Bengals Fan Connection

City Location Comments
ARLINGTON Champps Sport Bar and Restaurant
1201 South Joyce Street
It's a great sports bar with every NFL team represented and great food and fun. The hosts/waiters and Mgmt all try to please the customers, and us Die Hard DC-area Bengal Fans can come and congregate and enjoy the game! (submitted by Charles Smith of Falls Church, VA)
  Sine Irish Pub
1301 S. Joyce St.
Great beer - plenty of seats - always have TV with Bengals game on. (submitted by Patrick O'Neill of Washington DC)
  Bailey's Pub. & Grille
4238 Wilson Blvd
Great place to watch the games and plenty of Bengals fans to yell some Who Dey's when they score! Go Bengals! (submitted by Steve Kuertz of Arlington)
  Summers Grill and Sports Pub
1520 N. Courthouse Rd.
Shows every NFL game, but the Bengals usually get sound in all the football areas. (submitted by Steve B. of Arlington)

BALLSTON Front Page Restaurant & Grill
4201 Wilson Blvd
It is hard to find many Bengals fans in DC, but the place to be is the Front Page. It is right above the Ballston metro stop. Plenty of TVs and they will put the game on whereever you want. The more the merrier. (submitted by Scott Castellini of Arlington, VA )

BLACKSBURG Buffalo Wild Wings
211 Prices Fork Rd.
This is an excellent spot to support the best up and coming football team in the NFL. Has enough TV's for all the games and will put the Bengals on all the time. Tons and tons of football fans come. Sundays are packed with people wearing their teams' jersey. Best thing about this spot is we can talk trash to all the Steelers fans around here when we beat them. Go Bengals Who-Dey! Plus I got a new name for Chad Johnson, "Sky-Line." (submitted by Nick Brauninger of Radford, VA)

NORFOLK Jillian's
333 Waterside Dr.
This is a great place to watch any team's games. They have enough big screen TVs to show each game on at least 2 so that you always have a good view of your game. While you may have to listen to one of the other games there's great energy and always the chance to argue/discuss the game with fans of your opponents. I was there for every sunday I was in town last year and will do the same this year. (submitted by Joe Kluthe of Norfolk)

RICHMOND Mulligans Sports Grille
1323 W. Main St.
This is a Bengals fan's paradise. It has a huge list of beers, great game day menu. They have big screen tv's as well as other smaller ones for other games. Being in the FAN and close to VCU campus, there is always a good crowd watching games. Come join me. WHO DEY. (submitted by E. Vinson of Richmond)

3900 Bonney Road
A great place because I have the connections that git us the best TV and service! (submitted by Ray Warfield of Virginia Beach)
  Salty C's
3657 Shore Drive
Lots of TVs with great food and drink specials on Sundays. Went there for almost all of the '09 season and enjoyed watching us sweep the divison. Come on by and join the festivities. Best part of all is laughing at the Steelers fans as they hand their heads in defeat! (submitted by Matt of Virginia Beach, 6/24/10)
  Planet Pizza
816 Atlantic Avenue
I know the owner and am an avid football fan. Two doors down is a Steelers hang out. Would be great for conference game time. (submitted by Peter McCoy of Virginia Beach)