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April 13, 2012


"True Bengals fans sitting in the rain watching the Bengals beat down the Cleveland Browns!"
"My wife Julie Alexander having fun at a Bengals game. WHO DEY."
"Our 23-month-old grandson Evan Schramm wearing his dad's 40-year-old Bengals jacket."
"Our trip to Seattle this past Halloween, me Darren on the right and I’ve been a Bengals since I was a little kid and born in Cincy in 68, my son Mike who was converted for the day from a Raiders fan #9, my daughter Cortney next who is a true Bengals fan and her boyfriend Niko next to her who is a Vikings fan. We had a blast and we WON! WHO DEY!"
"Here's a picture of my son Nathaniel J. Almli at the 2012 Pro Bowl in Hawaii. Can't wait to see him here one day as a player!"
--Chris Almli
"Rick Wells in front of his tornado-damaged house with Andrew Hawkins in Moscow, Ohio a week after the damage. Rick got some new gear thanks to the Bengals staff. What a pick-me-up for the people of Moscow and all the volunteers."