Bengals-Bears Postgame Quotes

Posted Sep 8, 2013

"We had the lead going into the fourth quarter, and we got outplayed down the stretch. We lost our composure a little bit, got outplayed, and made it difficult on ourselves."




Opening statement:
“We had the lead going into the fourth quarter, and we got outplayed down the stretch. We lost our composure a little bit, got outplayed, and made it difficult on ourselves. There are a couple things you can’t do: You can’t come in and just turn the football over. We had some penalties early in the game. The turnovers put us behind, and we were able to overcome them and get back in the lead but we didn’t play good enough football today to win.”

On if timeouts in the second half and defensive injuries caused any confusion:
“With the injuries we had, they were a little confused by the different personnel, and that’s my fault. But unfortunately we had to take those calls.”

On if he felt like the Bengals gave the game away:
“Well, when you turn the football over like we did and the penalties that we had … let me give them credit. I felt they did a good job. They beat us. But, we have to play better in order to win. We could have played better and won the football game in my opinion. We didn’t, so it doesn’t really matter, and obviously there were penalties. The third down conversions defensively that we allowed, the quarterback moves out of the pocket, we drop our coverage twice, and they were able to scramble and get two big throws which is what Jay Cutler has always done. I said that in our [press] conference this week. We can’t drop coverage in that situation. There were two 30-yard gains in those situations which flipped the field. Even if we make them keep driving, make them have to earn those first downs, we’ve got better opportunities.”

On if the lead in the third quarter affected the team’s mentality:
“No, I don’t think it changed the mentality at all because we went 21- 10 to 21-17 after the first drive. So no, I don’t think it changed the mentality.”

On if the drive at the end of the first half was the best decision:
“You want to pull our pants completely down and not play at all right before halftime? I’ve got to give them a chance. They’ve got a timeout left, there’s enough time on the clock that they ended up getting a field goal anyway. I’m trying to make a first down. I just don’t want to give up, or you’d be writing the other side of that story.”

On if the line did a good job especially with the absence of Whitworth:
“We’ll see on tape. We have to play better. The quarterback fell down on the sack and they jumped in, underneath the coverage, and ended up taking the ball down and doing what they asked them to do: that was step up into the pocket and the guy came up off the rush. So, it was a good play by them and one we wish we had back.”

On if A.J. Green is OK:
“He’s OK.”

On if the team lost composure at the end of the game:
“Unfortunately we had a lot of guys lose composure today. We can’t do that. For whatever reason, today we didn’t get any offsets. Their guy hit our guy out of bounds late on our sideline, but we can’t retaliate. We know that. It’s not what our team does. And unfortunately today we let them get under our skin. We let that happen twice today and we can’t do that. We can’t beat ourselves like we did this afternoon.”

On if the composure penalty was one of the most frustrating parts:
“It is. We’re going to get the ball back with a little under 40 seconds left. We had an opportunity and we needed a field goal to win, to tie, and you don’t want to do that. You earn the opportunity to get the ball back there, but despite the situation, we earned an opportunity to get the ball back and that’s not good.”


On letting the lead in the game slip away:
“We had the lead in the fourth quarter. We had chances to put it away, and we weren’t able to do it. We turned the ball over, and turnovers kill you offensively. When you turn the ball over as many times as we did, it’s hard to win. But we had our chances. We had the lead. All we had to do is score one more time, and our chances of winning the game would have increased a whole lot. But we had turnovers, and it was hard to get it done.”

On the Bears:
“We just didn’t execute today. We had a couple of plays where we just have to hold on to the ball. But we knew going into it – I’m pretty sure they led the league in turnovers last year. They’ve done a really good job – they had guys in a back bend, and they had guys all over. They find ways to punch the ball out.”

On the play of A.J. Green:
“A.J. had a good day. We have to find ways to get him the ball. He did some good things. It’s what we expect out of him, and it’s what he expects out of himself.”

On the difficulty of drives without timeouts:
“Obviously, you don’t want to be in that situation, but it was the situation we were in. We would have liked to have the timeout, but we didn’t. You have to make sure you’re sharp, and you don’t have any miscommunications, and you kind of have to go from there. But, it’s a situation you don’t want to be in at the end of the game.”

On whether in hindsight, they should have run instead of throwing an incomplete pass at the end of the first half:
“Well, if you look at it that way, yeah – but it’s the same thing if we would have completed it [the pass]. Unfortunately, we didn’t complete it [the pass], and now you can sit here and talk about it. It’s just what happened.”

On his thoughts leaving this game:
“Yeah, there obviously are some good things you can take away from this game. We played really hard, and that’s really good to see. We just didn’t play smart at all times. That’s what hurt us, and that’s what lost us the game. There definitely were some really good things that happened in this game, and things we can improve on too.”

On the difficulty of overcoming multiple penalties:
“Yeah - you don’t ever want to hurt yourself. You don’t want to ever do anything [that would put you in a bad place.] We had some big plays when those penalties happened, too. So, we gotta watch the film, we gotta correct it and make sure we use the right technique. We can’t have that.”

On the TEs getting yards after the catch:
“Jermaine Greshman is really good at that. Once the ball is in his hands, he makes guys miss and finds ways to get first downs. I’m really happy with him. And, Tyler Eifert did a good job. We moved them around a lot. It’s good to see.”

On the Bengals third-down conversions:
“Yeah, we did a good job on third downs, and that’s what kept drives alive. It gave us a chance to score the points we scored. We gotta keep that up and keep making plays on third downs to get first downs. We hold the ball longer, and have a chance to drive down and score.”

On the two Bengals 90-plus yard TD drives:
“Obviously it’s not the best field position when you’re backed up like that, but you just gotta get out of there. You gotta get the ball moving, and move the chains a couple of times. We did that, and then we hit some big plays. We were able to end the drive with touchdowns. There were some big third down conversions on those two drives. For you to drive down 90 yards twice, you gotta hit third downs and find ways to keep the chains going.”


On Bears quarterback Jay Cutler’s ability to improvise:
“He made plays when it mattered and when it counted. On third downs, we got to get them off the field.”

On what he learned about the Bengals today:
“We’re going to keep fighting. We turned the ball over a little bit, but we were able to come back and stay focused and play as a team. We learned to come together. It’s one game. We have 15 more to go.”

On viewing the game as being given away:
“We should have won this game, I believe. It’s on to the next game.”

On the composure of the Bengals:
“There’s a little too much jawing out there on the football field. I think we’ll get that under control.”

On positives taken away:
“Basically, we learned you got to finish all four quarters. I think we still had the lead in the fourth quarter, and we lost the lead there. We just got to keep fighting.”


On his interception:
“I caught the ball. I (saw) a (tackler). I just felt I needed to beat the tackle to the sideline, and it was a touchdown. I felt like the other guy just tried to take me out. I didn’t see him. Whoever it was, great play, I don’t see why he couldn’t go up top. He went for my knee.”

On if the hit was too low:
“Yeah, come on now. I’m not looking. Are you scared to go up top?”

On the flag being thrown for the hit:
“We’re playing at their home. I get that. The refs were with them the whole game. There were times they were picking on one of our defensive ends. Or pushing at the end of the play, and they act like they didn’t see it. That’s their home. They won fair and square. I just feel we need to stick together as the game goes. Just get to the film and see what we did wrong.”

On a frustrating loss:
“It’s very frustrating when you put your heart out there on the field. You’re going to make mistakes in the game. You’re never going to be perfect, but like I said ‘You just got to get in the film room; figure out what you did wrong’. I feel like we all could have done something better to help this game. Interceptions, fumbles, stuff like that. I’m going to get into the film room, get treatment tomorrow and figure out how could have made the team win.”


On the Bengals struggles the fourth quarter:
“We were just trying to find a pace, get the ball moving, convert a third down and doing all the little things right. We weren’t able to find ourselves. I don’t really know what happened. I had the play where I fumbled. It happened. I shouldn’t have let it happen, but it did. You got to be able to move (on) from it and keep building.”

On the play where he fumbled:
“I just tried to make a move and pick up the first down. His head hit the ball.”


On expecting to win, up 21-10:
“We had too many turnovers today. I put it on myself. I had that drop across the middle that got tipped up. I should’ve made that play. We controlled the whole game until the fourth quarter. This team is going to be real good when we put the pieces together and stop killing ourselves.”

On the pass that bounced off his hands for an interception:
“I took my eyes off it. I demand greatness of myself. That can’t happen.”

On the matchup with Charles Tillman:
“He’s good. (He’s) a great corner, man. (He’s) very crafty. (He’s) probably one of the best in the game. (He’s) one of the best I’ve went up against.”

On the emotion after dominating parts of the game:
“It’s tough man. What is going to stand out are those three turnovers we had. We can’t have that to beat a good team like the Bears. We can’t give them any leeway. We got to go back to the drawing board and look at ourselves. (We need to) put our head down and keep grinding


Opening statement:
“I’ll start out by really thanking our fans for really amping it up in the second half, helping our football team. It was a great win for the City of Chicago and the Chicago Bears. A very good team win for our football team. We knew it was going to be a 60 minute game I think it tested us and our backbone, because it didn’t go the way we wanted it to go certainly, in the first-half. But the guys hung in there, got together; at half-time pulled themselves together. The team went out and played every play. We were able to come out on top.

On the fourth down call; running behind two rookies:
“A lot goes into those decisions…It was the best play at the time. I think the guys did a heck of a job. We got the first down, run some clock off, certainly. A game defining moment, that fourth and one, no doubt about it.

On what was the difference between the two halves of play:
“It’s a hard one…so much happened in this game. I know they scored and then we came back and scored. The two plays that really resonate with me offensively were Jay (scrambling and) hitting Martellus [Bennett]for the big gain and Jay scrambling – they were in a two-deep man under coverage we had a through on to Brandon [Marshall] and they covered it well and Jay found the lane and got us in position where we could make a first down.”

On how difficult of a decision was it to go for it on fourth down:
“Well, I think we were sitting there in a position to close out the game. Win the game that way. A lot of things go into that. But, it seemed like the right decision at the right time, leave the offense out on the field with less than a yard to go. Aaron [Kromer] did a good job with the play selection. Turned out to be a good thing for our football team, certainly.”

On Charles Tillman’s play:
“Peanut had two interceptions. Tim [Jennings] had two knockouts. I think we were plus two overall on turnovers. They just continue to do what we’ve seen them do throughout training camp, the OTAs. Huge plays. We were able to convert the first turnover to a touchdown. That was big. We got off to a fast start. It slowed down dramatically throughout the first half. The big goal was, let’s see how our defense is doing, let’s see if we can take care of Jay [Cutler], keep him clean in the first-half. That was really the number one goal, was just to keep him [Cutler] clean first-half. We played a very good front. We were able to keep Jay clean all day. I don’t think he was sacked. I think he ran out of the pocket a couple of times. He had to stand in there two or three times and wait on a guy to come open because it was man-to-man, and he did. We were able to beat man-to-man coverage. We really didn’t see man-to-man coverage until the second half. The guys came up across the board and made some very, very tough, contested throws, contested catches. It started with Martellus’ touchdown catch, which was a contested play. Also Alshon [Jeffery] and Brandon [Marshall] making the plays when we were able to find man-to-man coverage, which wasn’t often.”

On Martellus’s touchdown catch:
“It was a great catch. And it was really a good throw by Jay. He back shouldered it. The only place he could make it. These are things we’d expect Martellus to do; make the tough catch, with his big body and size in the redzone.”

On [Jordan] Mills, a rookie, drawing the personal foul penalty:
“I think that says a lot. We go through these special situations, these types of games that’s exactly what happens. The defense is looking to retaliate, looking for us to retaliate, because their trying to buy time and buy the penalty. I thought it was a great outcome, real poise. Also, he had a couple of teammates around him, who made sure that nothing came out of it as well.”

On his playcalling and connection with Jay [Cutler]:
“It certainly didn’t start that way, productivity wise. But as I said, the goal in the first half was to find out a little bit more about ourselves, let our young guys get settled, try to keep (Jay) clean. That was the number one; whatever the score is; if he’s clean in the first quarter and he feels like he can step-up and throw, there is a chance we can be throwing the ball later in the game because we felt we could throw the ball. But it was just about getting our line and protection package organized. So that’s what we tried to do. We tried to stick in some runs. Defensively they did a good job. On both sides of the ball, their lines really won the first half. Both their offensive and defensive lines won the first half, I thought. But we picked it up in the second half. As I said, we were able to do more things. Running, throwing the football, certainly, and I thought our defense stepped up as well.”

On what this win meant to him:
“I really don’t tend to think about it. It’s a 60-minute game. I asked the guys to be great teammates, today. That’s all I asked of them. Go out there and be great teammates to each other. They didn’t play 30- minutes, they played 60-minutes of football. I give them all credit. Sundays are for players. Sunday is the players’ day to celebrate the privilege of playing in the National Football League. I think they stood by that today.”

On giving Jay confidence early in the game:
“I just wanted him to feel like we can get through the first quarter with this young line. Whatever happens, at least we know what we’ve got. They blitzed us, we had some blitzes, they got some edges on us. I thought our front; our five guys did a very good job today protecting him [Jay Cutler]. He had to stand-in on two or three occasion waiting on Brandon (Marshall) to come open on a fade route to the outside, they bumped him, but Brandon fought through it. Jay had to sit in and wait on it two or three times. I thought his confidence coming out of the first half was uncomfortable because we hadn’t moved the ball successfully in the first half overall. But there were signs that we could and I think he did a very good job, obviously, in the second half, not only throwing it against man-to-man coverage and making some very, very difficult throws, but also some runs. The two runs and the scrambles, on third down, were really as key plays in the game as they allowed us to continue both drives.”

On whether there were any game-plan adjustments at halftime:
“Really, not. We didn’t. Part of it was play selection, but I don’t want you to overvalue it. We would have been punting on two occasion if Jay (Cutler) hadn’t run for a first down, or scrambled and made that throw to Martellus (Bennett), we would have been punting. It was a lot more about him making the plays, and (allowing) us to continue the drives, as much as anything.”

On whether Jay’s interception was frustrating:
“I don’t know if anything was frustrating. I’d have to look at the tape and see what happened. I didn’t see the whole thing. I was looking at the coverage at the time. We’ll take a look at the tape and I’ll have a better answer for you in a couple of days.”

On letting Robbie Gould kick a 58-yard field goal, but not try a 55-yarder:
“I talked to Joe about it and we made a collective decision early in the game to do that. There was no question we were going to have him kick right at the end of the half. No doubt about it. He made a great kick and certainly a significant play in the game.”

On [Stephen] Paea’s play, especially in the second half:
“I really can’t say. It looked like overall our pads were down in the second half on both sides of the ball. That was really the big point Mel (Tucker), Aaron (Kromer), the three of us made at halftime that was they were winning the line of scrimmage because their pads were lower than ours. You have to get under people in this game. Overall, we got much more of that in the second half.

On whether he expects the offense to start faster next week:
“You always expect the offense; we only have one expectation – to come out fast. But we talked to the guys; it’s a 60-minute game. And we just got to keep working; keep working each and every possession. We didn’t have as many possessions as we normally would, either. I think you just have that expectation, but if it doesn’t happen, you have to keep playing.”


On the offense’s performance in the fourth quarter:
“We started clicking a little bit. We weren’t really happy early on. Our tempo was a little off kilter. We came into halftime, down 14-10. The defense did a great job. It was just a matter of us keep calling plays, be confident in what we were doing. The offensive line, I thought, played a great game all four quarters. We’ve just got to keep going with that. There’s plenty for us to look at on film and make some changes. We were far from a perfect offense today. We didn’t have to be, we just had to be good enough to win a four-quarter game. That’s what we did.”

On the touchdown pass to Brandon Marshall:
“They brought James [Harrison] off the edge. The line did a good job picking him up. They double Martellus {Bennett] going down the middle, flipped it back and jumped Alshon [Jeffrey] and [Brandon] Marshall was one-on-one in the corner, which you love to throw. I put one up for him. Wish I could have thrown it sooner so he might not have had to take that hit, but he did good job of catching it, clutching it.”

On the offensive line making him more comfortable as the game went on:
“I think we wore them down a little bit too, defensively, with the up tempo stuff in the first half. I thought we did a better job in the second half in the second half of running the football, calling more runs and trying to get the ball rolling on first down. Our first down efficiency probably wasn’t very good in the first half. Just get to second and manageable, third and manageable I thought that was key in the second half.”

On running behind the rookies on offensive line on the fourth and one:
“(Gutsy) play calling. That’s what Trestman’s about. He’s going to roll the dice. He believes in us on offense. The way those two guys were playing up front, really all five of those guys, we could’ve called pretty much anything we wanted. It’s hard in the NFL to burn out the clock in the last four or five minutes running the ball and that’s what we did. We got that penalty there at the very end, but the guys did a heck of a job firing off the ball and making sure we got two, three, four or five yards a clip during that four-minute drill.”

On the decision to go for it on fourth down:
“It was a smart move. We talked through some key situations earlier in the week. The way the wind was blowing. The way our defense was playing. It was time for us to try to make a move there and we did and we capitalized on it.”

On if Brandon Marshall was the primary target on the touchdown pass:
“We kind of went across the field there. We wanted to get Martellus [Bennett] down the middle again, but they covered that up. We had kind of had a checkdown to Alshon [Jeffrey] in the left flat and they covered that up. He was kind of the third late read there. It was just a click late, but he still made a great catch.”

On if there were multiple times he was able to sit in the pocket and checkdown:
“They [the offensive line] did a good job up front of listening to me and getting the call and change a few plays. They did a good job listening all day and being patient up there. No one got frustrated early on with us and the way we were playing. We stuck with the game plan. Fourth quarter, that’s when you have to win ballgames in this league.”

On if he enjoys scrambling or buying time with his leg:
“I do. We were a little bit stalled. They were playing a little twoman there and the line was giving me time. There were so many gaps in there for me to run. So I was able to run once and got Marty [Bennett] down the sideline. The line likes that. Break the pocket and make some yardage and it takes some pressure off them. You’ve got to give those guys up front a heck of a lot of credit for this game.”

On if he thinks he took a shot at the end when he slid:
“It was kind of bang-bang. You see times when they know you’re going to slide. It was second and really long and I slid. I kind of jumped into it. It was tough call. I’m not surprised it wasn’t called.”

On if his scrambling took the Bengals out of their two-man defense:
“They called it four or five times today. We beat it a couple times. It’s going to happen. There’s more two-man in this league over the last couple years. Defenses like it, especially on third down. It’s just part of the league now. We just need to be ready for it. Like you said, they don’t account for the quarterback. Whenever I’m able to run and bust it up, it hurts them.”

On Brandon Marshall not being the focus of the offense, but still had a good game:
“I think that should be comforting to him as well. We had a lot of guys get touches out there. He went for over a hundred out there and had a touchdown. Still a big day from him. He’s on my mind when we get the ball, just like I want to get other guys the ball. We put him in positions for him to be successful. He makes plays for us.”

On if the Bears will use Matt Forte down the field more in the passing game:
“We put him out a little bit today. I wasn’t able to get it to him as much as I’d like to get it to him coverage based-wise. He’s such an all-purpose back. He’s so talented on the outside. His hands are so good it’s hard to just pigeon hole him as a (H-back) and put him the backfield. We like to get him out and get some favorable match ups.”

On the interception:
“I wasn’t able to really come through the ball. It’s going to happen. It’s one of those things. I was going for Martellus [Bennett]. Martellus ran a great route. It was going to be wide open. There was going to be a gash there. It’s one of those things. It’s unfortunate. I wanted to have a clean game.”

On his mindset following the interception:
“I was frustrated because we were getting some momentum. We were moving the ball well. We had a great play call right there. For that to happen, it was upsetting. It’s a four-quarter game. You just have to stay in it, which we did.”

On getting the first win:
“Throughout the locker room, including me, it was ‘Let’s get this thing going.’ There’s a lot of question marks. ‘How will we do on offense?’ ‘Are the plays going to work?’ It wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t perfect. We didn’t think it was going to be. We had to make plays when we had to make plays. In the fourth quarter, the line played great. There’s a lot of positives. There’s some stuff to build on, but it’s out of the way and we can get the rest of the season underway.”

On using the timeouts early in the game:
“We were playing games with them. They would shift and play games with us. We just didn’t want to put us in a situation where we would have a bad play and put us in negative yards. We have them, might as well burn them.”

On the discussion with referee Carl Cheffers:
“I was just talking to Carl [Cheffers] just clarifying the play clock situation where we subbed when we’re at the line of scrimmage, letting them sub. It was just a conversation with him about what entails a huddle, what doesn’t entail a huddle. Just trying to get every advantage.”


On if he knew right away he was one-on-one with a safety on his touchdown reception:
“Yeah. I didn’t understand it. Fourth quarter, with a safety on my one-one, I can only ask for that and dream about that. I tried to sell the inside route. He jumped it a little bit and we had a clear lane. The ball bounced our way today.”

On the momentum switch to Cincinnati early in the second half:
“It didn’t feel that way because Peanut [Charles Tillman] and the defense got a few turnovers in the first half. We just didn’t capitalize off of it. It was the same game all four quarters. The second half, we were able to capitalize off our opportunities. It was a great win. It felt like a playoff game early. To start the season off against a Cincinnati Bengals team that’s really good, fast and physical, it was a great challenge for us. We knew it was going to be four quarters. Like coach Trestman says, “58 minutes, plus two,” and that’s exactly what it was. It was a big win for us. Total team win. Coach [Trestman] did a great job of getting us prepared. We did some things early, adjusted off of it and it worked.”

On the differences in this year’s offense:
“There’s a science to it. I get coached up. On that corner route, if I’m supposed be at a seven and I’m at a six, I’m going to get coached up on it. What I mean by that is a seven-yard split or six-yard split. Everything’s a science. You could be the fourth read and you better be where you’re supposed to be. There may be a play where you’re not going to even get the ball, but you’re going to be coached up to be exactly where you’re supposed to be. At the end of the day, everything matters. Our spacing is critical in this offense. I think the coaches and the players did a great job preparing for this great Cincinnati defense.”


On their performance:
“Well, we got out of there with a win. We’re just happy that we’re all healthy. It’s just another case of leaning on our (veteran players) and on our big playmakers. The defense did a great job, getting all of those takeaways. It’s just another example of playing a sixty-minute ball game; one half doesn’t dictate the final score. Credit the leaders in this room for keeping us focused, keeping us locked in, and credit the cardio. We have great cardio; we get a lot of reps in practice, so late in the game, we are fresh.”

On his first NFL game:
“I’ll look at the film. There are a lot of things that I’d like to have back. I was comfortable in the preseason, and I was just trying to find that comfortable spot here today. But, being uncomfortable is OK – especially with their front seven. There is so much talent with Geno (Atkins) and (Domata) Peko and (Carlos) Dunlap and all of those guys. They’re extremely good players. So, we just rely on our technique and try to know where our help is and do the best we can to stymie that rush.”


On the defense down the stretch:
“We won in a critical situation. When it was most important, our defense got off of the field. We were in situations in the first half where we got some turnovers, but right at the end of the first half, we had some opportunities to get off of the field, and we didn’t. And, it wasn’t like it was third and short. It was third and ten, third and eleven. Those are defensive-heavy, winning-percentage downs. So, that’s stuff that we have to correct. I missed a lot of tackles today. I can’t miss tackles like that. But, we’ll move forward.”

On Charles Tillman:
“I hope that not just the people watching the game on television but the people in this organization know what kind of player number thirty-three is. He battled an elite receiver. With some of those big plays, you can’t get in better position than what he’s in. (AJ Green) made some fantastic catches. That’s why the guy goes to the Pro Bowl every year. But, to get the ball out and create turnovers and get interceptions and stuff like that, that’s what we’re all about, and Peanut is the pinnacle of it.”

On their second half adjustments:
“Well, most of their (first half) yards were on passing, and most of those came on two big plays. There were two deep balls that were either for a touchdown or lead to a touchdown. So, it’s just about minimalizing those.”


On the altercation near the end of the game:
“We needed a first down to win the game, and I came up to the line and had to block (Rey Maualuga). I wasn’t letting him go, so he kind of got mad because I was blocking him. He’s a great player. He made a mistake. Even though I wanted to retaliate, I had to keep my composure because of the team and me hitting him back is a selfish play and I could have lost the game for my teammates. But, I kept my composure, clapped it up when he got the penalty, and walked back to the line.”

On handling the pressure:
“There was a little bit of pressure. They have a very good defensive line. I prepared as good as I can. Having Kyle (Long) and the rest of the offensive line helping me, I came into it with a good attitude, taking one play at a time, being patient, letting the game come to me, and having the support from the sideline like James Brown, (Eben) Britton, and the rest of the offensive line – having some constructive criticism on the sideline like, ‘You’re doing good,’ and ‘Keep it up,’ and ‘You’re doing good on him, but just do this a little bit better and you’ll be more successful.’ I mean, there was a little bit of pressure, but having my teammates and the veterans around me, it helped, and I settled down and took one play at a time.”


On his touchdown:
“I missed the first catch. Jittery, first game, Soldier Field, anxious. I tried to do too much with the first one, so it was good to come back with a strong catch. It was just two guys trying to get open and make a play, and (Jay Cutler) trusted me enough just to put it up there, where I could get it, over the defenders, and I was able to come down with it . . . I had to channel my inner Brandon Marshall . . . My first catch ended up being a drop as a Bear. I bet everyone was like, ‘Here we go again.’ But, yes, my first catch was a touchdown, which was big. That’s what I’m here for, to try and score as many as I get. The guys were happy for me, and I’m just excited to be out there.”

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