Bengals-Browns Postgame Quotes

Posted Sep 29, 2013

"It was a football game that, going into the mid-fourth quarter, we really felt like we were making plays and having an opportunity to turn it around, which we didn’t in the first half."


SEPTEMBER 29, 2013


Opening statement:
“It was a football game that, going into the mid-fourth quarter, we really felt like we were making plays and having an opportunity to turn it around, which we didn’t in the first half. We felt like in the second half we had good opportunities. You look at the end of the day, the tale of the take would be third downs, both defensively and offensively. We just allowed too many third-down conversions defensively and too few we didn’t convert enough on offense. That was big. They stopped us on fourth down early in the game. Those kinds of things that we have to do better. We have the turnover; one turnover on offense was a big play. You can’t do that.”

On being OK with practice leading up to the game:
“Yeah, I think our preparation was good. This is something to learn from. You have to come and execute when you have opportunity. We had plenty of opportunities today, even through the last drive. We had some dropped balls. Those are the things we have to keep doing to get better.”

On going for it on fourth down early in the game:
“It’s a decision I have to make.”

On how Andy Dalton played:
“It’s better for me to watch tape to really analyze that. It’s probably better for me to watch tape. I don’t know if we had anybody play well throughout the day. He seemed to move away from pressure which was good. That’s what we have to do. It’ll be better when I watch the tape.”

On offense being out of sync:
“Well you get out of sync when you don’t convert third down. You have to convert third down to stay in sync. We had third downs that were both manageable and convertible. That leads to, at the end of the day that you don’t get enough opportunities to run it as much as you like, keep your offense on the field, defense off the field, and change field position, when you don’t convert those third downs.”

On missing Leon Hall and Reggie Nelson when it comes to third-down stops:
“We have to play with who we have.”

On giving up ten points in the fourth quarter:
“I’m not happy with much when we lose. We have to play better on third down. Defensively, without too many conversions there in the football game and that ended up being it.”

On being able to drive down the field:
“We have to do a better job with that, no doubt. We have to make the throw, make the catch and work the ball where we need to work it all the time.”

On lack of effort:
“It wasn’t lack of nothing. It wasn’t lack of effort. Today, we didn’t play well enough to win. Give them credit. It’s part of what we need to do to keep growing and win.”

On A.J. Green having a lot of targets but not a lot of catches:
“He was on track. We just need to make sure we aren’t throwing into coverage. We have to make sure we take what the coverage dictates and so forth. Throughout the day, I can’t just stand here and say they should have done this and did that. We lost.”


On playing against the tough Browns defense:
“When we had our chances we didn’t take advantage of them. A couple key third downs and on fourth down we go for it, and don’t get it, and a couple key plays in the game that, if things happen a little bit different, maybe the outcome would have been different. We didn’t make enough plays today, I didn’t play well enough. I expect better out of the offense and to not score a touchdown, we’ve got too good of players, too good of a team to do that. For us, we have to watch the film and do whatever it’s going to take to fix the issues. We have to move on, we can’t let this one hurt us next week.”

On the Browns coverage on A.J. Green:
“There were times when they (Browns) covered him pretty well and others that I could have made some better throws that gave him (Green) more of a chance. If they put a couple of guys on A.J. then we have to make plays with the other guys. We had a couple of big plays, Jermaine (Gresham) had some big catches, other guys had some big catches, but at the end of the day we didn’t make enough plays.”

On getting on the same page with WR A.J. Green:
“It’s not that we weren’t on the same page, there’s just things like the way they were playing him, the way they were doing things that made us either go other places or take our chances that might not end up exactly how we want it. I’ve got to do a better job of giving him (Green) a chance to make plays. I think that’s what he is so good at, when the ball’s in the air making plays, when it’s him and one other guy or him and a couple guys. When it comes down to it, we have to be better.”


On playing different positions:
“Yeah, I played a mixture of both, I’ve done it my whole career. Whatever they need me to do, I’ll go in and play. You need to be ready, your position can change in a moment. You have to be versatile in this defense and be able to help any way they need you.”

On (his) conditioning:
“Yeah, I felt like my conditioning was pretty good and each week I’ll get better. I felt like I came in, in decent shape, but I’m still getting in football shape.”

On Cleveland success on third down:
“They made a lot of plays early in the ball game, critical plays, not just third downs, but critical plays when we could have got them off the field. Second half, I thought we played a lot better, I honestly did. We just didn’t do much on the other side of the ball today, we didn’t make critical plays on either side of the ball. Today, I felt like we were our own worst enemy, we just didn’t make the plays that we should have made.”


On not getting off the field on third down:
“Yeah, they just out-played us today. We can’t be out there half-stepping. We have to come out and play a lot better next week if we want to win. It’s a tough one for us today, a little sad, but we have to play better. They out-played us on third down. Their defense had two turnovers and we didn’t have any. It’s hard to win when you don’t have any turnovers and can’t stop them on third down. We have to get better on defense and better as a team overall.”

On only giving up 17 points and the offense not producing:
“We can’t control that. We are on defense. We can only control what we can control and we just have to get better on defense, especially on third down. We had them on third and long a few times and they were able to get the first down. We can’t do that as a defense. We have to look at the film and get better for next week.”


On anything different the Browns defense came out with:
“When you have ‘third down and longs’ it’s hard and you can’t expect a lot out of those. It was just a bad offensive day and it’s embarrassing.”

On moving to guard when Kevin Zeiter got hurt:
“Yeah, I have played guard before and have no issues there. Anthony Collins is a really good tackle. That’s probably the easiest way to keep that good line. I thought that the pass protection was pretty good. They did get us with a few extra guys. I just wish we could have done a little better.”

On having a lot of offensive weapons and not producing:
“In the NFL, it’s going to happen. It’s happened back-to-back weeks. We turned the ball over last week and didn’t play as well as we could have. It isn’t like this is new. We have to better on offense. We have too many athletes, too many good weapons, too good up front, too good at all the positions, to just not be any good offensively. This is just embarrassing.”


On the coverage the Browns defense came out with:
“They just played good defense. It’s just frustrating when you don’t do anything on offense. You can’t win games when you’re not putting any points up.”

On underestimating the Browns defense:
“No. I don’t underestimate anybody. I’m going to play my game no matter who we are playing.”

On being frustrated:
“Yes, just a little bit. It happens. It’s a long season. We just have to get back to work and get ready for next week.”


Opening statement:
“We were pleased. Obviously, a hard fought game and a real team win for us. I’m really proud of our guys and how they fought and continued to battle. They believe in each other and it showed today through all three phases: offense, defense, special teams and playing four quarters. Obviously we were able to make plays that counted and were different for the game toward the end of the game there. Especially, it felt real good about how we’re able to sustain drives, it was something that we had talked about, something to do, and do a better job on offense. I thought (offensive coordinator) Norv (Turner) had a great game plan and called a great game there. It was a physical football game. The kind of game expect in this division. I think the running game is improving and continues to improve. So I was pleased with that. I think our protection is improving as well. Third downs on offense and defense were also good. Our defense has really stepped up in critical times when they were right in the red zone. The first half field position was pretty lopsided. We were able to stop Cincinnati on a few drives when they were down in there close. We were also getting some longer drives as I mentioned before with the offense. We have to continue to get better at some of the efficiency things and some of the timeouts that we needed and had to use. Some were communication issues, others were personnel issues. We’ll get those things cleaned up. But again, overall, I’m really pleased with our guys.”

On CB Joe Haden covering Cincinnati WR A.J. Green:
“Yeah, I thought Joe had a great game. He continues to show me the type of player that he is and rises to all of the challenges along the way. You can’t be more pleased with him. It’s no surprise seeing that since day one, in April, when I first came in and started working with those guys. I can’t say enough about the defensive staff in (defensive coordinator) Ray (Horton) and (defensive backs coach) Louie Cioffi and (assistant defensive backs coach) Bobby Babich and those guys with the job they’ve done with the secondary. They’ve been improving every week.”

On QB Brian Hoyer and the offense:
“Well, I think they’ve definitely improved as the season has gone on. This is the thing that I like about these guys is any time you challenge them or talk about the things we need to improve on, they respond. It’s great when you have a group of guys that feel that way and respond that way. This was something that we were going to need to be able to do in this game was put a drive together and put some good plays together and convert on some third downs. I think we’re improving in those areas.”

On if Hoyer will start on Thursday against Buffalo:
“I’m still going to go through the same process. We’ll go in and evaluate the tape tomorrow and start getting ready for Buffalo and we’ll know.”

On how he felt Hoyer played and if it was with any extra emotion:
“I think he did a great job, particularly managing some of the things early. We were a little bit too hyped up early on, I’d say. I think guys settled in. He settled in and made some good decisions with throws and made good plays. Certainly he’s been the spark that I had hoped for and had led us to win the last two games.”

On RB Willis McGahee’s improvement this week:
“I think he’s getting his legs back underneath him. Obviously, the practices helped him, having not practiced and played in a long time. This was a big week for him. I still think there’s room for improvement and Willis feels the same way about that. There’s a lot of room for improvement from all of us. We just need to get back to work, which we will tomorrow. It’s going to be, basically a normal day. We’ll be out there, we’ll go a little bit lighter practice, more of a walk/jog-through. But it’s going to be like a normal Wednesday would be from that standpoint and we’re going to get right back on it. We can’t stand on laurels here for too long because we have a game on Thursday.”

On if Hoyer or the team was too hyped up:
“I think everybody. I think these guys were really excited about this game and excited about playing. Once we settled in and settled down a little bit, we were ready.”

On TE Jordan Cameron:
“Big play to get us started down there. Brian threw a fade to him. He had some catches. He seems to make big plays at big times. The catch down the sideline in that four minute drive that he had, we were able to score at the end was a big play.”

On K Billy Cundiff being injured:
“I think he felt good enough to kick. I wouldn’t say that he was at 100 percent. It was big how after missing the two, and actually one of them was tipped and blocked, after, he showed resiliency and the mental toughness to come back and hit the 51 yarder. I just had a hunch that he was going to make that. I gave him a shot and he went and did it.”

On LB Barkevious Mingo:
“He’s fast, he shows up an awful lot. He just improves and gets better every single day. His energy on the field brings a lot to us. It brings a lot to our defense.”

On the coaches challenge:
“It was right in front of me. I felt like the spot was off on that. I never got a chance to see a replay before they were up and ready to go to the line of scrimmage. So I just went off of what I saw.”

On what the team can accomplish after winning two games after losing the first two games of the season:
“Well, we’re going to approach it like we have, whether we win, whether we lose. It’s the same approach. We’re focused on the next opponent and the next game. It’s great for those guys in that locker room to have success and get a win. It goes a long way in reinforcing the things that we’re asking them to do. But again, we’re back to work. Not much time to enjoy this one, we’re back to work tomorrow.”

On if he ever thought he would be able to turn around the season so quickly:
“The results I knew would come. There’s still a long season left and we have a lot of things we need to work on and get better at. I just believe in these guys in the locker room, they’ve just been great. I’ve said, “Back to work tomorrow.” But most of the coaching staff, we’re going back to work today to get ready and start doing things and getting ready for Buffalo.”


On the win:
“It’s good to get a win. Especially against a divisional opponent, at home, those are huge. Obviously it’s good to be back home, have our fans behind us, and come back with a victory.”

On the fan support:
“It’s awesome. I grew up here; I know what these fans are like. They were really energized; there were times on third down it got loud. That’s what we need and we are going to need that again Thursday night.”

On if the team is “his”:
“For me, I’m a competitor; I want to be on the field. The decision on who’s playing, that’s not up to me. I just have to do what I can do, put my best foot forward and let Coach (Chudzinski) make that decision.”

On the prolonged drives:
“As an offense, when you have long drives, it proves that you can be balanced. You can go and attack a defense. It doesn’t always take a short field to score. On those drives it was a good mix; run, pass, empty, play action. That’s what this offense has a chance to be. I thought the play-calling was awesome. I felt really comfortable with what we had going. Really, we just have to go out and execute. The times we were stopped, we stopped ourselves. With the defense that we have, we (the offense) just have to go out there and not screw it up. If it’s third and long, take a check down, and punt. We know our defense can hold them. A lot of confidence in those guys, they are doing a great job.”

On his reaction to the touchdown pass to RB Chris Ogbonnaya:
“I think by the time he caught it I was at the 40 yard line, because he was so wide open. So it would have been really embarrassing if he hadn’t have caught it. It’s good because we know we capped off a long drive with a touchdown. That’s what you need to win games. Field goals are great, but what it comes down to in the league is you have to score touchdowns when you get in the red zone.”


On how the team is playing:
“I think we are doing a really good job of progressing from week to week, and that’s the ultimate goal for a young team is to be better than the week before, and I think we did a good job of that.”

On his touchdown catch:
“It was a great pass. We had a guy on me that wasn’t looking, he (Brian Hoyer) kind of just threw it to the back of his head, and we work on that kind of stuff. It was a good throw.”

On going from 0-2 to 2-2:
“There’s going to be a lot of people that talk negatively about you if you aren’t doing well or are down in the dumps. People are not going to ‘have your back’. We came closer as a team the last couple of weeks, and really just tuned out all the other stuff and focused on us getting better. I think it showed the last 2 weeks, we are pretty resilient.”

On QB Brian Hoyer’s play:
“He’s doing what they are asking him to do. He’s stepping up huge. He’s taking advantage of the opportunities in front of him. It’s good to see that, especially because he is from this area. He talked about it being a big dream to play in front of these fans and get a win, against another Ohio team. It’s a big day for him and I’m really happy for him.”

On the difference between the first two games to the last two:
“I think we are three weeks better. We have a week to look at things and progress. We are a young team with a brand new offense and I think every week we are continuing to get better. It’s learning the game and getting the reps, I think we are doing a better job of that. We are making the corrections on Monday and learning from those mistakes we make during the game."


On his first start:
“It felt good, ‘next man up.’ I knew I had to play today, knew I had to play well to get the win. The whole team played great.”

On Phil Taylor saying he was one of the fastest guys on the team:
“I don’t know; we have Travis Benjamin, Joe Haden, Buster Skrine and Chris Owens; those guys are players. But I’m not going to turn down a compliment. I know that we have some players on this team.”

On how well this defense is playing right now:
“After this game we are playing really well. We didn’t have that many mistakes; we just have to keep it up and grow from it, learn from it, and get back out Thursday.”


On what kind of statement the defense made:
“Well, the statement that we made was what we can do and we aren’t done yet. We have Buffalo next week on Thursday night and we are going to show them as well.”

On Cincinnati not coming up with any big plays, and on how Joe Haden did on A.J. Green:
“He did a great job. He held Green to three or four catches and those catches came on the last drive when we knew they were going to pass. The thing was going out there and stopping the run, and when we did that they had to go the pass and we knew our DB’s could handle the job. Skrine and Gipson back there played [a great] game.”

On all the pre-game negativity towards Buster Skrine:
“Buster is the type of player who’s going to give us 100% every time. He may have a penalty here and there but we expect that from him because he’s going to give his all. And today he played one [great] game and I want to commend him for that.”


On what it’s like to play in his 100th game:
“I don’t know. I’m excited that we’re 2-2 and we’re making a push in the division. We’re starting to win division games and win close games; obviously the offense is picking up. We’re playing better in the last two weeks. Those are all encouraging things, but it’s hard to make an assessment of the long term ability of the team. We did well this week and won, now we’ve just got to worry about trying to win on Thursday.”

On the Browns defense being noticed as a special group:
“No question. They’ve played outstanding football in the last four games we’ve played. Our defense is going to to be tough against anybody. It’s exciting because on offense we know that even if we don’t have a great drive, or we get stopped three and out, we know we’re going to get the ball back right away so we get to be aggressive. We don’t have to worry about playing conservative.”

On this team being more complete than the last few years:
“We’re playing well together in the last two games, scoring a few points, getting first downs, getting long drives, scoring a few touchdowns, putting some yards up, holding on to the ball a little bit; those all allow our defense to open up the playbook a little bit. They don’t have to play as conservative. They can take shots because they know if we get the ball back, there’s a chance we can go down the field and score no matter where we are.”


On the battle with A.J. Green:
“It’s always a good battle, he is very talented receiver, but the secondary and I made it the main focus of ours to not let him make any big plays. We just tried to stay on top. Our front seven made sure that Andy Dalton never really got in a rhythm with A.J. They just made him throw the ball when he didn’t want to.”

On if this defense should be recognized as a legitimately tough defense:
“If people out there don’t respect it, we’re just going to keep going out there and do what we do until we get the respect that we deserve. We feel like we have one of the best defenses in the league and we’re just going to keep fighting and pushing every week to keep proving it.”

On if there is still more to come with this defense:
“We are still learning and building. We’re not always comfortable with the defense that Ray (Horton) calls, all of the motions and switching. He still has a lot of stuff that he hasn’t put in for us. Once we start getting the hang of it and getting comfortable, defensively we will get better.”

On how it feels to have a 2-2 record:
“This is the first for me that it has been like this. It feels good; the fans feel like our season is important. When we get down 2-7 and stuff like that, it’s just ‘whatever’. We feel like we just have a really good team. They’re moving the ball. With Josh (Gordon) back, it helps us out a whole lot and (Brian) Hoyer just stepping in and doing what nobody thought he could do. Our defense is still holding strong, still just every week coming in and making plays. Our front seven never lets us down. (Barkevious) Mingo never lets us down and people just keep making plays. This is going to happen every week.”

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