Bengals-Dolphins Postgame Quotes

Posted Nov 1, 2013

"We obviously won some games at the end and today we lost one. It was a hard-fought game. We really fought our butts back into the game in the second half and we just weren’t able to finish it out."


OCTOBER 31, 2013


Opening statement:
"We obviously won some games at the end and today we lost one. It was a hard-fought game. We really fought our butts back into the game in the second half and we just weren’t able to finish it out and reap the reward of it. We fought and hung in there. I think our biggest achilles heel, obviously, was the turnovers. And we got to eliminate those things … it’s difficult to overcome those. We settled down and began to play the run better. Defensively we struggled a little bit early in the game but settled down and made some plays. I’m just disappointed to lose the football game like that. We had our opportunities. We just didn’t get it done.”

On the whether he thought the final play was a safety:
“In my opinion, the quarterback wasn’t … the ball was out of the end zone. I don’t know. That’s a quick look at the board. (The officials) got a little better resolution to look than I do.”

On if he thought they were close enough for a field goal on their final drive:
“We had a chance at it. Maybe. Yeah, we had a chance at it. Fifty-seven yards … there was slight breeze. I just felt better about pinning them down defensively and going away that way. Obviously we let the big play get out of there and that changed the field position. So I just felt better about putting it on the defense to stop them and getting the ball in better field position for the offense.”

On if the clutch kicking of Mike Nugent helps he and OC Jay Gruden make decisions on longer field-goal attempts:
“Jay doesn’t have anything to worry about it. That’s not Jay’s area to worry. He just calls plays.”

On the health status of DT Geno Atkins:
“I think from what they tell me here, they feel like he has an ACL injury. I don’t know. Until they get home … I don’t know if he did an MRI here or not. But he has an ACL injury.”

On the effort of RB Giovani Bernard, specifically his fourth-quarter TD run:
“Obviously it was a big-time play. It reverses the field and it makes, obviously, a lot out of nothing there. It was a big play.”

On the health status of Bernard:
“He got a bruised rib.”


On the finish to the game:
“It came down to not making enough plays. I think that was the biggest thing. We turned the ball over and didn’t make enough plays to win the game. This is a tough one, we’ve been winning these games the last several weeks but we played hard. I think that’s one of the biggest things that we can take from this game, we weren’t quitting at any time. If we can keep that attitude, keep playing hard, and just make a couple more plays I think the outcome could have been different but we didn’t do that tonight.”

On whether the defense took him out of his comfort zone:
“I saw everything exactly how I thought I was going to. I was really comfortable out there. We were doing some really good things and there were just a couple of plays that we didn’t make so they didn’t take me out of any kind of comfort zone. I felt really confident with what we had going in and at the end of the day we just didn’t make the plays.”

On the last play of the game:
“It was tough. I don’t know exactly the rule, if it’s a foot, or if it’s the ball, or what it is but from the replay I thought it was out. I don’t know, I’m not an official and I don’t know how they judge that.”

On whether the field was an issue:
“There were a couple of plays where guys slipped a little bit but for the most part I didn’t think it was a big impact.”

On how hard this loss is to take:
“It’s tough, but we can’t really let it get us down. Like I said, we played hard and it just comes down to a couple little plays in there. We’ll watch the film, we’ll get better from it and this team is going to stick together and keep fighting.”

On the interception return for a touchdown:
“I had the look, the ball just slipped out of my hand. I know that’s not an excuse but the ball honestly did. I put it behind him. The one spot you can’t throw that ball and that’s exactly what happens when you throw the ball behind him. Grimes made a great play on it and took it for a touchdown. It’s unfortunate that it happened right there, it’s all on me, we had a good scheme and the play was the right play call but I just missed it.”

On getting to OT with all of the turnovers:
“Even right down to the end we were able to come close. We almost won it in regulation and then they did a good job driving down and kicking the field goal. We can’t turn the ball over, that’s what it comes down to.”

On whether he saw Cameron Wake on the last play:
“My eyes were downfield. I knew he was there pretty quick so I wish I would have put my eyes down a little bit and I would have been able to throw an incompletion but that wasn’t the case.”


What can you take away from today’s game? “We have to get better and make the plays when we need to make them. At the end of the day, no plays to waste. We just have to continue working hard."

On the play of the offense:
“Next week against the Baltimore Ravens we have to continue to make plays. The offense needs to drive the ball."

On if the short week impacted the game:
"No it did not impact at all. We knew what it was. We were prepared to run this game. We came here with plans of winning this football game."


On losing Geno Atkins:
“It sucks because he’s one of the best. He is a big part of our defense. He is a hell of a player. You never want to see anybody go down. We’ll keep him in our prayers and Bengals Nation please keep him in your prayers also. In this league it’s the next man up, so Brandon Thompson has to be ready to play a lot more and we have to move on.”

On the upcoming bye week and how that will help with injuries:
“We are really missing Rey Maualuga today. It shows how much he means in the run game for us. He plays downhill, he likes coming down and busting people in the mouth. Hopefully these three days off and then with two more games and the bye week, we can get some players back. It actually comes at a perfect time for us.”


On whether he thinks about turnovers and missed opportunities with a loss like that:
“Yeah, man. It’s tough. We’re just going to try to get better, fought back in the game, and made some plays, but we didn’t make enough plays.”

On how much of the loss was a product of the short week:
“That’s no excuse because every team plays again. We didn’t play well.”

On whether there was a difference between the offense in the first and the second half:
“No, it’s no different. We’re just not clicking. So we got to keep working.”

On how disappointing this loss is:
“Yeah, it’s tough, man. We fought our way all the way back, like I said, we didn’t make enough plays to win. We dug ourselves in a hole, like I said; we got to keep getting better.”

On whether they mixed coverages:
“Just a little bit. They were playing a lot of off-man. Cover 2 my side. Just not giving up the deep ball. So had to work underneath a little bit, work in the slot a little bit, but nothing I hadn’t seen before.”

On a ball that went through his hands:
“Yeah, yeah, I definitely could’ve had that one that went right off my hands. Like I said, just took my eyes off it. So just got to keep on focusing on the little things and not pull my head up so quick.”

On the interception:
“I should’ve came … that was my fault. Should’ve came back a little harder down the ball, trying to stay long and then get out of bounds. So I was just trying to shoot him off, I should’ve came back to the ball, that’s my fault.”

On whether he has ever lost on a safety:
“No. This is the NFL and crazy things happen.”

On the offensive performance:
“Yeah, man, it’s tough. Like I said, we just got to go out there and continue to get better and then we weren’t clicking in the first half and we left plays out there. You know, we didn’t make enough plays. They made plays.”

On whether he thinks they were able to get the defense tired:
“Yeah, yeah, we [were] definitely moving the ball well, mixing in both pass and run. So I felt like they were wearing down a little bit, but, like I said, we didn’t make enough plays to win.”

On the frustration of losing a game like this:
“It’s tough, man. It’s real tough. It’s hard. We came back. We came back and had control of the game and we just let it go away. Again it goes back to ‘we didn’t make enough plays.’”

On whether the extra days off come at a good time:
“I don’t know, man. I don’t like to get that much time off. I’m ready to get back to work, but I guess it’d be good for other people on the team, keep working, watching film and work on some little things.”


On losing the game on a safety in overtime:
“It’s hard. Offense and defense are clicking on all cylinders. Just like in the first half, we made a couple of mistakes, but it is hard to lose the game on a safety. We have to look at film tomorrow to see how we can get better.”

On whether the safety was a correct call:
“I don’t know. The referees reviewed it. They probably made the right call. I don’t know. I was hoping that they would reverse it, but things happen in the game and unfortunately we didn’t execute on that play. It hurts”

On the Geno Adkins injury:
“Oh man it’s huge. He plays in front of me, it hurt me a lot. Hopefully we can get it together and the next man can step it up.”

On the effect of the injuries to their key players:
“It hurts, but we are all in the NFL. Brandon Thompson is a great player. He just has to step up next because we lost a great player.”

On how this loss will affect the rest of the season:
“I feel like we’re in a good spot. We just need to click on all cylinders. The first half we made some mental mistakes, but if we would’ve clicked the whole game it would’ve come out differently. That’s just some of the things we need to fix on the field.”


On an overtime loss decided by a safety:
“It’s tough… it’s tough and it’s just hard to lose in overtime like that… and to lose in that fashion, you know, it hurts. It really does hurt, but you just have to rise up and go back to the drawing board and be better.”

On the difference between this week and his amazing performance last week including four touchdowns:
“There was no difference. They gave us what they gave us. We knew what they were going to give us and they’re a great defense and we knew that and we took advantage of some opportunities but we just didn’t finish. That’s it.”

On what he will take from today into the game against Baltimore:
“We just have to go back and see what happened in this game and make the necessary corrections and just go back to square one. You know, we’re a great team and we know that and we know that we can’t lose like this. We have to take advantage of all of our opportunities.”

On playing after a short week:
“I felt great. I felt just like I did last week, so that wasn’t a problem. The coaches did a great job, you know, keeping it fresh and stuff so that wasn’t a problem. We were moving the ball well, the defense was tackling well, I give credit to Miami."


Opening statement:
I told the players, I thought it was a real team win. I thought our guys hung in there and competed. That’s a very good football team and well coached team. I knew it was going to be a tough game and our guys competed from start to finish. It was a good win.

On if tonight’s win ‘saved’ the season:
“I didn’t know we were lost, but it was a big win. Every time we have an opportunity to go out and compete…every single game is important. This one was a very, very important game and I thought our players responded well. I thought their effort was excellent. I thought their focus was very good. Every game we’ve got on the schedule is important.

On the last defensive play of the game:
“We just called one of our pressures – I’m not going to go too in depth, but we called a pressure and the guys executed it well. Cam [DE Cameron Wake] got good pressure on the quarterback, I thought, on a consistent basis throughout the evening and we were able to make a play to end the game.”

On if it appeared that Cameron Wake is fully returned from his injury:
“He played well. He played well. He did a good job.”

On the play of the offensive line:
“We said in the meeting that we had to control the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. I thought, especially in the first half, we were able to do that. We didn’t have a ton of rhythm offensively in the second half. You’ve got to give those guys credit. Nate Garner [T] stepped in there and really contributed nicely and [RT Tyson] Clabo came back in and played a good football game as well. I thought they controlled the line of scrimmage.”

On the run game in the second half:
“I think part of it was we had a hard time stopping them in the second half. I don’t have the time of possession in front of me, but the second half – they had the football a lot. We didn’t do a very good job on third down ourselves. We just didn’t have a lot of opportunities.”

On the play of CB Brent Grimes:
“We talked to our guys, [told them] that they needed to step up and make more big plays in the fourth quarter…in this particular case in overtime…it was good to see him. He’s played well throughout the course of the year but it’s nice to see him have an impact play like that.”

On RB Lamar Miller and his rotation out after the fumble:
“That was just the natural rotation. I thought he ran the ball hard. I thought he had good vision and balance and obviously we’d like for him to hold onto the ball better.”

On the off field issues the team has faced this week:
“We talked to the guys. You have to have faith and confidence in one another. The staff in the players, the players in the staff. We talked to them again on Monday, that we’ve got to have each other’s backs. And I thought that was demonstrated by the way they played tonight.”

On the possibility of going for it in the fourth quarter:
“There was definitely a temptation until the lost yardage. When we lost yardage on that, I told Mike [Sherman, offensive coordinator] we’ve got two down territory here and I was going to go for the win there. Then we got knocked back. I felt the right thing to do was punt the ball. I want to say that Cincinnati was in a very similar spot that we were, right around the 40-yard line, if I’m not mistaken.”

On the play of K Caleb Sturgis:
“He’s a hard worker. He’s a guy who’s very professional about his job and we talked to him – I don’t profess to be a kicking guru, but we talked to him on the sideline. Just get back to fundamentals. You’ve done this stuff hundreds of thousands of times, and I told him, look, we’re going to count on you. You’ll need to kick another field goal during the course of this game.”

On if this was a needed win:
“When you sign up for an NFL season, it’s a long season, and you never like losing four games in a row. When you have an excellent football team that’s coming into town, it was time for us to step up. I told the guys, we’ve got to make a decision about where we’re going to be. I felt they answered it pretty well tonight.”

On the takeaways in the game:
“Takeaways are a huge part of what we do on defense. As I tell the players all the time, the things that you invest your time in on the practice field have to show up on the game tape. Today, it was great to see that we took the ball away and I believe we only had one on offense, that one fumble. But that was positive.”

On Jonathan Martin:
“I’d like to say, in regard to Jonathan, that any play with an injury or illness, our primary concern is for the health of the individual. And with respect to Jonathan, he’s been excused with a non-football illness. Our concern and support are with him, and really that’s all I’m going to say on the matter.”


On what the win does for the team and the team’s morale:
“It’s huge. We had our backs up against the wall for a couple weeks in a row, and we kept getting pushed further back and finally we got out of that whole a little bit. This is a huge win for us. Losing four straight, coming back and getting a team win. The defense played great, made some huge plays, getting turnovers. The offense didn’t score a lot of points, but we moved the ball when we had to there at the end of regulation, to get a field goal. We kind of righted the ship, we’re back on track a little bit, it gives us a fresh start midway through the season. We’re four and four, obviously it’s not where we wanted to be at, but that’s where we’re at. Now we’ll have to build on this from here.”

On what led up to the deep ball to Mike Wallace which led to the pass interference:
“We had several of them called and they kept giving us coverage’s that weren’t friendly for it, so we were getting into runs. They had good run looks, not good for the deep ball. We called them pretty much the whole game and they just kept taking it away. We were running the ball effectively, if we have a good look to run the ball, lets run it.”

On what happened on that specific time that he threw to Mike Wallace deep:
“We finally got the look and held the safety. Mike did a great job of winning and the corner had to do what he could to stop him.”

On when the 17-3 lead became 17-17, what was the mindset:
“I expected to win the whole game. I told that to the team when we called it up, right before the stretch. I said we expect to win this game, whatever it takes, it doesn’t matter what happens we expect to win this game. I think guys played like that. We kept fighting, the defense made some big plays, even when they had their long drives. They got tired a little bit and they put some drives together, but they just kept playing, kept plugging along. As a team we made the plays when it counted.”

On the difference between having Cameron Wake healthy and not having him healthy:
“Its huge. Obviously he’s an impact player both in the run and pass game. He gets such good pressure on quarterbacks and we saw what he can do. He had some big plays in the game, the biggest play of the game there at the end. Having to drop back throw a long pass, to get out of a long third down and Cam (Wake) makes a great play for a safety. I don’t think anyone expected the game to end that way but he’s such an impact player and made it happened.”


On getting back into the lineup:
“It was awesome. There was a lot of energy out there early. The pregame was awesome with all the lights out and the LED lights. And then after the show, we just kicked off and had fun. We had energy all game, even when things weren’t going our way, we still had positive energy and we could just feel we were going to pull it out.”

On if he felt any personal redemption:
“I just want to do the job that I was brought here to do. I want to play at the level I’m still capable to playing at. You have to take your lumps and licks in life. When I got benched last week, I just said to myself if I got the chance to go back in there, I’m going to be ready.”

On breaking the losing streak:
“Those consecutive losses are tough. They start piling up and you have to get a win to stop the bleeding. Hopefully we can turn this thing around and get a streak going the other direction.”

On the short week of practice and playing without some key players:
“The guys who dress prepare every day like they are going to play every snap. Because it only takes one play for you to be in there, and if you don’t prepare you’re going to look silly and get embarrassed. And with a guy like Nate [Garner] you can just tell that his mindset, his temperament is one that says, ‘I’m going to be ready if my number is called,’ and he got in there and you have to give him credit for that.”

On having veterans like Bryant McKinnie on the line given the short week and lineup changes:
“I mean big McKinnie is just a wall out there, he’s so massive and just really good at football. It always helps when you can add a guy of his caliber to the offensive line.”


On how big a win it was tonight:
“It’s a big win to get us back to .500. To play a great Bengals team like that, that was rolling and scoring a lot of points on offense and doing what they wanted to do. It was a great win, and hopefully it is something that we can build on and get back going in the right direction.”

On how good it was to see Cam Wake playing healthy:
“It’s always great when Cam (Wake) is out there balling. It’s great to have him out there period, man. You can’t make big plays like that every game, but it’s that much sweeter when it’s a big game like this. You can do stuff like that to win the game.”

On if tonight felt like a complete defensive performance:
“Minus the couple of runs we gave up and the couple of third downs we gave up, we feel like we got a lot we can still work on. But I feel like we are getting better.”


On what it was like for Cameron (Wake) to make a big play after missing time:
“Oh yeah, I know he was feeling it. I remember him telling us last week how he couldn’t stand being on the sidelines, how it was just tearing him apart having us out there and him just watching us. We knew when he got back to 100 percent the beast was going to come out, and that’s what he did tonight.”

On how it feels to put the losing streak behind them:
“It feels great, we can sleep easy now until next week when we have the Bucs.”

On what the overtime was like:
“We knew it was going to be a dog fight coming into this game and it came down to the wire and we finally finished.”

On getting some key turnovers tonight:
“Yeah we got a lot of key turnovers. Offense played great, special teams played great, defense played great. I have to give credit to the Bengals, they came here on the road and put up a real good fight, they are a great team. It was a good win for us.”


On how it felt to play healthy:
“It feels good. Most of you that have been around me know the last few weeks may have been a little frustrated personally, but just doing everything I can to get back. Today to leave it all on the field, it was a good win.”

On if it was his first career safety:
“I think so. It couldn’t have come at a better time.”

On if winning via a safety is a dream scenario for a defensive lineman:
“Yeah, we don’t really get many opportunities to do things like that. You look at that game, literally guys from every facet of the game making plays. Literally a team win. (It) was a short week. We really had to grind it out. Coach said, ‘Hey you’ve got to do extra. If you had the extra film study, getting the playbook a little more, whatever it may be this week is going to push you to the limit. So said you would come out here, home game, overtime, 12:45 at night and I know guys were doing whatever they could to make plays. We came out with a win.”

On what happened on the safety:
“You know what, it’s almost like a movie moment. Right before the play, everyone is looking into each other’s eyes like, ‘Listen, we need a play right here.’ All day it’s been happening guys making plays. Coach made a good call. I had a stunt where I had to go inside. It was just one of those things you had to leave it on the field. I got help from my good buddy (Jared Odrick) on the guy’s backside. The line slid away. I beat the center with a pass-rush move, and I had to do whatever I could to get the quarterback and put the ball on the ground.”

On how he felt watching opposing defensive ends make plays while he was injured:
“Well I feel like every game that’s the approach I take. I’m pretty stubborn type of guy. I don’t care who he is on the field. I’m the best out there. You can’t beat me every play. That’s the kind of mentality I play with. Like I said earlier, the last few weeks may have been frustrating. That’s football. You get banged up. Obviously this game was a very important game for us after losing three close games, hard-fought games. Finally having a game that literally came down to the last play in overtime, everybody had to dig deep. If you look at the stat sheet, you see guys showing up all over the place. (Dannell) Ellerbe had a pick. Dimitri Patterson, (Brent) Grimes pick-6. It was literally all over the place. You couldn’t want it any other way.”

On if tonight was the first time in a month he felt like his former self:
“More or less. I’m hard to please as far as that aspect of the game. I’m always wanting to do more, get more. Even tonight there were plays out there I wish I could have done better. I know there were other guys who felt the same way. Tonight wasn’t perfect by any means. We left some plays out on the field. This game should of, could of, would of been over a long time ago, but that’s not the way it happened. That’s the way football is. We have to find a way to win the game at a critical time, and tonight we did that.”

On if the Bengals protection scheme showed him something that allowed them to pressure Andy Dalton so much:
“I couldn’t say anything specific. That’s why I love playing this game. It’s you, it’s a guy across from you and there’s the goal, quarterback, ball, whatever it may be. Every play, the guy across from you is saying, ‘I’m better than you. I’m going to beat you.’ And every play I’m saying the same thing. There’s no in-between in football. You either get the job done or you don’t. I take that mentality every game that I’m going to beat you. When that ball is snapped, we’ll see what happens. More often than not I think it kind of works out in my favor.”

On if he remembers the last time the defense was out on the field like it was in the second half:
“No I don’t, and I probably never want to do that again. I have no idea how many plays we ran tonight, but there were some times out there where, like you said, it’s getting a little old. ‘Guys, let’s get off the field and make a play.’ And that’s our job. We get off the field. When it’s our offense, we want 20 minute drives. Defense, that’s not a good thing. Like I said early, by no means is this game perfect. We ended up at the end of the game with a W, and a lot of guys feel better. Still, we’ve got to go back, look at the tape and see where you could have done things better (and) obviously move on next Monday Night and make sure we fix the things that we didn’t do so well. As we saw in the last few games, those last few plays go either way. We don’t want to be in that situation. We would much rather be taking a knee to win the game.”


On watching Cam Wake make the game-winning safety:
“It was great, because I feel like we earned it. The defense had been playing great all night, getting turnover after turnover. Cam [Wake] is that type of player. I’m just happy to see him healthy, happy to see him back out there being the Cameron that I’ve seen on TV before I got here.”

On earning victory and overcoming adversity:
“I think tonight was our first true, team win. I think everyone played great in all three phases of the game. We made some critical plays in all three phases, and it was just a big win for our team.”

On the pass interference penalty called against Cincinnati in overtime:
“I’m a little bit upset, because I really wanted to score a touchdown. I’ve never scored in overtime before. It was a big play for our team. We flipped the field with that play, so without that play, we might not have been able to score that safety. We have to look at it in a positive way.”

On ending the team’s losing streak:
“It was big to end the streak. Things just weren’t going our way a couple of games, but tonight those things were on our side. So it feels good to go home as a winner and not a loser tonight.”

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