Bengals-Falcons Postgame Quotes

Posted Aug 17, 2012


AUGUST 16, 2012


On the game:
“I was pleased tonight with our performance. Other than the fumble early in the game by Brian (Leonard) I felt like we had good tempo to start. We did some good things offensively as well. I thought defensively we played a pretty good game. We were pretty consistent, and pretty true. Matt Ryan got a little hot on us and hit the crossing route. But both series defensively we kind of hurt ourselves with some penalties that were called tonight, so we have to live with that. We have to keep improving. There are some young players getting a lot of playing time, and that’s a good thing. I think that we handled these different situations very well tonight. We played hard on third down offensively and defensively early in the game and that’s key. I think if we keep working on that and keep improving on some of the other things then we’ll be fine.”


On the 50-yard touchdown pass to A.J. Green:
“A.J. did a great job of selling the double-move. I was surprised they left A.J. one-on-one in that situation.”

On immediately recognizing single-coverage:
“Anytime you see A.J. in one-on-one coverage, you’re going to throw it up there and give him a chance to make a play. When I threw the ball I was like, ‘Alright A.J. turn around.’ He did a great job before and after the catch.”

On criticism regarding your arm strength:
“Whenever a knock is mentioned about me, arm-strength is usually the topic of discussion. It’s not holding me back; it’s not changing the way I play the game. As long as we’re winning games and I complete passes to our guys, I’m content with that.”


On both teams having young quarterbacks and receivers:
“Atlanta has one of the best tandems in the NFL in Roddy and Julio. Those guys are great receivers and I look forward to watching them.”

On the play of the Bengals young receivers tonight:
“They are young and they are hungry. Anybody can make a play at any time. Several of those guys can make plays all around the ball. I’m not worried about being young. We are ready to work.”


On leading the team to a scoring drive to start the second half:
“That was a great drive by our guys. We put together a bunch of good drives today. The first offense looked sharp out there. They made some good plays and we continued it. Our defense played well, too. There was a lot of good work out there today but also a lot more that we can improve on as well. It was nice to get the second game underway. Marvin (Lewis) stresses all the time about starting fast. We have to come out of the locker room at halftime and move the ball. That was a key drive to start the second half. It got the defense excited about a score. It was a good job overall today. Like I said there were a lot of different situations that we got to handle, especially at the end of the game. I’m proud for all of the guys for sticking it out. Everyone was running in and out the whole game but we continued to play Bengal football. We came out with a win and that’s always fun.”


On getting sea legs in the second preseason game:
”Tonight was a game for us to get a lot of good reps. They had a long drive on us, but we had different defensive packages in there. We had our goal line defense in there. It tested us. So we got what we wanted tonight.”

Playing good defense against a playoff team:
“Definitely. They are a premiere team in the NFL. We knew what our potential was and is, and this was a great test for us against a team that has been good for a while.”

Defending Falcons receiving corps:
“Coach Lewis emphasized during the week just how solid they are, Julio and those guys. And their quarterback is good. We wanted that challenge, and we worked hard during the week to deal with it. But we’ve got to get better, and that’s the most important thing.”


How did you fair tonight against their first team?
“It’s always a great challenge against Atlanta. I know first-hand how successful they have been. It was a great test for us. I wish we would have finished out the first half better, but at the end of the night we got the win. We’re happy about that. Regardless of whether it’s the pre-season or not, it’s always good to get a win. We’re going to watch the film, we’re going to get better, and prepare for the third game.”

How do you feel returning to the team that drafted you?
“It is what it is. I’m happy where I am now. We did a great job stopping their backs tonight. It’s just the second preseason game. We’re adamant about stopping the run, and we did that tonight in a big way. Michael Turner is a great back, but kudos to our defense tonight for a great job.”


Opening statement:
“After a little bit of a slow start we picked up some steam and had some good execution but had some troubling moments in the red zone and that is something we have to get worked out. We weren’t able to get the ball in the endzone for six when we had the ball inside the 3 yard line. You can’t turn the ball over there. Defensively we were not good on 3rd down, they converted way too many 3rd downs and they were 3rd down and long and that has to be something that favors the defense. Obviously we were working a lot of players in different situations, different combinations we had some emphasis points we wanted to look at in terms of our football team and we were able to get that accomplished. We didn’t get the win and we can’t have 11 penalties for 122 yards and 3 personal foul calls. That’s something we definitely we have to improve on. It’s a trend right now in these first 2 ballgames.”

On TD pass to A.J. Green:
“He made a double move and receiver separated on the double move and it was a nice throw and a nice catch.”

On Asante Samuel’s coverage:
“Listen Asante’s played very effective football for a long, long time. It was a well executed play by the offense.”

On the first-team offense's play:
“I think that when we have had some opportunities we have been able to capitalize on that. Thought there were a couple of opportunities today that we didn’t make but you are going to have plays when you are throwing the ball down the field and there are going to be some close plays. We have done a nice job to this point. Again we weren’t game planning for this ballgame and there were certain things we wanted to look at. Obviously the people that were in the stands watching it might be apparent to them what we were trying to do in some areas. I would like to mention that the kickoff return unit improved immensely from week 1 to week 2. It was an emphasis point we were working on this week. We were not happy with the return kicks last week and it was good to see that. We have a lot of things to work on and we will get back together and finish up camp on Saturday and Sunday.”

On Matt Ryan’s play:
“I thought Matt was very efficient, very workman like. He was 18/21 for 174 yards and 1 TD. We kept the quarterback’s clean and that was something we wanted to do especially with Matt in there. Again Matt has a pretty good understanding of what we are trying to do on the offensive side of the football. He’s putting the ball where it needs to go.”


On how the offense played:
“We did some good things again, but made some mistakes. We had some opportunities, especially early on to convert some third downs and get into the red zone and come away with some points that we didn’t do. I thought that we responded well and kept battling. We started to get in a better rhythm in the second quarter, and I thought we moved the ball pretty effectively.”

On the long drives:
“It shows the stuff we’ve been working on shows up on the game tape and that’s good. Again, I think there were some positives and there will be some negatives that we need to clean up on tape. We’ll get back to work and try and get better next week.”

Happy with where you are after two games?
“I think we’ve improved since we got here two and a half weeks ago, three weeks ago, whatever it is now. We’ve continued to get better. We’ve improved day to day and I think that’s the key. You want to keep getting better and start playing good football when you get to the regular season.”

On seeing Harry Douglas on the field:
“It was good seeing Harry. I thought he did a nice job for us tonight. Early on, he had a little nick and didn’t go last time, but was out there tonight and moved around and caught some balls. Actually caught the deflection too and looked pretty fast after he caught it, so it was good to have him out there.”

On an offensive philosophy shift:
“I think last year in preseason game number three against Pittsburgh we threw the ball 40 times in the first half. That’s just the nature of some of the things we’re trying to work on to get better for the regular season and trying to improve on those things. I wouldn’t buy too much into it.”

On what the offensive identity is:
“Score. Score points is our offensive identity, and I think again in preseason you work on some different things. You try and get comfortable with some different things. We’ve been trying to do that the first two games.”

On what’s been working for you:
“For me, I’m just trying to make good decisions and be accurate with the football. We have really talented wide receivers and tight ends. My job is to try and get them the ball in a good spot to make a play with it. That’s where my focus has been at and I’m going to try and keep it there."


On the result of tonight’s game:
“We kind of shot ourselves in the foot on a couple of drives and missed some tackles that we should have made, and there were some penalties that extended a couple of drives as well. It’s still the preseason so we’re still ironing a few kinks out but I think we’re on the right track.”

On tonight’s game and looking forward:
“I think we got better this week. We got back on our feet a little bit better and we’re starting to get back into our groove. We certainly played better than we did last week and now I think we’ll play even a little bit longer this next coming week so I think we really have to hit our stride.”

On his performance:
“The safeties are becoming more and more involved in the defense. If there is a big play being made, then more than likely a safety is going to be making it, especially down the field. It’s one of those things where we’re just capitalizing on opportunities when we have them and it’s paying dividends.”


On tonight’s game:
“Every time we play we try and go out and win, unfortunately we weren’t able to do that tonight. Overall, we did a lot of good things out there tonight but we also did some bad things. We just have to keep growing and move on from here so we can get better each and every day.”

On how the team has progressed through camp:
“As a group we try to work on this daily, trying to grow and improve as a group. We’ve really been trying to work on our fast paced offense and that was a big thing that really stood out to us today. We were able to get the ball moving down field, we just have to be able to convert in those situations and down in the red zone.”

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