Gabbert:
“He’s not a guy that’s going to get the ball down the field a lot. He does a lot of checkdowns . If you don’t corral him, he’ll look for a way to run. “

On containing the run:
“A big emphasis going into this week was to stop the run and stop Jones-Drew. We did a good job doing that, but we have to do a better job on stopping the quarterback and not letting him run. A big key to winning games is getting after the quarterback – sacking him and rattling him. We’re doing a good job of that so far.”


On two long catches:
“It was just a go route. It just builds from practice. We work hard together at practice to get on the same page. Andy (Dalton) has a lot of confidence in me. He gave me a chance and I just go out and try to make the play when my number is called.”

On early season wins:
“Definitely. We’re in the first quarter and we’re 3-1. We’ll take that any day.”

On over 100 yards receiving:
“I thought I wasn’t going to see as much man to man coverage, but I did. We took advantage of it. I said from day one, Andy is going to be one of the best ones. Once he gets into that rhythm, he’s one of the best in this league. I’m just fortunate and blessed to have a quarterback like that.”


On the 3-1 Bengals start:
“It was a good hard team win. We fought hard. When the momentum swung a little bit, we buckled down and made plays when we needed to. We’re looking forward to next week. We try not to look a the wins and losses. Right now, we’re taking it one week at a time and focusing on this offense.”


On interception changing momentum of game:
“I just got a good read from the tendency of what they were going to do and I jumped the route. It was an inside breaking route. I just trusted my instincts. I’ve played this game a while, so I’ve seen it before a couple of times.”

On his feelings after the interception:
“Sometimes you just have to count your blessings. Things happen for a reason and I’m just happy to be back and be able to contribute, while showing that I’m 100-percent healthy. This is a little bit of vindication and a great way to start off.”


Opening statement:
“It was a good start to the game with the atmosphere, the energy and the crowd. The whole day looked like it was going to be something that was going to be memorable with Fred Taylor going in (the Pride of the Jaguars) and (teal) jerseys being retired. At the start of the game, we had some opportunities to make that continue. We failed to make some plays early and let the game get out of hand late. We have to learn how to make plays. It’s not just defensively, it’s all phases. We need to find a way to make some plays and that was the difference, you saw a team that did. They threw up some throws AJ Green, great throws and Jermanie Gresham. We have to learn how to do that.”

On if he was disappointed that one phase couldn’t pick up the other:
“They certainly tried. It’s been addressed and will continue to be addressed. We haven’t put a complete game together. Obviously, we didn’t do that again today. We have to do that in order to compete and not put ourselves in the position we put ourselves today.”

On if he has an offensive line lineup regrets:
“No. We knew that was the strength of their defense was their guys up front. We knew that their tackles with the sacks that they had, we already talked about it. You can only help so many guys up front. Sometimes you have some 1-on-1 matchups and you have to be able to block them. I don’t have any issues with starting those guys. They had a good week and finished off on a good week. We had some struggles so we made a change there at halftime.”

On what are the offensive line struggles:
“It could be solvent very quickly. It’s hard to step up to anything, especially when it’s interior guys. It’s hard to protect inside like that. You can put guys on the outside to chip and bang like we do, but when you get some pressure up front. It’s not a good day up front when you can’t protect those guys.”

On if he was surprised when they were not able to run:
“Yeah, I also thought when could throw it with the issues they had in the secondary. That may have been more of our objective, was to throw but when you do that you have to also protect. We got to a point that we were trying to make some plays down the field and we got away from the run game a little bit. They did do a good job. I give them credit.”

On if it was step backward from last week:
“I told them that it’s a good thing that we don’t stop after 15 minutes in a game if things aren’t going right. We have proven that. If we can’t finish games then we can’t win games. We do have a lot of football left to go. We have to chip at it a little bit. They have had to take a couple of lumps, which we have, along the way in order to get to the direction we want to go. It’s a learning process and we are trying.”

On if this is the same philosophy he used taking over Buffalo:
“We have a plan here as a staff and organization and that plan is going to stay the course. We see the direction it can go based on our prior history and based on a lot of things. We’re going to stay that course. Eventually, it will go in our direction and we are not swaying one way or another.”

On Rashean Mathis’s coverage on A.J. Green:
“He has already made a lot of plays this year. He is a guy that is obviously physically talented in what he can do with his speed and size. Just put the ball anywhere around him and he is going to make a play. (Andy) Dalton gave him some really good throws to make some plays; tough-back shoulder throws hard to cover, very well-executed.”

On how big the Bengals fake punt:
“Very big. Very, very big. I talked about watching these guys that I had a gut feeling it was going to happen. They still got it which is disappointing. Very big, huge momentum change. Huge.”

On the defensive line pass rush:
“You see when we do pressure, there are some single matchups. You have to have some pretty good coverage if they get the ball off with the 1-on-1 outside. You do have to be careful how much you try create pressures. It may cost us somewhere else. We are trying to do whatever we can with our guys. We are getting to the quarterback, we are doing things with our linebackers and we are doing some things with the nickel and dime to get there. But again, that also exposes you in other areas. We all know we have to do a better job, that’s been that way since day one, of pressuring the quarterback.”

On if he is concerned about Laurent Robinson’s head injures:
“That is a concern. Definitely a concern.”

On if he is concerned he has the talent to turn it around this year:
“No, I am not concerned with that because I have seen a lot of good things that could happen. I have seen drives we have done offensively. I think we have to keep doing what we have been doing, do it better, I said that last week. Keep doing our jobs, all of us. I think we’re capable of doing better than we’re doing. I really think that. I really believe that we can do better than what we are doing. We can be more competitive. A lot of it is making plays. Who knows what happens if we score on that first interception? What happens there. Then we put a nice drive together. I would like to see us doing what are capable of doing then I can give a better answer to that.”

On if there will be defensive adjustments for next week:
“We’ll get to that tomorrow when we get back and get ready for the Bears.”

On the score or line keeping the run game down:
“A little bit of both, a little bit of both. We were not popping runs that we were capable of doing.”


On Cincinnati’s defense:
“Well they kept a lot of things in front of them. They were dropping two safeties deep, forcing us to hit the stuff underneath but really we killed ourselves. We’ve got to perform better. We’ve got to execute better at a higher level. We can’t have one great drive, 13 plays for a touchdown and then come out and go three and out. So we’ve just got to get better there, get back to the drawing board, control what we can control and just get better from it.”

On how the offense killed itself:
“There’s a multitude of things that we did many different plays. I take a sack, I’ve got to get the ball out. Just certain things like that that kind of stall drives.”

On if he’s disappointed with the offensive line:
“No not at all. Not disappointed at all. Those guys are fighting their tails off. When you’re dinged up and not at 100-percent it’s going to be tough. We’re playing stellar defenses week in and week out. Those guys are battling their tails off and it’s up to me to execute the passing game. Those guys I know are fighting, I know aren’t feeling good but we just got to control what we can control, move forward from there, they’re going to get better, get healthier and play next week.”

On how difficult it is to control the passing game while facing so much pressure:
“I’ve got to find completions. I’ve got to hit, get the ball out. I can’t sit back there forever but that’s what passing games are for. You always have a spot to get the ball out quick. That does happen.”

On executing better:
“We’re doing the right things we just have got to do them better period. We’re practicing hard. We have great practices week in and week out. We’re preparing our tails off. I know I’ve only been here for a year but everybody is in to this thing. We’re all in and we’ve just got to get better it’s plain and simple. No game in the NFL is an easy one. Every team is good regardless of their record, regardless of what their statistics say. Everybody has top notch elite athletes and that’s what makes the NFL so great is the competition each week is just unbelievable.”

On being consistent:
“Yeah it just boils down to consistency. Like I’ve said previously when you go 13 plays and a touchdown and then go out and go three and out, three and out, you’ve just got to work to get better and that comes with time and trust me we’re working on that.”

On if defense’s are confusing him at all:
“No not at all. That comes down to preparation. We’ve prepare extremely hard throughout the week, the players and the coaches, to be ready for everything. New wrinkles that defensive coordinators bring out week to week regardless if you’ve seen it on film or haven’t seen it on film, you’ve got to go back to your base principles and rules of the run game, the pass game, the protection in order to pick it up so they don’t confuse us at all.”

On how disappointing it was to not get a win on Fred Taylor’s day:
“It’s tough. We wanted to send Fred out the right way. He was such a great player here. Such a phenomenal running back, a great person, we definitely would have liked to have a win for him but we didn’t. We’ve got to come back next week, continue to prepare, get better and just keep chipping away.”

On the Bengals defensive ranking:
“That’s a part of the game like I said statistics they’re there, they’re a number but they don’t matter. Everybody has elite talents on every team and it’s going to be different from game to game and it just boils down to us executing and we didn’t do that today.”

On if he feels he needs to be a better leader:
“Everybody is a leader. Everybody knows what they’ve got to do and there are certain points in time where you need to be vocal and it kind of boils down to everybody responds to criticism, leadership in different ways. Some guys you can jump on and yell at them and other guys you’ve got to come at a different way so it’s all about knowing the personalities of your team. We have a bunch of great leaders on this football team and everybody knows their role and gets the job done.”

On the Bengals defense:
“They were just mixing up on defense. Their defensive coordinator we knew was going to do that. He liked changing things up play to play, never give the same look twice but that’s not an excuse. We’re never going to lean on that and again it just goes on my shoulders. I’ve got to get the offense rolling and execute better at a higher level.”

On what the atmosphere was like in the locker room after the game:
“Well everybody is ticked off. You never want to lose a football game. We’re pretty competitive guys I’d like to say so it doesn’t sit well with us that we go out there and not perform at our best but at the same time you’ve got a 24 hour rule. You’ve got to learn from this, move on because we play another great team next week. You can’t dwell on the fact that we didn’t play our A-game today but you’ve just got to go back to the drawing board, keep grinding it out and getting better.”


On running the ball:
“I don’t think we ran the ball. We saw they had corners out and the game plan was to try to get the ball outside a little bit. We just didn’t have enough opportunities to run the ball.”

On if they should you have run it more:
“I always think we should run the ball. That never changes.”

On the play calls:
“I don’t know. Whatever play they call I run. They are not paying me to be the offense coordinator or head coach. We had a good game plan going in and executed it well throughout the week. They made plays and we had opportunities to make plays and we didn’t. That is just was at the end of the day. I just run the plays that they call.”

On the offensive and defensive lines:
“I really don’t know. I have to take a look at this week. I thought last week we played well. We dominated upfront. This week they did some different things scheme wise. We were prepared for it but they brought a couple different blitzes. We had guys open but we have to execute better in our passing game. We have to be more balanced at the end of the day. We had some great drives and two long drives. We should have capitalized on the last one because it would have changed the game around. That is what we have to work on as an offense. We have to capitalize when we have the momentum.”

On transferring practice to the game:
“That has been some of the problems around here. We haven’t been able to translate what we do in practice to the games. But as professionals we have to be able to do that. We have to know how to practice. We can’t go into practice and beat each other up with pads on all the time. We have to be able to take the pads off and execute at a high level and play at a low pad level. We have to catch the ball across the middle and vice versa on defense. At the end of the day we had a great plan. We just didn’t execute it and that is why the outcome became what it was.”

On your talent being comparable to other teams:
“I think so. We’ve beaten everybody we have played since I have been here.”

On being consistent:
“We just have to be able to finish drives because three and outs are unacceptable. That is something we have to fix today. We can’t keep our defense out on the field 10, 12, 13 play drives and then go three and out and they have to go through it again. That is not how we play. It has been vice versa where the offense goes on these long drives scores points and the defense gets the three and outs. That is just how t has been so we are going to have to fix that.”

On celebrating Fred Taylor:
“It still was. Obviously we didn’t win the game but I saw the new helmets. And people were excited to see Fred. He deserved it. It happens. It is nothing we can go and change. Before the game we got a chance to talk to Fred and his wife. Obviously we would like to win but it didn’t happen. We just have to fix it and get ready for Chicago.”

On making changes:
“I don’t know. I don’t make the game plans. I go out and execute and that is all I can do. Whatever they ask me to do is all that we can do. We don’t talk to the coaches about the game plan. If everyone gets a little bit better every day then we will be fine. Obviously we had a step back today from last week. We have to go in and figure out what we did wrong. At the end of the day the coaches are going to do a great job of coaching and as an offense no matter what the coach calls, if you execute the play it is going to work. Every play is drawn up to get four or more yards. You can execute the hail mary. If you execute it then it is going to work. For us we have to continue to execute in the games. We do great in practice. We just have to transfer that to the games.”

On his feelings:
“Obviously it isn’t happy. We just lost. I think every loss is just frustrating because you put in over 100 hours a week studying the opponent and dialing them in and then you come out and play the way we played. Obviously I’m not happy about that. I just think we have to keep working. As players we feel like every game is a new opportunity. We didn’t take full advantage of this one and we emptied our buckets and gave everything we had. Now we have to start all over again and erase this game out of our minds after tomorrow and get ready for Chicago. It is another tough test for us. We know they are going to play cover three, put eight in the box and if it gets third and long they are going to play cover two. We know what they are going to do. We just have to execute our game plan. If we can continue to work and transfer what we do in practice to the field we will be fine.”


On his view of the game:
“We didn’t make plays when the opportunity came and we didn’t do that today on all three phases. We were up 7-3 at one point and you can’t get satisfied with that, it’s a long game. We’ll watch film tomorrow fix our mistakes and get ready for Chicago.”

On did the offense regress this week:
“Today was rough but you know we’re going to back to work, there’s nothing to panic about but we do need a sense of urgency to get this going.”

On did they feed off the energy of Fred Taylor being inducted into the Jaguars Ring of Honor:
“We wanted to play well on his day and everybody has a lot of respect for him, he was a great player and more importantly I hear he’s a great man.”


On his take on Bengals receiver A.J. Green:
“A good player, clearly the player that they believe in the most on that offense. I think they realize that in order for them to be successful they need to get the ball in his hands, I’m sure that’s in their game plan every week.”

On improvements the Defense has to make:
“The opportunity is there and when you get your chance you got to make the play because when the defense has takeaways you’re going to win ballgames.”


On his take of the loss:
“We’ve just got to make plays, we were in position to make plays, and we dropped two interceptions, we were in position every other play. I’ve got to make plays when my number is called, and I definitely didn’t do anything to help this team win.”

On playing A.J. Green:
“He’s a good young guy, when the number is called I was in position you just have to get in there and get the ball out.”

On his take on the defense this year:
“We just need to make the plays when our number is called, getting off the field on third down and that’s what we’re not doing right now, and in key situations whether its penalties on third or letting a guy catch the ball or run the ball, that’s what separates those three or four plays makes a big difference in the ball game.”


On the defense being on the field a long time:
“It was a really good game plan (Cincinnati) had; they got the ball out quick the whole game. We couldn’t even get close to (Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton) because he was getting the ball out so fast. It’s just one of those games where you have to tighten up in every phase.”

On letting go of opportunities for turnovers:
“We had our opportunities to beat this team. We were in the game and were in position to make all of the plays but we just didn’t make them. We’ve got to make those plays when we get in those situations.”

On his view of the defensive line not putting enough pressure on the opposing quarterback:
“(Getting the ball out quick) is what teams are going to do. They watch film from the week before, and it’s a copycat league. Some teams just keep doing the same thing over and over; getting the ball out, getting the ball out, getting the ball out. I’ll be the guy that gets through clean sometimes, and the ball is still gone, so we’ve just got to tighten up in every phase.”

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