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"Bengals Growl" Fight Song

George Bird was a close friend to Paul E. Brown, founder of the Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals.

When Paul Brown started the Cleveland Browns he asked his friend, George Bird, to be his Entertainment Director and he accepted. George had a 14-piece band called Bird’s Band and his band played live at all the home games.

When Paul came to Cincinnati to form the Bengals, once again he asked George to be the Entertainment Director for the Bengals. Once again he accepted. George at some point became ill and was hospitalized. He was quite unhappy that he was in the hospital, so while lying in bed he jokingly decided to write a song titled “Bengals Growl.”

Today the "Bengals Growl" fight song continues to be popular among Bengals fans young and old.

Hear that Bengal growlin' mean and angry
Here he comes a prowlin' lean and hungry
An offensive brute
Run, pass or boot
And defensively he's rough, tough
Cincinnati Bengals
That's the team we're going to cheer to victory
Touchdown Bengals get some points upon that board
And win a game for Cincinnati