Bengals-Colts Postgame Quotes

Posted Nov 14, 2010


NOVEMBER 14, 2010


Opening comments:
“It's disappointing to lose the football game. Obviously, we turned the football over far too many times today to get enough done, to make it a game where we had the advantage. We had to play from behind. I thought we did some good things, but the turnovers today really, really hurt us. We were able to settle down a little and did some good things the third quarter. ... We weren't able to get anything going points-wise in the third quarter. We were able to have field position and do a pretty good job on defense. But we really have to keep working with guys understanding and seeing it the same way together. That's really kind of hurting us right now, still. That's what happens. You have moving parts out here and it does occur. I have to look at it, and just say, 'Look, are we trying to get too much done?' Maybe look at that. But today that was the thing. There at the end, we had to change some things in order to get the ball down the field and we kind of got overcome by the rush. ”

On Mike Nugent's injury:
“He injured his knee. It doesn't look good. I'll reserve judgment until we know for sure.”

On whether he knows what happened on the three interceptions:
“I do.”

On whether things like the interceptions should be happening this late in the season:
“I just spent the first seven, eight minutes talking about that. ... Every week is a new week. You have new plays, new designs, new things. We just have to make sure we're seeing them through the same eyes.”

On whether WR Terrell Owens gave up on the pass that was directed at him but intercepted:
“I don't know. I don't think so. I've not seen T.O. give up on any plays.”

On WR Chad Ochocinco's injury:
“He injured his shoulder. He finished the football game.”


On how the play calling changed after getting down early:
“It changes your game plan and the advantage is in their hands when you got Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis on the edge. If you have to throw the ball a lot than you are playing into one of their strengths. We did a good job against them all night until the very last couple of plays when they just teed off on us. The offensive line couldn’t have done a better job against their front five.”

On the struggles of the running game:
“It wasn’t working. They were going to let us throw it a bit and try and stop the run. They did a really good job of stopping the run game.”

On the interceptions:
“All three, they're plays that are completely my fault, plays I can't make. It was miscommunication on all of them, and I need to do a better job of making sure I put the ball in our guys' hands.

“We're a little bit off. And when you're a little bit off, that's what happens. The passing game is a precision passing game, a timing passing game. When you're not on the same page, bad things happen. Bad things are interceptions like those, especially the first one that put us in a hole early. I need to do a better job of putting the ball in guys' hands of our team.”

On taking the blame for miscommunication on the interceptions:
“I'm the quarterback. That's my job to make sure guys are in the right spots, putting them in the right spots and making sure it happens on game day. I'm not doing a good enough job of that. When things are little bit off, I need to pull the ball down and make a different play.”

On his frustrations:
“I'm just frustrated at where we are right now. It's been a long time since we've won a game. It's been a long time since we've played well for four quarters, played well as a team. That's what's frustrating.”

On his general outlook:
“I'm trying not to look backward. I'm trying to look forward. I'm going to continue that. We have Buffalo coming in next week. .... I'm going to move forward. We need to move forward as a team and find a way to win one game and hope that creates a snowball effect.”

On the losing streak:
“It's disappointing. You put so much in. You put in so much time and effort, and it feels like it's for nothing when you're at this stage, and you have to fight that. You can't let that take over your mind, can't let that take over your teammates' minds. You gotta fight it. We have a group that fights in every game. We're in it. For whatever reason, we don't win in the fourth quarter. But we don't quit, don't give up. We don't assume the game is over. We assumed (today) we were getting the ball back on an onside kick. Turns out we did. That fight, that can't-quit attitude is what you want.”

On what he said to Jermaine Gresham on the sideline:
“I just love Jermaine. I love his attitude and work ethic and the way he is as a person. ... He's so humble. He has been given so much talent. He doesn't act that way, he doesn't work that way. He works like an underachiever. I just told him, 'I love everything about you, I love that you're fighting for every single yard. And I love that you want the ball in your hands. But we just have to iron out the small things, the little details.' He's going to be great.”

On the pass protection:
“I don't think I got hit all night until the end of the game. The pass protection was amazing. When you play against those guys (Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis), it was amazing. We did something that no other teams have done, which is come into their place and block their two big D-ends. The last two plays of the game, they're extremely difficult on our tackles. They're one on one and those guys are just teeing off. But all game long, I didn't get touched.

“I'm disappointed in a lot of things; that's one of them. Terrell (Owens) has been on a record pace, and we've been on the same page for most of the season. But here and there, we've been a little bit off, which is kind of normal. But it's been tough to get Chad (Ochocinco) the ball. I wish he had more touches and opportunities. But teams have just done a good job of putting two guys on him and taking him out of the game. That's opened up Jermaine and (Jordan) Shipley and some other guys and those guys have taken advantage of those opportunities.”


On the interception late in the game:
“That's my fault. When I came out of my break, I felt there was a linebacker there and I just didn't come out of it full speed and I should have. So that's my fault.”

On the losing streak:
“I felt like we put ourselves in a great position to win the game. We had the onside kick and got that. We get something going, and then obviously we had a turnover there. That's been our Achilles heel, finding a way to lose instead of finding a way to win.”

On Carson Palmer taking the blame for the interceptions and any frustrations that he and Palmer aren't always on the same pag in the passing game:
“That's commendable for Carson to come in and shoulder the load, but it's not all his fault. This is something that we have to share together. He's making his read based on how we practice. And again, I messed it up. I messed it up on the interception, and I didn't get the ball on the long ball. So blame it on me. I'll take the blame. I know I'm working hard and trying to do the best I can do. That's about all I can do.”

On why the offense sometimes struggles this deep into the season:
“I have no answers. Every week I try to go in and whatever game plan we have, I try to practice hard and try to transfer those things to game day. I have no way of putting my finger on why we're starting slow. It seems like we play better when we get ourselves in a hole. And obviously we can't do that when we play great teams. We've shown signs that we can beat anybody. It's just the fact we're not making the plays that count down the stretch. Maybe I need to do something more to make myself more available and try to make more plays. For whatever reasons, we're not doing that. Again, I think we put ourselves in the best position to win the ball game late. We get the onside kick and then we come back and create a turnover. ... We're finding ways to take ourselves out of games instead of finding ways to win.”


On the fumble he had late in the fourth quarter:
“You got to get down in that situation. I caught the ball and tried to go to the ground and I was just trying to go down. The guy that was on the ground just got the ball out.”

On fighting back after the sluggish start:
“We are just going to keep fighting. That’s the thing we are going to do. No matter what the circumstances are going to be that’s just how we play on this team. Keep and going and keep fighting.”


On the offense committing five turnovers:
“The NFL is very fickle when it comes to turnovers, and the fact that we were able to stay in the game with the amount of turnovers we had is about the only positive. Being close to perfection gives us a really good chance to pull out a win against a monster organization like the Colts.”


On preparation heading into Sunday’s game:
“I always try, whether I was starting or not, to prepare as if I was in case something ever happened then I would be ready to go. A lot of game film and study especially with these guys because they have such good moves and you have to understand how they react to an offensive tackles block.”

On the different blocking schemes shown by the Bengals:
“There were a couple instances and for myself, it would usually be when there was a three-step drop. We did have some things built in with the tight ends and the running backs to give little hits on them (defensive ends) to slow them down and keep them off balance.”


On his overall thoughts on the game:
“We got off to a slow start with some turnovers. We gave them 14 points almost 10 points with interceptions and as an offense you can’t continue to do that to the team.”

On Marvin Lewis’s comments about guys not being on the same page:
“Once again, you’re a professional football player and you have to be on the same page and you got to be a better football team and that takes all of us working together.”

On trying to handle the Colts defensive ends at the end of the game:
“That’s when most of those guys get their garbage sacks. It kind of sucks. You are in a position where they have all the advantage and it’s tough. Once again, our football team has to stop putting ourselves in that situation. As a player, you are worried about the football team and not being in that position and having a chance to win football games.”

On being minus five in the turnover difference:
“The turnovers and the points were given up off turnovers. It’s a team effort and as a team we didn’t win today. Offensively, we can’t have those lulls and we have to have better production.”


On making his first start:
“We knew with the offense the Colts have they like to switch up their offensive looks, so we had to know where our help was and be accountable. We had to communicate with each other. Having my first start out there, I had expectations that he would pick on me just to see if I could handle the pressure. I left some plays out there that I wish I could have back, but you have to just roll with the punches.”


On the defense’s performance:
“You just have to go out there and fight. Everyone has to do their job because we’re all professionals. We are in Week 10 now and communication should not be an issue out there on the field. We’re asked as a defense to go out and perform no matter the circumstance.”


On holding the Colts offense to only one touchdown:
“I think we did pretty good on defense and held (QB Peyton) Manning to no touchdowns (passing), but they came away with a win and that’s all that matters. Anytime you lose its frustrating.”


On the defense’s performance:
“The results were not satisfactory at the end of the game. Anytime the ball is turned over, it’s something where we have to step up to the plate. If things don’t happen in our favor we have to do things to sustain. We have to take care of the little things. It’s always important to be in the right position at the right time. Football is a game of inches and a game of responsibility and as long as you do your job things will work out but, sometimes things go in the opposite direction because someone out there is trying to do their job. We have to go out there and do the small things and execute.”


On the interceptions:
“Defense did a tremendous job. I just think they played hard, played well. Three sacks and five turnovers is a big day. They did a tremendous job. Not only that they stopped the run against a real fine back, a real fine team that runs the ball extremely well. I think our guys fought hard.”

On what did he see on the fake punt:
“They have a situation where he is still on the field. All they do is slide him up into another position and have a couple different looks. We had seen it. We just didn’t execute very well. They had done it to the right side a great majority of the time. We just didn’t get in the right position for that formation. If he pops it through and makes it two or three yards, that’s probably 42 yards and that’s something we certainly wouldn’t want.”

On the red flag in his hand on the onside kick:
“The way they ruled, they said I could not challenge. My challenge would have been that we had possession and he was down by contact. But their ruling was that the ball was still loose, that he was not in possession. So therefore, I could not challenge it. That’s the way it was explained to me out on the field.”

On the resilience of this team and the coaching staff:
“Certainly that’s what our guys get paid to do. They get paid to play the game and play it well. But also the coaches, just in terms of getting guys ready. Sometimes it’s under somewhat adverse conditions. They have to learn a lot in a short period of time. Sometimes we have to curtail what we do a little bit depending upon who is playing. We have to consider all those things. But also there is a great transfer of information from our older guys to the younger guys, the new guys that come in, which I think is key and critical. So all those factor involved creates a pretty interesting mix in terms of preparation each and every week.”

On TE Jacob Tamme:
Yes,. Jacob is one of those guys that we are aware of his talent and ability to run and catch. He is getting a lot more opportunities now and doing a nice job. He has battled through some things this week to get ready to play and did a tremendous job.

On challenging the onside kick:
Well, I saw WR Pierre (Garcon) in possession of the ball and go down to a knee. My challenge was going to be down by contact, but the way they ruled it they said no he did not have possession and that could not be determined, therefore I was unable to challenge.

On impact of injured players on offense:
We don’t make any excuses about anything. Ask any guy on our offense and they are going to tell you that execution is still the key. We still had some opportunities to move the ball and put the ball in the end zone, but we just did not execute quite like we would like to in those situations. So no, we don’t ever point to a particular guy missing here or there as a reason why we didn’t play as well as we did.

On WR Brandon James:
He is a little guy that got in there and played pretty well. Most new guys, like Brandon, are going to do some things well and some things poorly. So we will take a look at the film and correct what we need to and see if we can get a little better.

On K Adam Vinatieri and his kick before the half:
That was huge. That drive before the half was just big for us, coming down and putting three points on the board to give us a 10 point lead going in to the half. Offense moved the ball well during that stretch and led a big kick by Adam.”


On going over 10,000 career yards passing with Reggie Wayne:
"It is kind of hard to think about it right now. It is a good win for us. Certainly as I said many times before, it has been an honor and a privilege to play with both of those guys. I have never taken it for granted.”

On the second offensive drive:
"That was a good drive, getting out of that bad field position. We had some chances to do that in the second half and we did not do that. Certainly that wasn’t good early. We made a few third down conversions. Always want to try and get a touchdown there and settled for a couple of field goal in the redzone. Certainly there are some things we can improve on.”

On the redzone offense:
"Usually we are trying to find a good look to run it if we can. Always had a lot of redzone run touchdowns in the past. Defensively teams usually are dropping seven guys or eight guys, sometimes kind of building that wall on the endzone. They are giving you looks to run, that was the touchdown that Javarris (James) had. I can’t tell you that it was more or less than other times.”

On missing some offensive players:
"Certainly we would have liked to have played better. There were some things that I thought we could have done a little bit better. Like you said, there wasn’t a whole lot of flow or rhythm to it, especially in the second half. Probably some three and outs and some punts. We just have to keep working and find a way to score some more points and keep our defense out of those pressure situations. They came up big all day and we have to try and do our part no matter who is in there, and that is what we have to do to score some more points and take a little pressure off of them.”

On getting the new offensive players acclimated to the offense:
"That is what we have to do. There is only so much that the coaches can do to prepare a young guy, a new guy, to play, like Brandon James or Chris Brooks or whoever it may be. We try and spend some time with them afterwards (practice), kind of calling some plays and going through a mock drive of a game to give them a little feel for what it is going to be like on Sunday. We have had to do that the past few weeks. I think that is what we have to do when you have new guys playing. It is your job to do everything you can to get them ready to play. I thought Brandon James did a good job coming in there. Made a few plays. Made a critical third down conversion there before the half, I want to say, and got us into potential field goal range. He had a good look in his eye and it is always nice when a guy plays his first game and he does some good things.”

On the play of the defense, especially without Gary Brackett:
"No question. A lot of people talk about the offensive injuries, but the defense has certainly had their share. Anytime you are playing without Gary, kind of your defensive leader over there, the guy that makes all the huddle calls and gets defense in line, it is always a challenge there. Everybody stepped up, kind of by committee and made some great plays. Kelvin Hayden, second time in three weeks. I can’t tell you what an interception return for a touchdown, what kind of shift that is. I know how deflating they can be. A lot of guys stepped up and did a great job.”


On the offense having an uneven day:
"It doesn’t matter. I mean everybody is on scholarship here. As much as we talk about what injuries do to this team and how they hurt this team, we still have to figure out a way. The game is still going to be kickoff-ed at the same time. At the end of the game, you’re either going to have a W or you’re going to have a L.”

On the bottom line being that the team is in first place in the AFC South:
"That’s all that matters. Continue to win at home. Do what we have to do to win the division. That is our first goal and then into the playoffs.”

On the defense putting some points on the board:
"The defense did a great job. I believe that they forced five turnovers. I couldn’t tell you the last time we forced five turnovers. We kind of leaned on them today. We kind of let some drives sputter a little bit where we settled for field goals. If we can score touchdowns on those possessions, this game is over a long time ago. But the defense did a good job of bending, not breaking and gave us an opportunity to win this game.”

On if the team feels they have to survive a few games until they get some injured players back:
"I mean every game is about surviving. Every game is going to be tough no matter who we have out there, if we have the original starters or the new starters. The team that we play, the opponents are going to look at it just like it’s the plain old Colts out there, no matter who is out there. They are going to want to go out there and get a win. They are trying to survive also. So, we just have to continue to do the things we’ve been doing, that’s winning games and find a way to put a streak together.”

On what 10,000 receiving yards means to him:
"I’ve worked for a long time. It’s a lot, but I’m not big on individual accolades. I just want to do whatever it takes to get the team involved. I guess I wouldn’t be able to get to 10,000 yards without the team, but at the same time I’m going for the ultimate goal.”

On the defense giving the offense some short fields:
"Whenever we get that opportunity we want to score points. We want to score points no matter what. We want to (score) touchdowns, but if we get field goals that is okay. But touchdowns make it a lot harder for our opponents to climb back into the game. We had opportunities.”

On the team having unlikely players step up and contribute to victory:
"It’s just like we’ve been saying, ‘Next Man Up.’ We don’t have time to worry about who is not there, who is not available. There is always somebody behind somebody. We’re all on scholarship. There is no walk-ons right now. Whoever is out there is going to have to perform like they’ve been a starter from day one. We have to find a way to win.”


On the race for the AFC South crown:
"It is, but you just have to keep coming out and playing hard every game. Any win in this league is a good win. Obviously, a lot of stuff we have to improve, and we will going forward. But, man, this was an unbelievable job by the defense. We have to keep coming to play every week, and that football team has a lot of talent. Again, just a good win for us.”

On the end of the game being more suspenseful than it needed to be:
"Well, obviously, you had more suspense than you would like, but it was great to go with a win.”

On the defense’s performance tonight:
"Certainly an unbelievable job by our defense creating turnovers tonight. We ended up needing every one of them. A lot of things we can do better, but a great job by the defense and a great win.”

On how comfortable is he getting out on the field:
"It just kind of depends on what’s there and what we are trying to do, but definitely have a good level of comfort. It’s fun to play offense with these guys. We can get better. There are a lot of things we can do better, but we will go back and keep working. Hopefully, we’ll string together some more wins.”


On new faces on the defense:
"All these guys are buying into what we're trying to do out there. They're doing the right preparation and the studying they need to be successful out there and they are doing a great on third downs and forcing turnovers."

On amount of turnovers:
"It's the NFL, so if you can have five turnovers as a team you know you're doing your job well and preparing the right way. Last week we didn't force any turnovers so having five this week was big for the defense."

On interception return for TD:
"That was big for me. Our whole emphasis this week was on causing turnovers and making a play on defense. Making a play like that is exactly what we're trying to do on this defense."


On the defense's performance:
"We we're playing really good football across the board, making plays and turnovers when we needed to."

On max protection:
"All day it was max protection, 7-on-3 or 7-on-4 protection, and we said if they are going to max protect we're going to create some turnovers because they have less receivers going out in coverage and we're going to have a chance to make a play on some of the balls. So we knew there would be some opportunities today and we took advantage of them."

On fast start:
"It was crucial that we had a fast start from a team standpoint; offense, defense and special teams, we got out of the gate early and we need to continue to do that throughout the game, but it was great to get off to that kind of start."

On defensive statement made today:
"I don't know what kind of statement we made today, but we do know that internally we can make plays and we will make plays and we're all in it together and we can perform at a high level even with different faces in some places."

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