Bengals-Colts Postgame Quotes

Posted Sep 2, 2010




On the game:
“We kind of got an opportunity tonight to look at the guys we really wanted a chance to look at. We got a lot of snaps of guys. That was the whole plan of this summer, and we were able to kind of conclude it tonight. It was a close game throughout, and every time the Colts were able to score, we went back and answered, which is a good thing. The only negative I'd like to clean up is a little of the stuff on special teams. Some of it was on guys, I think, that have an opportunity to stay here with us and might be in some of those situations down the road.”

On the backup quarterbacks:
“I thought they did a pretty good job. I thought we did things OK. We had some protection issues in there with some of the guys. But that's the only way they're going to learn to play.”

On backup quarterbacks J.T. O'Sullivan and Jordan Palmer:
“(O'Sullivan) was able to get rid of the football and throw it away tonight and escape and move and live to play another day, which is a good thing. And I thought Jordan came in at the end and did a good job. For the most part, they kind of handled situations, were much calmer, and that's good.”

On Cedric Peerman:
“He shows the speed that we know he's got. That was the thing Cedric had coming out of Virginia a year ago. It kind of got him elevated up in the draft. We know he can do it. He's been an impressive guy for us.”


On the quarterbacks' play in general in the game:
“It's just good to be healthy coming out of it. To get a win gives you a little extra boost, I guess you could say. (It's good) to be healthy and start focusing on New England. ”

On Cedric Peerman:
“A big effort. He's been playing well since he got here. He's explosive, he's fast and he showed that on one run. He's been showing it all camp long. Unfortunately, he had a little bit of an injury early, so he didn't get a ton of reps. Good to see, when he finally got his reps, he made the best of it.”

On Jerome Simpson:
“Another big night for him. He was playing on special teams, too, so good to see him out there running around and trying to get in the mix a little on special teams. He made a real nice catch on a deep ball in the end zone on a corner route. He just looked good.”

On where the team stands right now:
“We'll find out. I think we have the right mindset right now. We have a good group of guys, a good veteran group of guys, some good young guys who can contribute. But there are no predictions. Nobody has a crystal ball and knows where we're headed. All we can do is continue to work and get better.”


On his play in the game:
“I felt good. It was exactly the same as I try to approach it every time, try to maximize every single opportunity and play each play as its own and try to do the best I can.”


On his touchdown run:
“To be able to get out into the open field is a good thing, but you can’t do that without the guys doing the job up front and that’s what it took, a total team effort. I just tried to run behind my blocks and try to run with my eyes and do the best you can.”

On whether he thought someone would catch him on his touchdown run:
“There’s some fast guys out there, so who knows. I just try to run as fast as I can and after that you never know what’s going to happen.”

On the Bengals return game:
“Just the guys up front do a great job of getting their blocks. We work hard on those things and it’s good to see hard work pay off.”


On Brandon James:
“It was quite a night for him. He played well and did a lot of things for us. Played extremely well. Not only catch the ball and put it in the end zone, but also in the kicking game. He was close to breaking a couple. I think he did a nice job.”

Q: Anyone stand out tonight?
“I think a lot of the young guys did a very nice job. They played hard and the effort was good. They played well. There were a number of guys that you could point out all across the board.”

On the quarterbacks:
“Brandstater (Tom) did a nice job coming in. I thought Curtis (Painter) did a nice job moving the ball. Brandstater came in and certainly finished it off. I thought they both threw the ball pretty well. The numbers might not be reflective of that. But I thought they played pretty well. The big thing is being able to put it in the end zone and I thought Brandstater did a good job of that.”

Q: Do you like where the team is right now?
“I do. I'm excited about where we are. We certainly have been improving all along, getting a little bit better. I think that is a pretty good indication. Our young guys have certainly grasped the material, have been able to apply it, handled the ball well defensively. Thought we hung in there offensively as well and obviously put some points on the board. And I thought our kicking game -- the only problem was obviously we had a few long returns against us. That is something that we have to continue to work on. But overall, I think we made good progress.”

On Jerry Hughes performance:
“He did. He got a lot of work. I thought he did a lot of things well, not only rushing the passer and helping stop the run, but also in the kicking game he had some pretty nice tackles."

On the punt and kick return situation:
“I think that is an area that we certainly looked at as one that we wanted to see some improvement in. I think today there was a little bit of improvement, but we still have a lot of work to do. I think there are some guys that are capable of certainly doing the job for us. It will be a tough situation for us trying to narrow down who the guy is that gets that job."

On if the game provided what he was hoping it would:
“I think so. We had a chance to look at a number of different aspects that we wanted to look at. I think a lot of these young guys got an extensive amount of play and I think that we will certainly be able to do some evaluating from the film."


On the game:
“I think the one good thing is that it looked liked everybody is getting better. We are doing some things well. We had some nice drives out there. All the groups that were in there had some nice drives. I think that is definitely what you could say is that we continue to get better using these reps the best we can and keep building."

On the players hoping to make the team:
“I think it was a good showing in that matter. A lot of guys made some plays. With everything coming up that will be good for some guys."

On his individual preseason:
“It started off a little slow. I think with the more reps and repetitions I started doing some things better, protecting the ball better a little bit better. Getting some drives going. I think you could say just kind of continues to get better and hopefully it will keep getting better."


On his play:
“It was good to get that many snaps was great. Kind of started off a little bit slow and to have enough time on the clock to kind of gather myself and go back out there and play better was good. The guys around me were tremendous. They really heplped me and pushed me and made me look better than I should have."

On his future role with the team:
“With Curtis (Painter), the coaches and obviously Peyton (Manning) helping me I feel good about how I have come so far. My goal is to just make the team and be a contributor, however that is. They will define my role and I am going to do the best I can to do what they ask and playing well is the first part of that."


On his performance tonight:
“It was my job to step up and make some plays, and I tried to do that tonight, pretty successful. We didn't get the win, but a lot of guys did pretty good.”

On scoring three touchdowns on offense when he was brought in for his kick return ability:
“I'm just following the older guys like WR-Reggie (Wayne), WR-Austin (Collie) (and) WR-Pierre (Garcon). They just help me out a lot. I'm following their lead. I just tried to step up and make some plays tonight, and I think it was pretty successful.”

On if he made his case for making the team with his three touchdowns tonight:
“I hope so. I'm praying for the best. I think I had a pretty good camp. I came in and worked hard and did what the coaches asked of me, and I feel like I got better each day out there. Hopefully, my play will speak for itself, but we will see.”

On his attitude this preseason:
“I only can control what I (do) and that's my play. That's me getting better out there every time I'm out on the field. That's what I try to control. I don't try to do anything out of the ordinary or make some big type of play. I just try to play within my game and when my number is called and it's my time for me to make a play, I just try to step up and make it.”

On what he'll do this weekend:
“Just relax. We still have a couple more practices. Just the same routine really for me, nothing different, just get ready, I guess.”


On if he's happy with his performance this preseason:
“Yes. I got better throughout and that's what it's all about, just getting better and going out there and doing the best you can. I think I did that. Hopefully, with my effort and those things, I can turn some heads.”

On what he feels he can contribute to the wide receivers:
“I kind of don't worry about that. I'm just going out there everyday and working my tail off and I may not get as many reps as the one's or some other guys, but at the same time I've got to go out and get better and put myself in the best situation I can.”

On feeling good about his performance tonight:
“It was alright. I think that catch at the end would have capped it off nicely, but I thought I played alright. I got better and that's what it's about. Most of all, it was just fun to go out there and play and get some balls and block. It was just a great atmosphere out there.”

On what he takes away from this preseason:
“I learned a lot. First month in the NFL, camp, it's quite an experience. I learned a lot from it, and I'm going to take that and wherever I end up, however I end up, I'm going to use that.”

On the pressure not getting to him tonight:
“You can't come in and worry about being on the roster or stuff like that. So, I told myself, 'Look, block that out of your mind and go out there and have fun and execute your assignments.' I was able to do that for the most part.”

On what this weekend will be like for him:
“You prepare for the worst in this business because you never know what is going to happen, I've kind of put myself through that and my mind through that. Whatever happens, happens.”

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