Bengals-Browns Postgame Quotes

Posted Sep 11, 2011


SEPTEMBER 11, 2011


Opening Remarks:
“Well, that was a good start for us and I think we got off to a pretty efficient start. Offense should have possibly had some more points in the first half and the first quarter. In the second quarter we didn’t play as well. I thought in the third quarter we kind of just hung around a bit, but in the fourth quarter I thought we made some plays in special teams, offense, and defense that ended up being critical plays in the game. It was a nice job of just keep playing and good things will happen. We had to come out and play our first game to see where we are as kind of a barometer of things and have an opportunity to get better as we move forward. I think the guys that we knew would handle things actually did handle things how we expected. We have a lot of work to do, but it was a good start and a good victory to get up here on the road. It was one where we had some chances to not make plays, but we found some way to make some and get off the field, get the ball to the offense and win the game.”

On how the game ranks on his personal satisfaction:
“Number one in 2011 and that is it. I have been very comfortable with what I had coming into this season. I am excited about our football team and I wanted to get out here and start playing so that they (the players) could understand how I felt about things. So we could come out and put a direction on some things and keep tweaking things and keep getting better. I think we know have an opportunity to do that. It was a long time coming to get to today so it has been an interesting process, but I think our guys have done a nice job of hanging in there and getting through it and now moving forward from it. Now we have something to keep building at. We have a starting point; it is not an ending point or close to where it needs to be, but at least we do have a starting point.”

On losing QB Andy Dalton and having QB Bruce Gradkowski come in for relief who was not even in the talks for quarterback coming into the season:
“Maybe he was in our conversation. Bruce actually came in and did what we expected him to do. He did some things we would have like to get back, but I thought he handled the situation very well. We felt like he would be a great complement no matter what happened whether he started or if Andy would have started, but regardless that he would be great for our football team and he evidenced that today.”

On the injury news about Andy Dalton:
“Well he had some initial scans and all of them were negative, but we will have to see on whether he will be able to play next week or not. We are hopeful that he will be able to, but I cannot tell you anymore right now and nor will he.”

On catching the Browns napping on the touchdown pass:
“Well again, we got an opportunity to throw the ball down the field and our guys did a nice job on executing and we scored a touchdown today. They had a couple nice plays of their own too. We were fortunate and we scored a touchdown.”

On the defensive pressure on QB Colt McCoy after the Green touchdown and not letting up on him:
“We didn’t get a lot of four man rush pressure early in the game so when they had to throw the ball at the end it was a good job of our guys staying on their feet. A lot of times today we slipped and fell, because it was misting back there, but I thought at the end we did a much better job of isolating and staying at it and knowing he had to throw the ball.”

On WR A.J. Green being frustrated by DB Joe Haden on some plays:
“He is going to have to learn to play the game at this level. He is going to play some guys this coming week again that are pretty good corners. He needs to play through the physical part of the game and not push off like he did in the one play today. That brings up a good point. I thought our poise through the penalties was excellent today. It is not perfect and we have a ways to go, but at least I thought that was a good start for the opening ball game and a young quarterback.”

On how Dalton played before the injury:
“There were some things we would have liked to have gotten, but I thought he managed things very well.”

On what the specific injury is to Dalton:
“It is his arm.”

On how RB Cedric Benson played:
“It was a good start for Ced. This kind of game like today is a Ced Benson kind of day. When you get in that kind of situation at the end of the game you just keep hammering the ball until you break one free. They have guys crowding up around the ball and he was able to just run it up the back end.”

On how much it meant for them to face adversity on the road and come out with a win:
“It will be a good building point for us. Credit goes out to people like (OT Andrew) Whitworth, (G Nate) Livings, (C Kyle) Cook and (OT Andre) Smith and the guys like that up front. They have been around for a few years. And then the defensive line, (NT Domata) Peko and guys like that just keep hanging in there and playing. Guys like (LCB Nate) Clements on defense, the guys that just keep coming and making plays. (FS Reggie) Nelson made a huge play there on the tight end. I told them to just relax and do their jobs and we will be fine.”

On the first three drives:
“I like what we were doing. We were attacking. We missed one there and got the field goal on the last one, but we need to just keep attacking like that. This will be good video to learn from as we move forward and go through the season. It is a good feeling to have, they worked extremely hard and you want to get a victory every time you get out here.”


On his first start in the NFL:
“We started the game well. It started with field position. We had great field position starting the game so that made it easier for us to get into a groove and get going. I thought we started the game well. It is not exactly how I wanted the first game (to go). Obviously we wanted the win, but for me to go out and not play in the second half of the game … but a win is a win and we are excited and happy for it and we will be ready for next week.”

On not playing in the second half:
“It is frustrating just because I want to be out there, but I feel like we did not let that bother us. We did what we had to do in the fourth quarter. We had to come in and get the first down in the end and we ended up getting the touchdown out of it. It is frustrating, but I am going to do whatever I can to be back as soon as possible.”

On how his wrist feels now:
“It is fine. I just lost feeling and could not grip the ball like I wanted to.”


On letting the Browns hang in the game:
“Yeah, I feel like we let them hang in the game. We weren’t executing in certain areas where we knew we could. We had a couple three-and-outs where we could have made better plays and where the playmakers could have stepped up. They know they have the ability to do that.”

On resting after the first drive:
“They had a rotation scheduled before the game, so I just kind of went with the flow.”

On the feeling of scoring the touchdown at the end:
“It was very relieving. You know that when you have been trying to do that the entire game and try to make big plays for your team, and you’re trying to get the momentum switched back over, it feels good to see that open up. When you see it open up and all you can see is the end zone, it’s hard to describe how relieving it feels.”

On A.J. Green’s touchdown catch, quick snap:
“The play was designed so we could catch them napping, and we caught them napping.”


On the touchdown catch:
“It was like one of the slowest balls I have ever seen to come down. I was come on and get down to my hands! This was one of the toughest ones because I really had to think about it and it seemed like it was taking forever to get down to my hands.”

On confidence of the offense:
“Oh yeah definitely. Even though QB Andy Dalton got hurt, we really feel comfortable with whoever comes in to control the offense. I just feel like with this offense we won’t panic because we know what we can do, and we showed that today.”

On low expectations on the team from others:
“We are not worried about what people say. We are a team and we know what we have.”


On being down late in the game and winning:
“You know on the road in a tough game, it is huge. For us to come here to get the win in the battle of Ohio is huge.”

On their effectiveness on stopping Hillis:
“Well you know they have Hillis and they want to give him the rock so he can pound it. But we held him to under 100-yards rushing and that was a goal of ours, to be stout against the run. I don’t know what their plan was, but I felt like we did a pretty good job with that. I don’t know what their average was, but I felt we did a good job.”


On the touchdown pass to WR A.J. Green:
“It was just a great job by the offense just getting our tempo going. We happened to line up real quick, the defense was not set, and A.J. made a great play. I would be pretty disappointed if I do not make that one but it worked out well.”

On catching the Browns off-guard:
“I think our tempo was good. We were getting out and going a couple of times. A couple of times (we were) a little slow, but that will happen in the first game. I was happy with the way we kind of made plays. You always get those points in games where (the offense) sputters a little bit, but it is a long football game and we kept our poise. We kept grinding it out and it was just a great team win.”


Opening statement:
“You start out (the way we did) and look what happened, I mean you’ve made a season full of mistakes there in the first quarter. I think we had seven penalties in the first quarter. No excuses. I don’t care if you’re a rookie, I don’t care if you’ve been in this thing for 12 years and I don’t care if this is your last game, you can’t make mistakes and I think there were a lot of unforced errors there. Now we found a way to score 17 unanswered points. We had them backed up a couple of times and we got three points out of the deal. Not good enough. You can’t win when you do that. There are a lot of things we have to learn from this thing. We had a situation where they made a big play on us. Once that happens, the game is not over. You’ve got to put yourself in position where you go down the field, you score and you win. We had a couple chances to do that and we didn’t do it. I think the one thing you’ll get from me after games like this is that I’m disappointed. I’m disappointed for our team and for the players that put so much into it. But, I told them this thing will only be fatal if we let it be. We’ve got a game in seven days, there’s plenty of stuff to clean up. We’ve got a locker room full of disappointed guys. I need to do a better job coaching and we’ve got to play better and then we’ll win these games. That’s the message. You’re not going to get any excuses from me. I think the effort was there from snap to snap, down to down. There were a lot of guys battling, but we’ve got to play better. I think that’s the message and it starts with me.”

On the defensive miscue that resulted in the A.J. Green touchdown:
“Yeah they quick-snapped us. I have to watch the tape, but it’s my understanding that they changed personnel, lined up and then quick-snapped it. There are rules that go along with that, so we’ll see. That’s what happened.”

On if he got an explanation from the officials on that play:
“Not really.”

On what rule he’s referring to:
“My understanding is when the offense changes personnel, my understanding is the defense is allowed to do so as well and have time to do it. That’s my understanding. Now we’ll all see, I’m going to have to go back and watch the tape, but we’ll all see if that actually happened.”

On if they tried to call a timeout:
“No, because I didn’t anticipate that the ball was going to get snapped.”

On if there was a lack of focus:
“We’ll have to see and look. There were some offsides, we were in the neutral zone and we jumped offsides. I don’t think it’s a lack of focus, we just can’t do it.”

On the sideline interference call:
“That’s on me, I knocked him over. I knocked the ref over. It happens. I didn’t mean to, but it happens.”

On if the offensive line’s play in the fourth quarter affected Colt McCoy’s performance:
“I don’t know. I’ll have to see that. I don’t know how it all played out, but guys were in there battling. We had a little rotation in there with the three guys at left guard and right tackle. Artis Hicks went in there, but I wouldn’t say that. We just have to play better all the way around. We had dropped balls as well. I could tell there were a couple bad decisions so we have got to be better.”

On deciding to go for it on fourth down:
“I felt like we need to get the thing going. With one timeout, we had used the timeouts and put ourselves in that position. Fortunately, things happened in that drive that helped us when we had a chance so we just felt like we needed to keep going there.”

On the punting situation:
“We’re going to look at everything including the punter and the punting situation. Absolutely.”

On what changed after putting up 17 points and then punting four times in a row:
“They stopped us. We didn’t execute as well as we needed to, we put ourselves in some long yardage situations on third down and we didn’t get it done. I need to call better plays and I need to get the guys in better position to make plays. (Look at) what happened when we scored 17 points. When we were scoring points, we were staying ahead of the downs, we were short on third downs, we were actually converting on second down and that’s when you’re playing good ball.”

On Joshua Cribbs’ return game performance providing a spark for the team:
“Yeah I think Josh is one of those players, he’s a very exciting playmaker. I thought he did a nice job of getting us jump-started. He’s back there licking his chops trying to bring those balls out and I am glad he did in that situation. The guy is a playmaker. He loves to play and really he popped that last return out pretty good. Greg Little, you saw him come down and whack the guy and they really about hurt each other.”

On what Joe Haden had to do on the quick snap play for a touchdown:
“Cover the guy. You know I am going to fully evaluate what happened on that play, but it’s my understanding that they changed personnel offensively.”

On if there is any way to avoid a play like Greg Little blocking a defender into Joshua Cribbs:
“No, Greg was blocking. He nailed the guy that bounced into Josh. There is no formula for that.”

On if a timeout should have been called on Cincinnati’s touchdown pass to A.J. Green:
“Again, we have to go back and evaluate that whole situation. That being the case, we will decide on what we should have done better there. What happened is not what needs to happen and again, no excuses. We have to get that thing covered up and we have to play better.”

On if it is the responsibility of a player on defense to call timeout in that situation:
“Yes, we are all responsible.”

On Cedric Benson running left the whole game until the final touchdown:
“They didn’t run the ball three times to the right (before that point). He just popped it and you see that frequently in four minute situations, where everybody is selling out. You know you have eleven guys around the line a scrimmage and then the ball pops out. Nothing abnormal there other than we didn’t defend it.”


On the offensive play in the first quarter:
“We just didn’t play well in the first quarter. As a group, as a whole I thought the defense did a great job in the first quarter really keeping it close for us. I think I heard we had seven penalties in the first quarter. We couldn’t get ahead of the chains on first down, instead we’re playing second and long, third and long. They were bringing pressure every second and third down. It was bad football the first quarter.”

On the decline in the offensive play in the fourth quarter:
“I think even in the third quarter too. You kind of come to the locker with a little momentum, the defense gets a stop for us, we get the ball back, we score. At that point a good team will find ways to get back into the end zone. You’re at home and we couldn’t get anything going. I think that’s something that we’ll definitely look at and focus on. We certainly had opportunities in this game to win.”

On being out of sync in the passing game:
“It was a little out of sync, that’s probably a good word. You have to give their defense some credit, they were doing a great job of mixing up their pressures, mixing up their coverages. We saw a lot of looks that going into the game we felt like we would see but never really played against yet. We’ve got a lot of learning to do. I certainly had my bad plays. I think if you want to take something good from this is the way that we fought and climbed back into this game in the second quarter. We put all of that behind us, found a way to get back into the game, then we let it slip away from us. For us as a team, that’s something that we’ve really got to focus on and figure out. It’s not one person, it’s all of us. When you’ve got the lead at halftime at your house, you’ve got to win that.”

On the Bengals touchdown to A.J. Green:
“I didn’t even see it. It was third and 12 and we were getting ready to go back down the field. Tough one.”

On going from leading to trailing late in the game:
“I don’t think that we should necessarily think that we’re protecting the lead. I think that offensively we’ve got to find a way to put stuff together. We just kept stalling out. We converted on a few third downs but not enough to really feel like we were in rhythm. We were inconsistent and when that happens and you’re playing in the NFL, you better watch out.”

On difficulty of trying to get back into the lead late in the game:
“This game was full of emotions. You’re down 13-0 and you find a way to get back up at halftime. You’re ahead going into halftime and then at that point we’ve got to figure out, “ok, we’re home, we’re up, let’s go win this thing.” As a team, as a group, we didn’t do it. That’s the part where I really think we will focus and figure out. It’s tough.”

On settling for a field goal in the third quarter:
“Yeah, you’d like to get into the end zone at that point. I thought we had some good plays, we just didn’t convert. A field goal is never bad, but at that time when you’re down inside the five, you obviously want to punch it in.”

On putting new plays in specifically for the Bengals:
“Cincinnati has a lot of different looks. As you can see they bring a lot of people on the line, they drop guys out and play different coverages behind it. Obviously we haven’t seen that, but play-wise for us, you have some game plan plays but not a lot. It’s on us, we’ve just got to execute. We’re obviously disappointed, very disappointed. It’s the 24-hour rule, you go back, you look at it. The good thing is this is week one; it’s a marathon.”

On if he thought he had Evan Moore on a deep pass play:
“Yeah, I thought I did. I’ll have to go back and look at it. That’s exactly the matchup we wanted to create. Again, I thought we had it. We’ll go back and watch it.”

On the effect of the injuries on the offensive line:
“We’ll go back and look at it. I thought in the second quarter we established great tempo. We got the momentum back on our side, getting up to the line; moving, moving, moving. There at the end we were slow in and out of the huddle. It’s hard for us as an offense to really do what we want to do when we’re constantly playing behind the chains, second and long, third and long. Good teams stay away from that. There in the second half we kind of shot ourselves in the foot doing that and like I said, it was inconsistent. There’s a lot to learn from this game, a lot to learn. We’ve got good guys in that locker room, good coaches, and we’ll go back to work.”

On if he thought things were starting to click after the first two touchdowns:
“Definitely at times. Even the first drive of the third quarter, the first couple of drives, you get a feeling when you’re in the game, you get a sense of how things are going. I really felt like we were doing good things, we were on top of it, I knew what to do and we were playing fast. Then, for whatever reason, we kind of slowed down and lost it there. You can’t do that. That’s what we’ll focus on. I’ve got to give the defense credit. The defense kept us in the game in the first quarter. Seven penalties, three and outs, three outs; the defense did a great job of keeping it respectable. We fought back, we clawed back and got into it and we lost it there at the end. We’ve got a lot to learn, this football team has a lot of room for improvement. I’ve got a lot of room for improvement. You’ve got the 24-hour rule, we’ll kind of soak it in and we’ll strap it back up and go to work.”


On the game:
“Every once in a while you lose a game that makes you feel sick to your stomach and this is definitely one of those games.”

On the sloppy first half:
“The way we started the first quarter is obviously not the way we wanted to start the game, or the season. Defensively I thought we did enough things to feel good about, but the two stupid mistakes we made will get you beat every time. We have to be smarter and execute for four quarters. We had good play by our young defensive linemen, the young guys stepped up. We made a lot of good plays on third down, by our defensive backs, but we will lose every time with the stupid mistakes.”


On Cincinnati’s touchdown:
“We weren’t ready, everybody was scrambling. We were all in the huddle, trying to get the play and we didn’t realize that they were already lined up. We were just standing there waiting on the call, waiting on the play and we just heard everybody screaming. We were huddled up and heard them screaming so we turned around and tried to run and catch up where everybody was.”

On the team’s first quarter performance:
“I thought we just needed to execute a little bit better. Some of the penalties were questionable but at the same time, we have to make sure that fight through.”


On the early offensive mistakes:
“The mistakes fall on everybody. On the offensive side, we made a lot of mistakes. I made a lot of mistakes and those need to be accounted for. It was tough not getting anything going in the first quarter, then we got things going and it got a little sluggish for a little bit. We just wanted to find a little bit of consistency.”

On debuting a new offensive system and losing the first game:
“It’s tough. It’s tough for everybody. Nobody likes to lose no matter what the scheme or expectations or system we bring into it. A loss is a loss and we have to live on for that. It’s only one game. We can’t bit into the cheese yet, we’ve got a lot to prove and a lot to accomplish yet. We have to go in tomorrow and get things done.”


On his touchdown:
“It’s a play that we have been practicing throughout training camp. We tried to take the defense one way and throw the other way. Colt (McCoy) made a nice throw.”

On the penalties today:
“I don’t think we can win like that. We were fortunate to have a lead in the second half. To come out and only have to win the second half, we were very fortunate to be in that position and we didn’t finish it. ”

On the loss today:
“They all sting and this one definitely stings. This is our cross-state rival, being the home opener, being ‘nine-eleven’, all of this stings for different reasons. Obviously it’s tough, but the good thing about football is you have another game next week. We have to come in tomorrow, put this one to bed, win or lose and prepare for Indianapolis.”

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