Bengals Fan Connection

City Location Comments
AKRON Damons Bar and Grill
222 South Main Street
There are only two of us there every Sunday. Myself and another with his family. We sit and the bar and get pretty obnoxious. Come join us every Sunday. Great beer and food prices every Sunday. (submitted by MJ of Akron, 12/15/08)

ALLIANCE Mangos Club
2500 W. State St.
Big Screen TVs and all the Browns fans to laugh at. (submitted by TJ of Alliance)

ATHENS Red Brick Tavern
14 N. Court Street
A great place for Bengals fans to watch the game. It's next to a Browns bar and across the street from a Steelers bar. A great place for college students in the Athens area to get rowdy about the Bengals being three hours away from Cincinnati. (submitted by Joel Donner of Athens)
  Cat's Den
110 West Union Street
The Cat's Den is a great place to watch the Bengals, as there is an excellent group of faithful fans there to support the Bengals. If you don't want to go uptown, come to the Den for something with a little more local flavor, and plenty of people yelling Who Dey! (The Browns and Steelers games are usually on too ... you'll have that!) (submitted by Kim Barlag of Athens, 10/25/12)
  Broney's Alumni Grill
7 W. Carpenter St.
Broney's Alumni Grill is a new sports restaurant/bar located in uptown Athens. Because it is the official Bengals bar of Athens, they have nine flat screen TVs all dedicated to showing the Bengals games in high definition so its like you're really there! With 16 beers on tap, a fully stocked import cooler, and a menu full of sandwiches, burgers, wings, nachos, and other food, Broney's is the PERFECT spot to watch the Bengals! WHO-DEY! (submitted by Brad Wharton of Athens)

BEAVERCREEK Cadillac Jacks
Across from the Fairfield Mall at Fairfield Rd. and Germany-Treibein Rd
Great menu and a lot of really big TV's. (submitted by Cathy Hamilton of Beavercreek)

BOWLING GREEN Buffalo Wild Wings
176 E. Wooster St
It's a great place for college students to watch the game. The big screen in the main seating area always has the Bengals game on. There are some Browns and Steelers fans, but it's mostly Bengals fans. People are always cheering and yelling WHO DEY when the Bengals make a big play or score a touchdown. Best moment was Week 13 vs Pittsburgh when Justin Smith sacked Roethlisberger on 4th down to end Pittsburgh's final drive, the place went crazy, all the Bengals fans were chanting WHO DEY WHO DEY WHO DEY, it was awesome. (submitted by Phil Savitt of Cincinnati)

CANTON Panini's Bar & Grill
5252 Dressler Rd. NW
We're on the big screen every week. There are always a few Bengals fans waiting to cheer with you! (submitted by Derek Tibbits of Canton)

SR 48
Plenty of TVs with one big screen always showing the Bengals game. Plus where else do you get a hefty dose of "Welcome to the Jungle" before the game and also at halftime?! Buckets of beer cost a measley $7; a price I haven't seen beat yet. The food you ask? Fantastic. They have a fish sandwich that is 10 oz. and even holding it with both hands it sticks out of both sides. Huge! Come see me and the rest of the Bengals Nation every Sunday at this great spot for Bengals football! (submitted by Turk Vangel of Dayton)
  Vue Bar
1004 St. Rt. 725
There are 11 plasma screen TVs and plenty of fun, food, and other Bengals fans watching the game every week! (submitted by Emily of Centerville)

CHILLICOTHE BW-3s on N Bridge St. A great place to hang out and enjoy the game, in need of Bengals fans! (submitted by Tressa Strausbaugh of Chillicothe)

  Paint Grill
339 South Paint Street
We are trying to start a Bengals fan base. The bar will be open on gameday Sundays, for all Bengals fans to get together and cheer the Bengals on! (submitted by Tom Weaver of Chillicothe, 11/21/06)

CINCINNATI Crowley's in Mt. Adams A great place to watch Bengals games. It's only about 10 minutes from downtown. (submitted by Bob Connolly)
  Murphy's Pub
2329 W. Clifton Ave
Cold Beer. No Steelers fans. Cold Beer. No Browns fans. Cold Beer. (submitted by Thomas S. Ford of Cincinnati)
  Wooster Tavern
6309 Wooster Pike
A great place watch the Bengals game. It's a good bar with good food and everyone loves cheering the Bengals on to victory. They also have free popcorn! (submitted by Andy)
  Logos Sports Bar & Grill
8954 Blue Ash Road, Blue Ash
Good menu and food; free coneys during the game; door prizes at halftime (T-shirts, hats, gift cert. & drinks); chance to win money every quarter (fill out squares); big screen TVs & over the bar TV's; cute & fun bartenders. (submitted by Laura Keith of Cincinnati)
  Martino's on Vine St. Not sure of the address, but it's on Vine St. in Clifton, near Bogarts. The best thing about this place is it's a Steelers bar. Maybe I just love all the dirty looks, but it's fun screaming WHO-DEY to all the crying Steelers fans. (submitted by Matt Summers of Dayton, KY)
  Hooligan's Pub on Highland Ave in Columbia Township Not only do they have three big screen TV's, but they have tons of seating. And the BEST ribs in town. Check it out for yourself. WHO-DEY! (submitted by Kym & Jessica: Bengals No. 1 Fans)
  Gas Light Cafe
6104 Montgomery Road
It's a smaller bar with 3 pretty good sized TV's. What is so nice about the Gas Light is that the owners don't put up with Steelers or Browns fans. The only time a Steelers or Browns game will be shown there is if the mighty Bengals are playing them. The bar is distincly Cincinnati proud. People get there about 12:30 on gameday. Cheap drinks and good food. There are usually a couple of drink specials as well. (submitted by Kyle Kuznof of Cincinnati/Cork County, Ireland)
  Crosleys Sports Bar and Eatery
4901 Vine St. (St. Bernard Square underneath Skyline)
Big screen TV and seven other TVs with great food and fun people. Also have NFL ticket on DirecTV. (submitted by Jeremy Kramer)
  Duff's Sports Bar
North Bend Road in Cheviot
Great food, small setting so it's louder then a Willies or BW3's. (submitted by Ronnie)
  Lambo's Wagon Wheel
4560 Bridgetown Rd.
Several TV's, great beer specials, $1 cheese coneys direct from Skyline. The staff are huge Who-Dey fans. It gets loud, rowdy, and Browns fans are not even close to welcome. (submitted by Ron Whaley of Cincinnati)

CLEVELAND Winking Lizard Tavern
1852 Coventry Road
This is a great spot to watch Bengals games for three reasons. One they have a great selection of brews. Two they have good food. And third, most of the Browns fans are either at the game or watching it from home, thus leaving a nice variety of other fans to enjoy the Bengals game with. (submitted by Tom Barbor)
  Panini's Warehouse District
1290 West 6th Street
Panini's on W. 6th is a friendly place to watch the Bengals games. It is a quiet bar on Sundays and the bartenders are always willing to put on the Bengals games. The Browns and Steelers fans have never been obnoxious here and everyone seems to stay focused on their own game. We had a small following this past season, but we hope to increase it this season. Who-Dey! (submitted by Evan of Cleveland, 3/11/08)

2781 Euclid Heights Blvd
Johnny Malloy's has the biggest screens for watching the game that you have ever seen. This bar is a converted movie theater and they show all the games on a full size movie screen. You haven't watched football until you've seen it that big! The Bengals are always on and if you're into fantasy they have up to eight screens to check out your players on other teams. The food is good and the fans are great. I highly recommend checking it out! (submitted by Mike of Cleveland Heights)

COLUMBUS Harry Buffalo's
6150 Sunbury Rd, Westerville, OH 43081
The Columbus Bengal Nation now meets at Harry Buffalo's. We have a privet room with our own privet bartender and bathrooms , great food and atmosphere Come cheer on the Bengal’s this season with us! WHO DEY!

Facebook Page - (submitted by Tom Magin)
  Arlington Cafe
1975 W Henderson Rd.
They have many, many TVs in two rooms. They show all of the games or will change the channel to the game you want. There are always a bunch of Bengals fans there. (submitted by Brenda of Columbus)

COLUMBUS GROVE Millers Lunch & Sports Bar
117 N. High St.
Everyone is Bengals, Reds and Bearcats fans. Plus they have the coldest beer this side of the Mississippi. (submitted by Josh Gaines of Bluffton, OH, 11/28/07)

DAYTON Buffalo Wild Wings
Wilmington Pk.
There are more Bengals fans than Browns fans. (submitted by R.L. Warren)
1250 Shroyer Rd
Great place to get into the atmosphere of the game. New owner lets you have a good time. Go Bengals. (submitted by Harry Heiser of Dayton, 8/30/07)
  226 Kiefaber Street The best place to watch the Bengals in Dayton is in the heart of the University of Dayton student ghetto at 226 Kiefaber Street. The estate has two flat screen televisions, and four large tv's throughout the home. Plenty of spacious seating outside and in. Bengals fans of all ages are welcome. And you can guarantee at least two things at 226; 1. Plenty of food and spirits and 2. Bengal fever to the max. (submitted by Thomas Eckels of Dayton)
  Clancy's Tavern
5514 Burkhardt Rd
A great place to gather with fellow Bengals fans. Lots of good eats and good times. Not only a great place to watch the game, but also a good place to watch other games, too! (submitted by Ken Hallum of Dayton)
1818 Woodman Ave.
Completely a Bengals hangout. Every game the place is filled with Bengals fans. It has a tailgate feel to it. Also great food. (submitted by Otto of Dayton)

5736 Franz Road
First and foremost, the Columbus area is focused on Cleveland sports. The more fans at the Dub Pub the better. The market will televise a Browns game before a Bengals game. The Dub Pub has NFL Sunday Ticket, so you are not forced to sit at home and watch the Browns or Steelers. Last but not least, they run a special for $1.00 domestic longnecks during NFL games! See you there on Bengal road games. (submitted by Scott Counter of Columbus, OH)

FAIRBORN Tickets Sports Bar and Grill
Main Street in downtown Fairborn
We're there every other away game. Great food (Greek and American) and cold beer! (submitted by Mike Kelley of Fairborn)

FAIRFIELD Mable Murphy's
Donald Dr.
120-inch TV W/ NFL Ticket, great food & 18 TV's. (submitted by Dave W. of Forest Park, OH)
  Rick's Tavern
5955 Boymel Dr
They have seating for 350 people, over 80 TVs, with a 100 inch projection screen strictly for the Bengals games. This is a "Bengal Fan Zone"! The food and appetizers are EXCELLENT for a sports bar, and there are just enough Cleve. and Pitt. fans mixed in to do some "ribbing." If you are a die-hard Bengals fan, I have found no better place to be than Ricks Tavern on Sundays. P.S. Rick's Tavern has a free buffet for the Sunday night games. It's great! I won't go any where else to watch the games, period! (submitted by Jason of Cincinnati, OH)

FINDLAY Frickers
1410 W Main Cross St (at the I-75 and St Rt 12 interchange)
It's a great place for Bengals fans to get together and crowd out the Pittsurgh bandwagoners who have already taken over the Findlay Buffalo Wild Wings. The game is almost always on one of the big screens and there are plenty of smaller screens as well. Bengals fans have really been coming out of the woodwork lately but we can always use lots more. Frickers has the best wings and coldest beer around. Bring your appetite and be prepared to have a good time. (submitted by Mike Ruiz of Van Buren, OH)

GAHANNA The Pub in Gahanna
207 Johnstown St.
A few of us have worked really hard and we have established this as the Columbus Bengals Nation bar. The owners have allowed us free reign to decorate the place, they have given us drink specials, and we are looking to add more fans to the CBN fan base. (submitted by Jeromy of Columbus, 10/18/06)

GRATIS Fraternal Order of Eagles 4289
15 Franklin St.
Great club to be a member of due to the large turnout for Bengals games and great food. Drinks are very reasonable due to the private nature of the club. There are four Clowns fans that we like to hassle for their lack of talent. Large number of Bengals fans travel to the games to tailgate together and have a good time. Who Dey, Who Dey, Who Dey got the Best Bengals Fans? "GRATIS"! (submitted by Gary Moore Jr of Gratis)

GREENHILLS Backdoor Saloon
Off Winton Rd. behind the Greenhills Shopping Center
The loudest Bengals fans in Cincy. You better bring hearing aids. There are four TV's to watch the games on. The customers that do watch the game bring food to munch on. All the food is free. This bar even has a Bengals wall in the back. This wall has a lot of cool collectibles. After every win someone always plays "Welcome to the Jungle" on the jukebox. (submitted by Jeff Bowling of Cincinnati, OH)

HAMILTON Little Chicago Blues Club
Third Street
Great music, huge TV for Bengals games. Great food, cold beer! (submitted by John Vicory of Hamilton)

HUBER HEIGHTS BW3's on Old Troy Pike
Off St. Route 70, exit 38
Reasonable beverage prices, excellent food & excellent Bengal fans! Also available during the games is QB1, a virtual football strategy game where YOU play coach (for the chosen game), by guessing what type of play the offenses of both teams will run. You gotta check this out! (submitted by Brian Schwegel of Huber Heights)
4440 Longfellow Ave.
Yarks is a poolside bar that turns into the Jungle Zone once preseason starts w/flat screens, music, cornhole, Karaoke, great food, home of the Yark Attack (delicious adult beverage), ice cold beer and plenty of Bengals fans! (submitted by Nickie Long of Huber Heights, 7/20/12)
  Kricket's Tavern
5478 Brandt Pike
Kricket's is a great place to watch football! About 80 percent are diehard Bengals fans that love to have fun and watch the game. They have a 10-foot projection screen so every seat in the house is great. They always cook out for the games and the burgers are great and cheap! They also have the DJ play the songs they do at the stadium when the Bengals score. Kricket's tavern is a blast! Especially on Sundays! Who Dey! (submitted by Jeff Cost of Huber Heights, 9/29/09)

KENT Buffalo Wild Wings
227 Franklin Ave
This is the home of the "Bengals backers of Kent and Akron." Three big screens and a large assortment of other TVs. Lots of food and a myriad of beers to choose from. (submitted by Andy of Kent, 11/28/07)

KENWOOD BW-3's It's predominantly Bengal fans and they serve good beer, good food, and I'm there front and center at the bar, cheering and jeering as if I where sitting on the 50-yard line loud as ever as if they could hear me through the t.v. I'm a true Bengals fan. (submitted by Ryan McNeil)

KETTERING Elsa's Kettering
Stroop Rd. at Marshall Rd.
Great food and lots of TV's. (submitted by Scott McKinney (Iceman Bengal))
6270 Far Hills Ave.
This is the "Official Home of the Dayton Bengals Nation chapter." You can't miss us since we all wear our DBN shirts. We have a reserved section for the DBN right in front of the big screen thanks to the management. Currently we have 50 members and about 20-40 attend each game. Buckets O' beer are $7 and they have all you can eat wings! Great atmosphere and an amazing staff. Come join the Dayton Bengals Nation and cheer the Bengals to victory in the Dayton's version of the Jungle at PBS! (submitted by Turk Vangel of Dayton, 10/19/06)
  Cold Beer and Cheeseburgers
1060 Patterson Rd.
Great food and beer and we got get the Steelers out of there. (submitted by David Steele of Kettering)
580 Lincoln Park Blvd
Lots of Bengal Fans here. (updated by Robert Jordan of Kettering, 5/19/10)

LIMA Alibi Lounge
126 E. North Street
Meet other Bengals fans. Prizes and food. Bar decorated in Bengals memorabilia. (submitted by Kurt Bishop of Lima, 11/21/13)

MASURY Happywood Lounge
844 Standard Avenue
Lots of Cincinnati and Cleveland fans watch the games there and don't allow the Pittsburgh game on the screens. They always have food there during the game. (submitted by Shane of Masury, 8/30/07)

MAUMEE Frickers
Reynolds Rd
Up here you just dont find too many Bengals fans, so myself and a couple other buddies of mine from the southern part of Ohio up here go to Frickers. They always have the Bengals game on the big screen to the delight of all the Pittsburgh and Browns fans so I'm trying to get as many Bengals fans out there as possible because it's just a great place to grab a beer and watch the game! (submitted by Ryan Sullivan of Toledo, OH)

4810 Roosevelt Blvd.
Always more Bengals fans, great eats, close to I-75 intersection. Come here twice and waitress has got your name, favorite beer and food down pat. Either that or you look so bad she couldn't forget. Good fun! (submitted by Harold Cromwell of Middletown)

MINSTER Willy's Sports Bar
18 North Main Street
About 4 years ago nobody but Browns fans came in there. Myself and about 6 other guys went in there and pushed them all out. Now it is mostly Bengal fans on Sunday. (submitted by Royce Goubeaux of Minster)

NORTH CANTON Legends Sports Bar & Grille
3199 Whitewood Street NW
25 televisions including a large DTV over the bar. Good food, cold beer, good lookin' staff and Bengals football! What more could you ask for?! Tell Merideth that Carl sent ya! (submitted by Carl Mattes of Cincinnati, 5/3/07)

OTTOVILLE Millie's Cafe'
141 West Canal St
Seeing how we live in Browns country (and Ben Rothlisberger's back yard - Findlay) we decided to start our own Bengals Backers of Ottoville to hang out on Sundays and enjoy the games. Big screen, cold beer, and the best chicken wings in our Tri-County Area. Who Dey! (submitted by Todd Knippen of Ottoville)

27393 Holiday Lane
We have about 10 people who are Bengasl fans who watch the game every Sunday here. We have one big screen for smoking and one for non-smoking. WHO DEY! (submitted by Darell of Perrysburg)

PIQUA Bullie's Sports Bar and Grill
987 E Ash St
We have a group of 7-10 Bengals fans watching the game every week. We outnumber the Browns fans but not the Steelers fans, which is disappointing. We almost out yell the Steelers fans but it's not there yet. Come join us at Bullie's for a great time. (submitted by Tyler of Piqua)

POMEROY Court Street Grill
112 Court Street
A great place for cold beer, hot food, and rowdy Bengal fans on game day! A great Browns and Bengals rivalry there. Browns vs. Bengals game days, it's a zoo! (submitted by Jackie Welker)

Gallia St
Great atmosphere, low-key, great place for Bengal fans to have a place to themselves. (submitted by Mike Scott)

East Main St.
The remains of the Columbus chapter of the Bengals Fan Club meet here. This bar shows EVERY game and the Bengals are always on one of their 3 big screens. And they serve cold beer of course. (submitted by Dave Hartley of Columbus)

ROCKY RIVER Buffalo Wild Wings
20412 Center Ridge Rd.
Great beer and food, it's BW's. Bengals fans meet every Sunday to watch the Bengals, it's nice to watch a Bengals games (in Cleveland) with Bengal fans. WHO DEY! (submitted by Adam Eiser)

312 West Main Street
Used to be a Browns bar, but was overrun by us Bengals fans years ago! I watch the Bengals games here with about 10-20 others. Great pizza and free snacks during the games. (submitted by Eddie of Saint Henry, 3/7/11)

6750 Fields Ertel Rd
Because the bartender is a 40-year fan. She is 4 foot 8 and wears this belt buckle that flashes WHO DEY. She dresses up and gives out cow bells. The place rocks! Lots and lots of Bengals fans there. The bartender is a must see for any Bengals fan. Stop there; it's a hoot. (submitted by Marty Mcgrath of Liberty Township, OH, 9/28/07)

SIDNEY Buffalo Wild Wings
2080 Michigan St.
I think it's the best place to catch football in Sidney because they also have every other game on with the Bengals on the big screen. I'm going to be there for away games only, because I got season tix this year. (submitted by Bryan of Sidney)

TOLEDO Arnie's Eating & Drinking Saloon
3332 West Central Avenue
The best place in Toledo to watch the Bengals! It's on the corner of Central and Bancroft next to Ponderosa. They have great food and the Bengals are always on the Big Screen! (submitted by Joe Wilkinsky of Toledo)
  Good Times Sports Bar & Grill
5119 Jackman Rd.
$1.00 cans of Bud & Bud Light and the fact that it is a gathering place for Steelers fans make it a great place. Watching their faces as the Bengals beat them in their home was the highlight of the season. (submitted by Dale Timmons of Toledo)

TROY Jesters
761 N. County Rd. 25-A
The place my friends and I enjoy the Bengals games! They have a big screen television and several other TVs. They also have food during the game. When the Bengals score they give away "rewards" to the patrons. (submitted by Joe Konicki of Troy)

WAPAKONETA Barney's SportsBar
106 North Wood Street
Great food, cold beer and a whole bunch of crazy Bengals fans. 20+ every week and plenty of BIG Screen TVs to watch all the action. (submitted by Jack of Wapakoneta)

Watertower Lane
Truly all the great regulars who are sincere Bengal fans esp. the great looking employees. Lots of fun, 3 TV's, great prices on Sundays. (submitted by Dennis of West Carrollton)
  BoJANGLES Nightclub
1925 S. Alex Rd.
I now manage this bar for my mom. I was raised on football (yeah Dad). I decided this year the Dayton area needed a Bengals Bar, flush the Brown thing and pooh on Pittsburgh! We purchased a 120" HDTV Projector and enjoy watching the Bengals every Sunday afternoon. PLUS I work my butt off to provide great "free" food for the customers. We also have $3.00 draft beer pitchers and Bengals trivia at halftime for a free beer. We currently have the greatest Bengals fan base in the south Dayton area! Come see us. (submitted by Christy)

Sunbury Plaza, 6035 S. Sunbury Rd
Brew-Stirs Pub (Kroger Plaza/161) is the new home of the Columbus Bengals Nation where area fans can watch the games with like-minded people yelling WHO-DEY! They have big screen TVs dedicated to the Bengals games (with sound). They have great food and a patio. They also have specials for Bengals fans on game day! (submitted by Kim Barlag of Columbus, OH, 10/13/11)

WILMINGTON Uncle Louie's Lounge at Royal Z Lanes Every week we go to Uncle Louie's Lounge. They have a 10-ft big screen and show the Bengals game on it every week. It is much better than the large sports bars with tons of tv's because the screen is about 10 feet away and right in front of you! Great food, beers, and Bengals fans. WHO-DEY. (submitted by Greg Watson)

WOLFHURST Wolfhurst Polish Club
68225 Adolph St.
Great people, good food, and cold beer. There is a variety of fans - Vikings, Dolphins, Cowboys, Browns, Steelers and Bengals. So come in, I need more Bengals fans to help get on these Steelers fans. WHO DEY! (submitted by Troy Skukan of Bridgeport, OH)

WORTHINGTON Fletcher's (Buckeye Subs)
650 High Street
We will have all the Bengals games on TV, via Direct TV and beer and food is cheap. It is going to be a lot of fun this year. Let's go Bengals (submitted by Jeffrey Turton of Worthington, 9/28/07)

YOUNGSTOWN V.F.W. Post 93 on South Ave It's a great spot because we're stuck in the middle of Cleveland fans and Pittsburgh fans and there's more Bengals stuff in that place than some of the bars we've seen in Cincinnati. WHO-DEY! (submitted by Bob Dutton of Youngstown)