Bears at Bengals Postgame Quotes

Posted Dec 10, 2017

Chicago Bears at Cincinnati Bengals Postgame Quotes


Head coach

Initial Comments ...

        “I’m at a loss of words today. Our football team, I thought, had a good week of preparation and we did not play close to the kind of football to win the football game today we needed to. I don’t know, that we hurt ourselves early on with penalties and errors and that we shouldn’t have, from the kicking game right away, our failure to capitalize on things offensively, and to get stops on defense. I know we had a lot of new guys and different guys, but that’s no excuse. We didn’t play well enough today.”


How would you rate the effort today?

        “I think the effort, you know, I don’t say there’s anything wrong with the effort. Our ability to complete the task, we didn’t get done.”


It seems like there were a lot of missed tackles and just kind of mental errors. Why do you think that is?

        “I don’t know what missed tackles, but we’ve got to get off the blocks early in the game. We were staying glued to them and they were kind of grabbing us — we weren’t separating. When we separated, they got called for a couple penalties. We didn’t separate early on, so we just expected it to happen. But, you know, there’s too many plays for me to remember each.”


I know you have to look at the film to determine assignments, but that said there were a lot of open receivers in the middle of the field today...

        “There were. There were a lot. Yeah, we didn’t get some things done correctly, obviously.”


Is that the price to pay for having rookie linebackers and Vinny Rey hasn’t in a few played for a few weeks and was back out there?

        “Some new people, some moving parts and, you know, it was not very good.”


Do you feel like this team came into this game prepared?

        “I do. I said in the beginning they had a good focus and a good week of preparation, the six days. But we didn’t go out there and handle the different movements and changes very well defensively today particularly, and then the opportunity to sustain things on offense. We had some good runs that got going and then we didn’t sustain things by completing it, by making the first downs and giving us more opportunity and we had some balls down the field that we were a touch off in the first half, I felt like, and then didn’t get enough opportunity in the second half. Then obviously the fumble there, too many key things.”


It was uncharacteristic by A.J. Green today. Is that a focus issue?

        “Well no. You’ve got to realize you complete the play, you know, before the guy rips the ball out right on the boundary. I don’t know if he thinks he’s out of bounds or whatever, but he’s close to the boundary, but finish the play and hand the ball to the ref — the same things we tell them all the time. Hand the ball to the official and that way we know we completed the catch.”


Did Geno Atkins get hurt during the game?

        “Yeah, he played on his sore foot. Then as the game went on, I don’t know what happened, if he got sore, but we didn’t have a whole lot of pass rush situations as the game went on as well. We were just trying to play him in certain situations.”


After the Houston game you were asked about your offense and if you were shocked and you said yes. Are you shocked today by this?

        “I am shocked. I said in the opening we didn’t play very well today.”


What is your level of frustration right now after a loss like that?

        “We didn’t play well enough today.”


Do you think the Monday night game took something out of them?

        “That would be an excuse.”


But do you feel like that is part of it?

        “You’ve got to come back and you’ve got to play. So, I’m not giving that to be an excuse. We didn’t play well enough today.”


What positives can you take out of a game like this?

        “I’m not sure. I’m sure there’s something.”




Are you able to explain what happened today?

        “We didn’t play well. That’s what it came down to. For us, we didn’t have a lot of energy, and offensively we didn’t get that one play that gave us a spark. It hurt us. It was a good drive on that one touchdown that we did score. From there on, we couldn’t get anything going.”


Was it surprising for you to not have that energy in a game of this magnitude?

        “Yeah. I don’t think anybody expected this to happen. It’s disappointing.”


Was it hard to recover from what happened on Monday night against Pittsburgh?

        “People are going to look at that, and people are probably going to say that. I don’t know if that was the reason why, but whatever the reason was, we didn’t come to play today.”


In the past, A.J. Green has been a guy to give this offense a spark. Did you notice anything off about him in this game?

        “No. We kept giving him chances and plays. He’s a guy we’re going to continue to rely on and continue to go to.”


Is it jarring, or does it create a ripple effect on the offense when a player like A.J. Green makes mistakes like that?

        “It can happen to anybody. Obviously you’re going to look at those negative plays that can happen to anybody, but he did make some plays today.”


You guys had a lot of new, young faces playing a lot of snaps today. Do you think that impacted the outcome?

        “We can make excuses all we want, but at the end of the day we didn’t get the job done.”


Is this a low point for you, considering all the success you have had in your career?

        “Yeah, it obviously wasn’t good. It’s disappointing that that’s what we put out there today. For us, we’ve got to move on and go get ready for next week. That’s all we can worry about at this point.”


Have you ever been beaten like that before whether it was in high school, college, or in the NFL?



Since you and A.J. Green have been here, this has got to be the worst loss, right?

        “It wasn’t good. I don’t know about everything that’s happened. It wasn’t good today.”


Do you think the effort was there?

        “Like I said earlier, we just didn’t have that much energy and we didn’t have anything that gave us that spark. That’s just how it went today.”


Personally for you, what are you playing for the rest of the season?

        “Playing for pride. You don’t want to have a losing season. Any time you go out there and play, you want to win. That’s our goal. That’s why you play this game.”




Does your big day ring hollow in light of the loss?

        “Yes. It’s frustrating because we’re a better team than how we played out there today. It’s tough.”


Things seemed to unravel after the 7-6 lead ...

        “It’s an overall feel. We have to get back to our jobs and do what we do. How we played out there is not us, and everybody here knows it. It’s frustrating that way, but I have trust in my teammates, and we’re ready to fix this up. Obviously it’s too late for us to make anything happen, so we have to play spoiler now.”


Was there any hangover from the emotion of Monday’s game?

        “No. There was nothing from last week. We’re banged up, but guys have to step up. It’s the little things — typical football schematics. We have to get that kind of stuff going again.”



Defensive end

How do you get your teammates back on track?

        “We’ll go over the tape and learn from our mistakes. We’ll take hard long look at it, and be very critical of ourselves. It starts with me. I could have played a lot of things better at the beginning of the game that would have helped momentum in our favor. They were able to get some things going early, and we didn’t go a good job of responding. We’re going to go back and look at the film, make our adjustments, and try to learn from this type of loss.”



Defensive end

Was this a shocking game?

        “Yes. It’s embarrassing to do this at home. We didn’t defend our home field, and that’s something we take pride in.”


Did you feel like you guys had a good week of practice?

        “I felt like we had a good week of practice, but we didn’t execute the game plan. I know there are a lot of young guys in (the game), but that’s an excuse, and we don’t use excuses around here.”


It seems like they did a lot of short, quick passes ...

        “They executed their game plan. They didn’t do anything spectacular. They stuck to it. It was everything we saw on the tape.”


Was it a shock to see the way they ran the ball?

        “No. It was a scheme we were prepared for, they just executed it. There was a little delay out there with us. I think we played hard, and the effort was there. They just out-executed the game plan.”


Is this one of the worst days of your career?

        “This was pretty bad. I didn’t expect this football game.”


What was the most embarrassing part?

        “We didn’t defend home field. We had fans here; I had a lot of family here. It was embarrassing to put that up there and come out like that. It’s not what I expected.”


Was there a hangover from Monday night?

        “Nope. They just out-executed us today. I think if we play them three times, we win two out of three. But they won today.”


Why weren’t you guys able to light a fire under yourselves?

        “We have to figure that out. I don’t know. I don’t have that answer.”


You weren’t able to take a stand, like you talked about after Monday ...

        “Nope, we weren’t able to do it. But we have three more games left. That’s three more opportunities to play three good ball clubs and try to make that stand. You have to win one before you can win three, though.”


What’s the motivation for you guys in these last three games?

        “We play three playoff teams. We have an opportunity to spoil things. The first one is against (Vikings head coach and former Bengals defensive coordinator) Mike Zimmer — I want to play against him and put my best foot forward against him. He was a coach here, and he got my career started here. It will be fun to play to get after a team that’s playing good football now, so getting a win against them will be a pride thing.”


Is that what it is now, pride?

        “Yes. We play for the name on the front and the back (of our jerseys). We have to go out there and execute.”


Is it surprising that you have to work on simple things like ‘showing up?’

        “We have high expectations for ourselves, so yes. We don’t make excuses. We’re a ‘next man up’ team. We didn’t go out there and do that today.”


Is this rock bottom?

        “No, but it’s an embarrassment. They just executed their game plan better than we did.”


Are you running out of answers for what’s ailing this team?

        “No, it’s the same thing. We’re just not fixing it.”


So you’re recognizing it, but able to fix it?




Wide receiver

Is this about as low as you can remember feeling after a game in your seven years as a Bengal?

        “Yeah. I didn’t play well at all, and it starts with me. Being one of the playmakers on the team, I made no plays today. I have to do a better job of making plays whenever my number is called. I had a couple of deep balls that I should have made and somehow come up with the ball. It starts with me, and I played like (crap) today.”


Is this about concentration, or does it kind of just happen?

        “Things just happen. I have been doing this for a long time, and stuff happens. The way the season has been going, all I can do is keep fighting.”


Are you surprised with how the team performed today?

        “Of course I’m shocked. I feel like we had a great week of practice coming off a tough loss Monday. But, I feel like we were prepared and ready. It was just one of those games when we couldn’t get anything going.”


What do you think of the team’s effort today?

        “Our effort was good, there were just a lot of freakish things that happened. It’s as simple as that. It starts with me on offense. I have to pick my game up for this offense to have a chance to win these last three games, and I didn’t do that today.”


One of your teammates used the word embarrassing coming off the field. Is that a correct assessment?

        “It’s definitely embarrassing. Any time you lose 33-7, no matter how good the other team played, it’s embarrassing. We have three more weeks left, and we have to continue fighting.”


It is possible the team was not only physically limping, but mentally limping as well?

        “Everybody saw the Monday night game and how physical it was and how hard these guys fought their butts off to get a win. We make no excuses. They were the better team today, and they beat us.”



Defensive end

Is ‘embarrassing’ a good depiction of today’s game?

        “Everybody was embarrassed, but that’s what you get when you don’t play your top game in the NFL. You have to be ready to play each week, because this is the NFL. You can’t look at records; the greatest team could go down, and the team that is not the greatest could have their best game. You have to be on it every Sunday.”


As a professional, when you are at a low like this, how do you pick yourself back up?

        “Move on to next week. That is the only thing you can do. You can’t add or delete from it, you just move on to next week. Minnesota is not going to feel sorry for us. In the next three games, no one is going to feel sorry for us. You just have to move on to the next week and move forward.”


Was there a physical and emotional hangover from Monday night?

        “I didn’t feel it during the week. I just felt like we had a lot of young guys, and we kind of got out of whack a little bit. They made their plays. We knew they were going to come out and establish the run with their two good running backs, and we didn’t stop them today.”


As the stadium started to empty out, was that about as tough as it gets as a proud NFL player?

        “I’ve seen worse. But, when you don’t bring your ‘A’ game, that’s the stuff that can happen. We can’t sit and feel sorry for ourselves. We have to go back to the drawing board and be ready for next week and the Vikings.”




You played more than you are accustomed to today. How do you explain what happened today?

        “We gave them stuff, and they beat us. Personally, I just have to go back, look at the mistakes and make sure they don’t happen again.”


Marvin Lewis said you had a great week of practice. What changed on the field?

        “I don’t know. I can speak for myself only. I thought it was a good week of practice. You just have to stay in tuned to your key indicators and stuff like that, and I thought that got away from us at times.”


Did the Bears do anything to surprise you?

        “No, they did what they usually do. They ran the ball, and the quarterback had a good game.”


Do you like feel they tried to isolate on the linebackers in the middle of the field?

        “They took what we gave them, and they took full advantage of it.”


With so many new guys, how hard was it to trust each other?

        “It shouldn’t be (hard), because we’ve been with each other for a while. We were in the huddle telling guys to hit your run gap and stay with your man. It’s that plain and simple. That’s what we were trying to do, and we fell short.”


Does this team miss having that X-factor on the field in the absence of Vontaze Burfict and Adam Jones?

        “Those guys are leaders and big-time playmakers as well.”



Wide receiver

How would you describe today’s offensive performance?

        “It felt like a bad day at practice. We came out and went three-and-out, and that hasn’t been us the last few weeks, or the last month or so. We’ve been able to sustain drives and go out and convert on third down, and we couldn’t do it today. We got the touchdown at the end of the first quarter, and I just felt like that was going to be the momentum switch that we needed to get us going. But, we couldn’t move that ball or make a play to save our life. We just let the defense play too long today. We have to convert on third down and give our defense a rest when we have so many people out (injured) on defense.”


Was the effort there today?

        “I felt like the effort was there, but we couldn’t make plays. We had a sense of urgency since we left the Jacksonville game that we needed to win every game the rest of the year to give us a chance to make the playoffs, and we haven’t done that, especially on this short week. We lost two games that we should have won. We came out and laid an egg.”


Is there any carryover from Monday?

        “I can’t say it is, and I can’t say it’s not. We didn’t play like we normally play today, and it showed it in every form on offense, defense and special teams. We didn’t play like we normally play.”









DEC. 10, 2017




Head coach

Initial Comments ...

        “Nothing to report injury-wise — I think we made it through the game pretty healthy. I’ll open it up for questions.”


Offensively, one of the best point outputs you’ve had. What do you think fueled that today?

        “We’ve got a very young football team, particularly on offense. It starts at quarterback — we’ve been able to watch him grow every week. Guys like Tarik Cohen, Adam Shaheen — they just keep getting better. That’s what you expect. Today we came out and executed well as a football team in all three phases and we got to reap the benefits.”


What impressed you most about Mitch Trubisky’s performance today?

        “I think his preparation. He’s put a lot into it. Our coaches have done a great job preparing him. There’s always a couple young moments, but you saw some growth. I’ve seen growth every week. He’s gone out there and impressed because he works at it very, very hard. There’s a lot that goes into it. It’s good to see him experience some success today.”


You left your foot on the gas even after you got a comfortable lead, which is a little different than some of the other games earlier in the year. What went into that?

        “I don’t know all about that gas-pump stuff, but we’ve been trying that all season. We just did it a little better today.”


What’s the difference today compared to the two previous games?

        “Well, it all starts up front. Not taking anything away from any of the skill guys, but whether it’s pass protection or its run blocking, I think that all starts and finishes up front. Our front had a good day. I thought Jordan (Howard) ran pretty violent, ran pretty angry. When he does that, you’ve seen the results.”


Does he tend to do that when he gets success early and you’re winning?

        “Confidence is all a part of any professional sport, but you’ll have to ask him that.”


Did you sense that Mitch needed some evidence of the growth that he showed today just because of the way things have gone previously?

        “Again, that’s part of anything in sports. What’s been frustrating for me and the coaches is that a lot of us have had our day in the sun, but to see young guys come in, and work hard, and not reap those benefits — I thought Mitch Trubisky played very well last week. When you don’t experience the end result that’s a W, it’s hard to put much into that. I’ve seen him grow every week he’s been out there since all the way back to Minnesota. It’s just kind of nice to see some of those young guys experience the benefits of all that hard work.”


What do you think distinguishes Mitch—you talk about starting the week, third down, fourth down—the way he’s played?

        “Like anything, he puts a lot into it. He invests a lot of time into it. I’ve got great respect for what these guys do and how hard they work. Mitch is no different. He doesn’t have a day off. He’s there seven days a week. Coach (Dave) Ragone, Coach (Dowell) Loggains he’s with 24-seven. You see that growth. It’s a lot of situational. I think he had one little boo-hoo today on the screen, but he won’t make that mistake again. I think that’s important about great players that haven’t been around is, you don’t make the same mistake. Mitch is in that group.”


You were down seven, eight or nine guys on defense. How would you assess the performance today?

        “As I mentioned earlier, a lot is made of those things. It’s a tough time of year. To get to the fourth quarter of a game or a season, you’ve got who you have and you gut it up with who you have. I thought our guys responded well.”


Mitch and Kendall Wright today seemed like they were on the same page. How did that help Mitch as the game went on to grow that?

        “I think what gets lost and lost is where Mitch is on third down, even prior to today. I believe he was seventh in the league, and he’s got about a 95 QBR. A lot of those catches, Kendall has eight third-down receptions. For a guy new to us, Kendall, again, hats off to him. He’s worked very hard in a position group where people didn’t give us a lot of credit or hope. Seeing the results was fun to watch.”


When Eddie Jackson had the strip and the recovery on the sideline, what did you see right in front of you right there to throw the flag?

        “I was fortunate because it happened right in front of me, and didn’t have to take the time to wait on anybody. It was just nice to see them get it right.”


With the Bengals injuries on defense did you feel like you had some opportunities to open things up a little more on offense?

        “ Yeah, they’ve been a pretty salty defense all year, and we were familiar with all the injuries and being on a short week coming off a Monday night against a physical opponent that we already played. Obviously they want their starters out there just like we do. It kind of was it what is was. I’m just happy with the way our guys executed today.”


What have the last five, six weeks been like when you’re on a losing streak like that?

        “You know, it’s ... been there before. It’s not easy. It’s not easy on us, it’s not easy on you all. I’ve been a part of the winning side of where you guys sit. It’s not easy on anybody. Again, you don’t let your sword down and you just keep swinging.”


What was the message to the team in there to finally end that streak and get the win?

        “It’s good to see them experience the results of all their hard work. That’s gratifying as a coach.”


With Adam Shaheen, what did you like about the matchup today? He seemed to be involved pretty much from the get go ...

        “We’ve just got to share that wealth. To play wide tight end in this league there’s a lot to it, both in the run game and in the pass game ... Frank Smith his position coach, they’ve worked their tails off to get prepared and ready, and I think he’s starting to see that maturation.”


The first challenge you didn’t get, it looked like some of your players were kind of yelling on the sideline. Were they kind of asking for the challenge?

        “A lot of times that’s a very, very hard thing on the field for the officials to see. That’s one of those where it’s really hard to see. It’s right on the angle once they get their little lines up there and everything. But it was a big gain, and it was one of those momentum-changing plays so it was worth a shot.”




Why was wide receiver Kendall Wright such a strong target for you today?

        “All 10 guys were just doing their job — all 11 guys, myself included. We just went out there and executed today, and we just had fun doing it. We trusted the plan, went out there, let it loose, were balanced with the attack (in) the running game and (the) passing (game) and Kendall did a great job getting open. He just keeps telling me to stick with him on some of those option routes that he has, and I did, I just trusted him, and he went up and made great catches today. That’s what we expect out of Kendall — to get open for us and make catches — and the offensive line did a great job for us up front all day.”


How big was it to get in the end zone on the first drive of the game?

        “Really big. We want to start fast and finish fast. To get the ball and drive down with pretty good field position thanks to our defense — they played well all game — that’s how you want to operate: Going down and scoring the first drive of the game.”


Was it hard to do that in previous games?

        “We were really just focused today. We put the past behind us and (focused on) one drive at a time. We had a great week of practice, and I feel like that just trickled (down) throughout the week (with) positive energy. The guys just came together and we were able to make a lot of plays today. We weren’t going to dwell on the past and what we didn’t do. We can learn from our mistakes, and it allowed us to be more effective today.”


Is it fair to say that you guys were more aggressive today on offense?

        “Sure, it’s fair to say. Everyone’s got opinions.”


Would you feel it’s accurate to say that?

        “It’s accurate.”


How much of a boost did the play of tight end Adam Shaheen give you today?

        “Yeah — we just need to spread the ball around. We’ve got a lot of great weapons on offense. Adam, Dion (Sims) — they’re big tight ends and we’ve just got to continue to utilize them and spread the ball around with our receivers. It all starts when we get the running game going and the whole line was really playing well up front.

        “Adam did a great job when I threw the ball his way and he was coming down with it every single time. It was awesome, and I guess it’s just a tribute to the extra work we put in before and after practice, and me and him just getting on the same page.”


How big of a point of emphasis is third down for you in preparation?

        “Always. Always. Every single week. Everybody knows third down is the money down, especially for quarterbacks. It’s usually a known passing situation when you’re not in third-and-short yardage — everyone in the building knows it’s a pass — so (it depends on) how well are you going to operate and know what the defense is doing on the other side of the ball. You study third down extra close to get a good sense of what the defense is doing every time, and when all 10 guys do their job, it makes my job a lot easier. That’s what allows us to be effective on third down.”


How much was patience important to your success today?

        “Definitely. I mean, the receivers are going to get open eventually if the offensive line gives me time back there, and that’s why I was able to find them today, because they did such a great job. I had a lot of time back there in the pocket, and that allowed the receivers to operate in their routes and get open.”


What were the Bengals doing defensively today?

        “Cover 2, cover 3, (they) mixed it up with buzz. But we knew they were banged up on that side of the ball, so we wanted to take advantage and really focus on ourselves and execute. They did a good job of mixing it up and threw a couple of different things (at us) we hadn’t seen, but we just continued to roll with it like we do throughout the games.”


You haven’t been in situations in games in the third and fourth quarter where you had leads like this. What was that like today?

        “It was exciting, stepping into the huddle, (I) just continued to play with confidence. We were just ‘vibing’ off each other in the huddle, and everyone had that positive look in their eye.

        “Everybody wanted the ball. The linemen wanted the ball to ran behind them, the receivers wanted the ball in their eyes, and the running backs (wanted to run). When everyone has that hunger — that desire to want to go out and execute the next play — it makes it fun on offense.”


What do you do to savor a win at this point in your NFL career, especially since they are hard to come by?

        “We play on Saturday this week, so it’s going to be a shorter week by one day. So, for me, it’s to enjoy this, because you expect to win. You put all the hard work in, and it’s good to reap the rewards from putting in a lot of hard work this week. But you’ve got to move on. (I’ll) watch the film tonight, get over it and get back out there for Detroit on short week.”


Can you talk about the crowd today? There seemed to be a lot of Bears fans in attendance ...

        “Yeah, that was awesome. It seems like all the Bengals fans left, and it was then just the Bears fans (remaining). I really noticed that before the game, too, like, ‘Wow, there’s a lot of Bears fans here.’ What a tribute to them to support us throughout this tough season, and we want to put on a good performance for them because they travel so well. Thanks to Bears Nation, and we’ve just got to keep it rolling.”


We’ve talked about celebrating small victories, even if the team lost, to valid the process of yourself as a quarterback in the NFL. How important is that to you to win to validate the growth you’re working for?

        “I don’t know about the validation part, because I feel like that is kind of on the outside (of the building), but I just feel confident I’m getting better each week. And, yes, it’s fun to play, but I get feedback from my teammates. I can tell that they’re confident in me, and that my play is just going to get better each week, and I know how to prepare. I just need to go out there and execute and just do it the way I’m coached. For us to come out with a win, that’s the most important thing and the most important thing for me.”


On the play that you ran for a touchdown, what did you see?

        “It was a read-option (play) and the defense crashed down. It was a tribute to the offensive line and (running back) Jordan (Howard) creating holes all day. I just pulled one and ran it in the end zone.”


In the second half, you were still taking shots down field with the lead. Does that speak to your growth as a quarterback and the offense here?

        “Yeah. I think that’s how we want to build as an offense. They trust me that I’m going to take care of the football and make great decisions. My teammates did a great job all day of having my back, and I know that when we’re staying aggressive, we’re staying aggressive but also taking care of the football. We’re just taking calculated shots, calculated risks and just being efficient with the football. The other 10 guys on offense did their job and that’s what allowed me to stay aggressive throughout the whole game.”



Tight end

Are you okay after your touchdown grab? Did you get the wind knocked out of you?

        “A little bit. I landed on myself, but I’m alright.”


What did you see in the Bengals’ defense that allowed you to find some openings?

        “We had a good plan going in. We setup the play action because we were running the ball well today, so that really set everything up.”


The first time he threw to you in the end zone — did he sneak a hand in there?

        “Yeah, he snuck his hand in. I should have caught it. It was a good ball. It was a little low, but you’ve got to come up with that.”




What happened on the missed extra point?

        “You know what, it was one of those ones that’s like throwing a strike or shooting a free-throw. When you try to place it there, that’s when you have the best chances of missing. I think I tried to place it, instead of relaxing and swinging through it.”


The rest of your day was fine ...

        “I was excited to be able to shake it off and have some more opportunities, so that was great. I’m not much of a kicker if I can’t learn from a miss like that, so I learned from it and moved on to the next one.”


Did you have family at the game today?

        “Yes, my brother, mom, my brother’s father-in-law, my wife and my daughter.”


Were you confident you’d have another opportunity to kick?

        “I don’t know. It all depends on injuries and performance and how a guy does on any given day. This year the groin and hip injuries have been popular. It’s been very common with kickers. I knew there was a good chance because guys were getting hurt — especially with the colder weather and being so deep in the season.”


What comes into your mind when you come back to this stadium?

        “You’re going to think of some negative stuff that you don’t want to, but I really had a really good time playing here in Cincinnati. I hated seeing my run here end. I really wanted it to last a lot longer, like anyone who has been released. I was given very many opportunities to get out of the hole I’d dug for myself, but wasn’t able to do it.”


How were you able to get out of the hole?

        “It was just some time away and focusing on being more positive and confident when it comes to kicking. Even with the miss today, I still have some work to do. I just want to help my teammates out when they get the ball down the field.”


A lot of the Bengals players came and said hi after the game ...

        “Definitely — as teammates you get to know guys really well. You go through a lot of things together with the ups and downs and all the hard work. It’s sad that I can’t call them my teammates anymore, but I have friends for life in people like Kevin Huber, Clark Harris and Darrin Simmons. Andy Dalton has been one of the most supportive people I’ve ever been around in my career. He’s an absolutely incredible guy and I can’t thank him enough for the support he has given me off the field.”




Were you trying to force the fumble on A.J. Green?

        “Yes, that’s what we’re taught. It was good coaching. That’s what we’re taught in practice. When you get there, you try to rip the ball out and that was what I was able to do.”


Were you surprised with how early the whistled the ball dead?

        “I was very surprised. I got upset. I was confident the ball came out. Coach (John) Fox made a great call by challenging it and it turned out to be our ball.”



Wide receiver

How does it feel to get the ball so much?

        “You get an opportunity; you have to make the most of it. I don’t know how many times they threw me the ball. My main focus is one play at a time and to catch everything. You have to catch every pass. Getting open is the easy part. You have to calm yourself down and look the ball in.”


Have you gone practices with less catches?

        “No. I get those targets every day at practice. Sometimes the game plan is to run the ball.”


How much did the other wide receivers help you get open?

        “Our group of receivers pride ourselves in getting open. We call ourselves 7-Eleven because we’re always open.”



Running back

Is it fair to say that you were the more aggressive team today?

        “I think you can say that. We came out with the mentality that we had to be the more aggressive team in this game.”


What did you think of Mitchell Trubisky’s demeanor today?

        “It’s nothing new for him. He has always been a young leader in the huddle. He’s very demanding and focused and he kept at it today. Things went right for us today and bounced our way.”

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