Bengals-Bills Postgame Quotes

Posted Oct 13, 2013

"It's a hard-fought win -- one that we have a lot to keep learning and lessons to learn."


OCTOBER 13, 2013


Opening statement:
“It’s a hard-fought win -- one that we have a lot to keep learning and lessons to learn. We have to keep coaching and trying to understand situations. Obviously we’ve got an opportunity to put the game out of reach and we kind of failed to capitalize on that. And then defensively, we gave up the big plays there; two big plays, we’ve got a fourth chance to stop them on fourth down and we don’t. So just a lot of things to coach off of and get better with, and a lot of positives. We knew it was going to be a grind, these next five weeks, and now we’re one down and four to go.”

On completing passes to eight different receivers:
“That’s the thing we keep saying: if people do things to put guys around A.J. [Green] the other guys have to go work and win. I thought until, literally, the last drive we protected the quarterback pretty well today. [Buffalo] can rush the passer. When we had opportunities, Andy [Dalton] did a good job throwing the ball. Obviously he threw the one interception early in the game, so we got to keep staying after that.”

On big plays on offense:
“We were able to work and get some run after the catch plays with the screens and so forth today, which were big gets.”

On winning in OT:
“Winning is tough, we know that. You’re playing a team that has a lot of good players. So we had to chisel at it. I think the thing we have to understand is when we play, we have to take away the strength of the team and make them work into the weakness, and I don’t think we did that thoroughly enough today.”

On confidence in Mike Nugent for game-winning FG attempt:
“Mike’s miss today is not characteristic of him. He’s got to just keep kicking with confidence. You can’t guide it; just kick it and let it go. But yeah, I was very confident in Mike kicking that ball.”

On Andy Dalton:
“I thought he played well. When we had the ball at the end of the game, we were able to move the football a little bit out. I thought it was a good day today. We just have to keep pressing forward. As long as he doesn’t worry about what everybody else says about him, he’s fine. Let the ball go where the coverage dictates, and that’s the most important thing. Get it there accurately and on-time.”

On if Buffalo changed things up on the two touchdown drives:
“They didn’t change anything up. They drove the ball from the 40 yard line with one touchdown. They went for it on fourth down and were able to get the ball down the seam to the tight end and then they had the big play over the top of us, which we can’t have.”

On experienced defense against inexperienced quarterback:
“Make him throw the ball where we don’t want him to, and take away the deep ball. [Lewis] completed three balls today; two of them were deep, and basically a factor in the game. Otherwise it was going to be a naked bootleg screen team and quick throws outside, which he wasn’t that effective at. We have to understand that. What do we have to take away to win the football game? Those are the things that are important. Make that guy drive the length of the field to beat us. Don’t give up the game on one play.”


Mike Nugent talked about how he was never more anxious to get back on the field and redeem himself. Talk about that, kickers miss sometimes and they have the chance to redeem themselves. :
That’s one thing, for him, when you do something wrong or make a mistake, the easiest way to get it out of your head is get back out there and do some good things. Even towards the end of the game, I told him, you are going to kick a field goal to win the game and just be ready. That’s part of it, we drove down there, had a chance for a field goal, he hit a big one. I had a lot of confidence in him, he has been really good for a long time so it was a big kick and a big win for us.

When did you tell Nugent that?
Just at the end of the game. Driving down, when we had the ball at the end of the fourth quarter, we were close and even had a chance to kick the field goal there. We have full confidence in him that he is going to kick it and make it.

Eight different pass receivers today, three touchdowns, you and A. J. (Green) got back in rhythm. When you have eight different pass receivers, how much more dynamic and how much easier is it to run this offense?
We feel like we have lots of options here. Like you said, we have a bunch of guys catching balls and making plays for us. My job is to spread it out to our guys. It is good to see A.J. do what he did today but we have a bunch of guys that were making plays and it is fun to see.

Do you feel like you got back into a rhythm with A.J. Green because it had been a while since you guys really took over a game?
Yeah, A.J. made some big plays, gave him chances to make plays and he made them so we just have to continue to do that.

It seemed like the screens were what got you going. :
Yeah, we had some good looks for some screens so when we had those, we hit them and we made big plays on them. So that was really big.

Was the throw to Giovani (Bernard) the shuffle, whatever that was, what was that? Could you walk us through that?
It was a pass play. I felt pressure and I had to step up and Giovani (Bernard) was there and doing a little improvising and kind of shuffled it to him.

Did you just do that off the cuff?
Yeah, it was the easiest way to get it to him. I don’t know how many guys missed and we scored a touchdown. You’ve seen him do that before, he did it against Pittsburgh and I was just making plays.

It’s only the third road game but the longer you would go without a road win it would become a talking point for us. To get that off your back, especially with four of five on the road coming up. :
Yeah it is, for us we’ve got to take some of these games on the road. It’s big for us to come in, we have to bring our own energy to a place rooting against us and it is tough to play on the road.

You guys were 10 yards away from making it 31-10 and then it kind of stalled. What happened, did they change anything?
They made a couple plays, we had a penalty there that kind of set us back and we just weren’t able to get points right there. It would have been nice to score a touchdown, but they are going to make some plays too.

What was it like getting ready for overtime, you seemingly had it in hand and suddenly you are playing an extra quarter?
You just have to know you can’t try to do too much, you can’t try to press. You have to just trust your offense, you can’t do too much. Just go out and play. We kind of changed field position, had some big plays, kind of changed the field position where we stopped them and then had a big punt return which gave us a great position to kick the field goal at the end and win it.

Did you see something in their defense, you had a lot of short passes and a lot of yards in today. Were they over pursuing or they taking deep stuff away from you? What was going on there?
No some of the looks that we had where we were just hitting them and guys were making big plays once they caught it. I think a couple of the screens helped out with that whole things. Guys made plays today and that’s what we needed to do.

What does a game like this do for you, just personally, going back for over 300 yards for the first time in a year. :
It’s big one. It shows what we can do on offence. We have a lot of playmakers and we have to keep improving, keep getting better and I expect that is what we will do.

Personally too though?
Yeah, I felt good. I felt like I was in a good rhythm out there today, I felt like I was seeing everything and the ball was coming to my hand well. Games like this are fun.

The touchdown to A.J., you kind of left it there for him:
Yeah, we had him one-on-one and gave him the chance to make a play and he made it. We practiced that all week and we hit it. That’s what it all came down to. He made a really good play on the ball, kept his feet down, and it was a touchdown.

Coach said that he wants you to make sure you are not listening to people like us. Did you feel any pressure on your shoulders coming into this game where you felt you had to go out and have a big game?
I put enough pressure on myself. I want to come out and I want to play the best I can every week. Everybody can say whatever they want but everybody in the organization knows what is really going on and so for me, it was good to come out and play well. Not only so that there will hopefully be some positive stuff written about us but just for this team, just to get a win. The most important thing is for us to win the game and we were able to do that today.

But it was kind of ugly, it’s just the way it all transpired but I guess that doesn’t matter:
Yeah, it seems like we always end up with games like this but a win is a win and we will take it.

It seems like the last two-three weeks with you things have been overblown because there was the thing on Pro Football Talk about the quote from Adam Jones which in reality was fine but there is this headline that says that its not 100 percent where he says he has the weapons and stuff:
That’s the media, that is the media twisting things and for Adam, he is a guy who has my back 100%. If you go ask him if he is confident in me, if I am one of his guys, he would definitely say that I am. So that’s where you just can’t worry about the stuff that is written. It is easy to take one thing out of context and twist and turn and say whatever you want, but all that matters is that we are four and two right now, we are winning games, and we have to keep getting better.

Do you feel like the past two games, you guys have really hit a rhythm on offense because it seems balanced, run game is working, pass game is working:
We have done some good things and it is nice for us to come out and score more than one touchdown, to move the ball well, to do some really good things, so we have to keep getting better, keep improving and that is what we are going to do.


How did it feel to get the second chance after the missed kick in the second half?
I kind of felt like it was my responsibility, I feel like I put us in overtime in a bad way obviously. You can’t miss a kick like that. Someone might say “oh you know there’s a penalty you made the first one”. If it goes from a 44 yarder to a 54 that’s one thing but I think it was 24-34 and there’s no excuse for it. I hit it terrible and I think it’s one of those things where you’re only as good as your next kick. I’m really happy the offense, and especially Brandon Tate gave us the opportunity to come back and get it.

When one gets taken off the board like that, does it get into your head a little bit because the points were up there and now they’re not?
No, certain people might be upset, guys are thinking it’s a bad call or something but I try to calm guys down like don’t worry about it, I’ve just got to hit the same ball. It’s something I obviously didn’t do, there’s not much to explain about it I just hit it terrible and I think I was lucky that we could get back in a position to win.

After the long return by Tate, they tried to move the ball and after three straight running plays they said alright, 'Nuge you can win it for us':
I don’t know what it was on 4th down, I’m one of those guys who doesn’t like to look at the yards and to see where it’s at. I was just happy enough that we got in the field position to hit the field goal. Again, I keep saying I was very lucky that the offense did such a good job of getting the ball up there.

When game went to overtime, did you think to yourself, 'I hope I get a shot to win this?'
Correct me if I’m wrong, I think it was a three and out that we got on them. I was ecstatic that the D did such a good job on that one. I think we started off with a good return there and field position was a huge battle today.


Andy (Dalton) passed for 337 yards I believe but you were a big key in the passing game, 6 catches for 72 yards. It looked like that was a big part of the game plan:
It’s a big part of the game plan every week and every game that we play. It was just a matter of when, Andy had an amazing game and was able to limit the turnovers, be able to control the ball, control the tempo. He did a great job today.

It was your first overtime game in the NFL, can you talk about the emotional swing from the tie with less than two minutes to go to winning in overtime?
We knew we shouldn’t be in overtime. It was a time where we knew we should have won the game in regular time in the game. Things happen for a reason, we were able to come out and get the coin toss and keep moving as an offense. We just had to stay poised no matter what the situation is and continue to keep grinding, and play fast and hard.

What about the final drive, setting up the game winning field goal it looked like you and Benny (Green-Ellis) wrapped up that ball at all costs and get it a little closer for Mike (Nugent):
Exactly, we know Mike has a great leg and it’s just a matter of when his opportunity is. Today was his opportunity and he did a great job of capitalizing on it.


You’re getting down the field on those swings to Gio (Bernard). He’s got your cardio going huh?
Yeah, I’ve always felt good in space, and always felt that was one of the pluses in my game. We were able to do that some, get out there in space and do some things, it was fun.

You probably don’t realize this but eight different receivers caught balls today, that kind of distribution has to help, just keeping the defense guessing:
Yeah, like we said it all starts with running the football. If we run the football well then they’ve got to cover everybody else. You start running the ball well, you can’t double AJ (Green) as much, and then when you start singling everybody up because you’re trying to get an extra guy to stop the run it provides opportunity for all the guys that have matchups to win.

How big was the road win just because the older it grows the more it becomes the elephant in the room:
It’s great, this is a tough one. (Buffalo) is a good football team, they’ve proven throughout the season all the games they’ve had that they’re a very good football team. We knew this was going to be a challenge and now we have to move on to the next one.


A.J. Green back into the end zone for the first time in a couple weeks, over 100 yards I believe. Do you feel like you got back into a rhythm with Andy today after a couple missed chances the past few weeks?
I felt good, (Andy Dalton) gave me a lot of chances and I was just trying to make the plays when it came my way.

A road win, the first one of the season, so the longer it went on without a road win it becomes a talking point. To get that out of the way that’s a big deal:
Definitely, everybody in the media saying we can’t win on the road. It makes everybody be quiet for now.

A lot of guys made a lot of plays today, how much more dangerous does that make this team when it’s more guys making plays that the defense has to cover?
A lot, I feel like once everybody starts clicking they can’t just single me and take me out of the game, you saw it today, there was a lot of one on ones, and a lot of other people making plays.

It’s only week six but Cleveland lost and Baltimore lost, so it’s first-place Cincinnati Bengals:
That’s good, we had two slip ups, we’ve got to keep grinding, these next couple games are going to be on the road so it’s going to be a long grind.

For you to make a big play, I know you’ve been waiting for it for a couple weeks. Is it a meaningful good moment for you? What’s the thought after making a play like that:
It felt good to get back into things, I missed training camp so it felt good to go out there and make a great play when we needed it.


Does it change your mindset at all with the 15 yard penalties? I know you seemed pretty upset on the second one there:
I’m pretty sure (the NFL) is going to review it, but I didn’t think it was a flag. The quarterback dove, I had left my feet already and he dove at my legs. They said I led with my helmet, the other was a facemask, my facemask had been pulled. I just reached my arm out and got his facemask. The helmet to helmet one I thought I had the ball in my hands.

You guys were 24-10 in the 4th quarter, and they came back obviously. Does it show no matter who you’re playing or where you’re playing it’s just so hard to win in this league?
You can say that, it’s a defensive game. They came out, played defense and I feel like we did a great job communicating out there and it came out with a win.

Talk about coming into the game, facing a guy who hasn’t played much. Thad Lewis came out and played well, but you guys shut him down mostly in the first half. What do you think it was in the second half that got him going a little bit?
Not sure.


An overtime game, coming into Buffalo, you guys had to come in at the end and hold them. Just talk about that first of all:
Obviously it’s good to get your first road win. We knew it was going to be a tough fought victory here. The last time I came here with another team it was a tough game, I was anticipating it being a crazy environment, luckily we made enough plays to pull it out.

You missed some time there with an injury, in that time they had some success. How hard was it being out and not being able to be out on the field for that time?
It was bad, any time you have to come to the locker room and miss even a little bit of the game, I didn’t even know what happened. It was a bad thing but I tried to tough it out, go back there and try to play for my teammates.

Going up against a guy who hasn’t played much, Thad Lewis he looked pretty good out there but what were you trying to do to limit his abilities today?
We were trying to make him earn every throw that he had to make. He had success running the football which makes it tough as far as coverage because guys start trying to get out of lanes and what not. It opens up the pass a little bit so we had to buckle down and try to stop the run. I thought we did a better job in the second half making them try to throw the football.


What’s it like coming out of the huddle knowing they called that reverse, that you’re getting the ball coming around and knowing that this could be a big play for you?
We practice it every day, it’s stuff that we put in, we practice it. It’s no different coming in just expecting to be blocked because it’s a good play. I just think run fast, take what you see and go.

What was it about some of those plays like the reverse and screens you were using, a lot of short yardage stuff that turned into big plays?
We have the receivers that are dynamic, all of us. When we get the ball in our hands we’re able to take it the distance, take short passes long. That’s what we want to be, we want to be well rounded doing that as well as being good at the short to intermediate routes and the deep ball. I think we did that successfully today and just have to keep going.


Opening statement:
Injury-wise, (Jonathan) Meeks had a knee in the first half and Manny (Lawson) had a hamstring. Then obviously Stevie (Johnson) wasn’t able to go. We worked him out before the game and he was just not in good shape. He’s fighting to get back with his lower back. I thought we had some players that came in, Brian Moorman did a nice job, Marquise Goodwin did a good job, Stephon Gilmore was out there battling. I thought Thad (Lewis) did a good job out there. Early on we had some struggles, they made some big plays on us, we weren’t able to get anything going offensively outside of T.J. (Graham)’s catch early on. We had it down at the one-yard line and we weren’t able to punch it in, they turn around and go 99 and score. A lot of things were going in a tough direction, but the players came back, they stood in there and they fought. We got it back and had an opportunity to win the game, we weren’t able to do that and really all three phases can contribute as well as the coaches. We’re going to go in there and just keep working and keep fighting. It’s going to turn. That’s all we can keep doing.

Defensively you got some stops in the fourth quarter, but before that you were struggling. What were they doing?
They got us on the screens and that’s just a manner of good call by them, a defense that we were playing something different then, defending over things and they caught us. That’s the bottom-line on that one.

Did Thad play about as well as you had hoped?
He threw the one to T.J.; we missed a couple that he put on there. We’ve got to do a better job of, we could have took advantage of some of the weak side passing game earlier. We dropped some balls. Overall, I was happy except for the turnover. I thought he was trying to do too much; he just has to put the ball away and not turn the ball over. That would be the one thing I was disappointed in.

Do you know what play he got hurt on?
I have no idea. I really don’t. I apologize, I try to get the team done and come back here. He gives me the injuries and I just move on. Not a scheme or anything.

Looked like you got beat on a punt return again at the end. Is it disappointing that the game really turned on that play?
You know what happens in that, to say was that a great play by us, obviously it wasn’t. The game turned a lot of different ways. I look at a couple different plays here and there. A couple plays on the top of my mind. Us going in to score, them turning around and scoring, going 99. Then we in turn get a turnover inside our 50 and we wind up not getting any points. I think those are critical. To answer your question those are all critical parts of it. To really point to one, that game could have been either over on our end early on if we make those plays early on or at the end of the day we have to find a way to cover and make that play.

How much did the cast on Stephon Gilmore limit him today?
I give him a lot of credit. I really do. I think it’s a very tough situation. Here is a guy that wants to come back, wants to get out there. Obviously he’s not as comfortable as he wants to be. Again it goes back to that, the player can’t, he doesn’t want to be on that sideline, he wants to be out there on the field and I think we all have to appreciate that. That’s what makes him special.

Overall offensively you put points on a team that shut down New England. Would you agree you did well?
It’s hard to stand up here and try to talk about a positive because at the end of the game you win and that’s what you want to do you want to be able to win. To say that we did some things well managing the third down. I would say yes, we did some things that are encouraging, but at the same time we didn’t do enough things to win the game. There are some encouraging signs there.

You get the big play to Scott Chandler and then run up to the line no huddle and go deep to Goodwin. Did you catch them off guard?
No, I don’t think we did. I think they were ready for it. I think what happened was they came back and we had really good protection, Chandler did a nice job of getting open, Thad found him. Then on the next play when we went they went cover one and when they went cover one we thought we had a good matchup with Marquise, that’s how that went. As soon as we saw they went cover one we were hoping that he would throw it to him and he did for the touchdown.

Was there any hesitation going for it on fourth down?
At the end?

No when you got stopped on the goal line:
No there wasn’t any. That’s the thing you guys can look up, I'm not going to get in to all the details about percentages, but percentages you play that at the time in the game. I’d like to score.

There were 22 players that were about two inches from each other, would spreading that out make it easier?
Last week there were 22 players and we were two for two.

What did Brian Moorman give you today?
Moorman played very well. I was excited. He did a great job today, he really did. For someone to come in, compete like that, come in here and play.

What did you think of Jairus Byrd in his first action?
Excited. I think he’ll just be better and better each week. I was glad to see him out there. He was playing hard and having fun and trying to make plays out there, which he did at times. Which we need.


Can you explain your injury situation?
We checked it out. I should be fine. We did the test and I should be fine. That’s a great sign.

Do you know when the injury happened?
I actually can’t recall the play when it happened. I just knew I pretty much got sore throughout the game.

You were riding the bike throughout the game:
Just so I didn’t get stiff.

What do you think of being able to sustain those two scoring drives in the fourth quarter?
It’s a great job by the coaching staff, Coach (Nathaniel) Hackett calling up plays, the offensive line protecting, and the running backs did a great job running the ball and obviously the receivers and the tight ends so it was a team effort. Hats off to the defense, they stepped up and got the ball back. We were able to execute two drives and put points on the board.

Was TE Scott Chandler the primary read on his touchdown play?
We had four verticals. It actually was all out so we slid the line where we thought the blitz was coming from which was #20 and we picked it up. He had a defensive lineman on him, defensive end. So I saw the mismatch and I slid to the right because I knew my line was sliding left when I saw the guy drop and I gave him a pass and he did the rest of it.

What do you think of your overall play today?
I think I did ok. It’s never good when you don’t come out with a W. That’s the reason you play this game, to win. But we did ok; we’ve seen some things that we can do better as a team. We’ll watch the film and correct the mistakes but we’re right there.

What’s your approach when the defense is attacking the pocket?
Hats off to the defensive line. I thought what they were doing was stunting, rushing the ends up field and bring them back inside. As a quarterback you have to step up in the pocket, so the defensive line may know that and they did a great job with that. We adjusted that and got some plays ran.

Can you walk us through the 25 yard pass to Chandler and then the touchdown pass to WR Marquise Goodwin on the following play?
They dropped eight. When you drop a lot of guys out of coverage you only have three guys rushing, so I had more time than I needed, we improvised a little bit and made a play but then come back and we have four vertical again. I see CB (Terence) Newman peaking in the backfield and he peaked for a second, Marquise released inside. You want to get the ball to one of the fastest guys on the field. I threw the ball and he made a great catch.

We were at all nervous? How were you feeling?
I had some great sleep last night. At the end of the day it’s football. It’s a game I love to play. It’s a game I’ve been playing since I was five years old. I wasn’t nervous at all because I knew the coaching staff and the guys there with me had my back. It’s not a one man sport. It is 11 guys on the field at one time.

It had to feel good to throw that first deep ball to WR TJ Graham:
It felt great. Coming into the game you’ve got to be confident in this league. If I was nervous in any way shape or form or fashion Cincinnati would’ve ate us up. I was confident going into the game but getting that first pass completed pretty much letting the defensive backs know that our receivers were coming to play.

Is your injury just a sprain to your foot?
Yeah. That will be fine, just a sprain on the foot. They said the x-rays looked good so I guess that’s positive, not negative. It’s a good thing

Talk about the work you put in this week coming off the practice squad to then starting:
It’s fun. You get a chance to play football. It wasn’t like I approached it any different because that’s what I had been doing the previous weeks, before I just didn’t get the chance to play. When you’re a quarterback you have to prepare every week as if you were the starter even if you’re not a starter so that way it becomes second nature to you. So it was business as usual but this time I got a chance to step on the field and play.

Does it give you any comfort knowing that this team played as well as it could against the Cincinnati defense, who shut down QB Tom Brady?
You go in, you’ve got to tip your hat off to the coaching staff who did a great job of planning. All we did was play within the scheme and execute. We feel good where we’re at but we’re not comfortable because we didn’t get the win. So until we start getting some wins, we still we won’t get comfortable. We’re going to continue to try to get that snowball effect going and continue to rack up the Ws.


You were down 14 points with 10 minutes left in the game. It looked like (Thad Lewis) showed poise:
“He did. That’s the thing about him; he’s been in this offense since training camp so he knows what he’s doing. He got an opportunity to take us down the field, score some points and send this thing into overtime. And he seized that moment. We just came up short. That’s not on him, that’s on us as a team. We have to make a few more plays and give us a better chance to win the game.”

Was there any particular play where (Lewis) did something that actually surprised you?
“We saw that at practice all week, so we knew that he had the capability of throwing the ball down the field and giving our guys the opportunity to score some long touchdowns. He just came out and validated what we thought he could do. And if he continues to improve and get better, we’ll have an opportunity to win football games with him as our starting quarterback.”


What did you think of the way Thad responded?
“I thought Thad played great. He’s a confident player, and I knew he wouldn’t get down if we got down, so credit him for making plays and getting us back in the game.”

What does it say about the offense to answer late when earlier it looked like you guys were up against the wall?
“Yeah, I wish we could have executed better earlier, especially once we got into their territory, but you can’t go back and change things now. Thad did a great job leading us back and putting it into overtime, we just have to make plays when we get there.”

Do you feel like a team that could easily be 4-2 or 5-1 now?
“Absolutely, yeah we’ve lost a lot of close games, and that hurts. It stings that we’re so close and we could be on the other end of some of these games, and you wish you could go back and change something but you can’t. All you can do is change it the next time it comes, and hopefully next time we will.”


How hard was it to play out there with the cast on the hand?
“It was very hard, but I mean it is what it is. I just wanted to be out there with my team. I wanted to help my team out anyway I can.”

What happened in the first half?
“They just made some plays. They got some screens on us and we just didn’t play well as a whole.”

Do you take any positives from the way the defense stepped up late?
“Yeah, I think we stepped it up late in the fourth, but some plays we left out there and we have to learn from it and go from there.”

Did anything change scheme-wise between the first three quarters and the fourth?
“No, I don’t think anything changed, we just made our mind up that we saw the plays they made on us and we made adjustments at halftime and came out and played good.”

How much time do you have to wear that cast?
I really don’t know yet. I’m just listening to the doctors and hopefully it comes off soon.”

How much did you feel compromised by the cast?
You can’t really grab like you want to. It’s like playing with one hand out there. You have to be more mental and play from there.”


One of the themes coming in was that you guys could rise up in tough times and help the offense out. You didn’t do it for a half, how disappointing was that for you guys?
“It was very disappointing. We knew, based on the situation that we were in, we were going to rely on our defense, and we didn’t answer the call.”

What happened late in the game?
“It’s a team thing. No one area was exempt, it was all three phases we have to get better, and it showed at the end.”


It took awhile to get the defense going there, did you change anything?
There was something we had to make an adjustment on as far as their running attack. They did something a little different from what was expected on our defensive side. We just have to tackle better for one. At the end of the day we have to tackle.

It seemed like it was tough to get any consistent pressure on (Andy) Dalton:
Yeah, they disguised it pretty well as far as quick passes, dinking and dunking. Then the play-action off the zone read, outside zone read was pretty good.

Lot of close games for this team. Is it frustrating that you could easily be on the other side of 2-4?
Yeah we just have to make plays. Each and every one of us that’s out on the field at any given time, we have to find a way to make more plays, get more turnovers, especially in the end where it was close again. Just step up on defense and make them kick field goals.

This is a game where the defense needed to step up and you didn’t play like that in the first half. How discouraging is it to see that?
We definitely put ourselves in a hole. But then even at the end of the game we still had a chance to win, so I wouldn’t say it’s discouraging especially the way we came back.

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