Bengals Fan Connection

Bengals Fan Connection

Connect with other Bengals fans across the nation!

(If you find a location on our list that is no longer open or not a good spot for Bengals fans, please send us an email to let us know so that we can keep our list of establishments up to date.)



Ever wanted to hook up with other Bengals fans to catch the big game on Sunday but didn't know where to go?

We understand there are loyal Cincinnati Bengals fans across the United States and even the world who love to follow their beloved Bengals but don't have the opportunity to visit The Jungle in person.

So what's the next best thing to being there?

We think it's cheering on the Bengals with fellow fanatics in your favorite establishment. That's why we've created Bengals Fan Connection, a feature on where Bengals fans can connect with one another across the country.

Here's how it works.

If you have a favorite location in your city where you like to gather for Bengals games, let us know. We'll then provide a list on of establishments received from your submissions.

If you're in Bismarck, North Dakota, for example, and want to find a great place to watch the Bengals, just check out Bengals Fan Connection to see if another fan has listed his or her favorite spot in Bismarck. We are looking for public establishments such as sports bars or restaurants so keep that in mind when sending us your location.

The more submissions we receive, the more locations we'll list, and the better the opportunity for you to make a Bengals connection.

Use the form fields below to input the establishment location and description, and your name.

Bengals Fan Connection

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