Bengals Fan Connection

City Location Comments
ASTORIA Cronin and Phelan's
38-14 Broadway (Corner of Broadway and Steinway)
Astoria folks know that Cronin's is a great place to watch football, and they always have a screen open for Bengals fans. The beer is great, the food is fantastic and the atmosphere is fun - and you better bring your Bengal stripes and wear them with pride! (submitted by Jon McNally of Astoria)

BOLIVAR Shooters
247 N. Main St.
They ahve six regular TVs and one gigantic projector screen. The rule is, whoever gets in there first on Sunday gets to pick the game on the big TV. I get there hours early just to assure the Bengals are the feature presentation. (submitted by Jeff Davison of Bolivar, 11/21/06)

BROOKLYN Cody's American Bar & Grill
154 Court St.
Cody's is a neighborhood gathering place. They have all the games, nice TVs, reasonably priced beers and I recommend the French dip with Mozzarella and a side of mayo. Lately, the back part of the bar has become a congregating place for the growing Bengals contingency that used to be scattered around the bar. A great place to catch the game. (submitted by Steve Hall)

FLORAL PARK J. Fallon's Tap Room
136 Tulip Avenue
One of the owners here is a huge Bengals fan and then transformed his partner. Stripes are always represented on Sundays and the Bengals always guaranteed. Not to mention the Welcome to the Jungle signs and orange lighting! A great bar for any football fan and my personal favorite $30 all you can handle. WHO DEY! (submitted by Chaz Razziga of Floral Park, 3/24/10)

NEW YORK CITY Off the Wagon
109 Macdougal St.
(Between Bleecker Street and West 3rd Street)
A nice place to enjoy a Bengals game. Well that is if there is a nice place to enjoy a Bengal game in the city of New York. Watching a game amongst Giants and Jets fans that have no clue why you're a Bengals fan is priceless. When I venture to a bar to watch a game on sunday I go to Off the Wagon. (submitted by Tom Harnisch of Bayside, NY)
N. 8th & Roebling
Dear New York Bengals fans ... ORGANIZE! We finally have a new Who Dey Headquarters for the 2006 season. After being scattered for so long we finally have a central meeting place in the heart of Williamsburg. K&M bar will have the Bengals playing on their 12ft. projection screen all season and free Cincinnati Style chili will be provided for the prime time games. We're the same crew that threw the Bengals parties at Turkey's Nest and Standings last year, but now you can find us at our permanent home - K&M bar at the corner of N. 8th & Roebling. By train is it's the L to Bedford Ave. or G to Metropolitan. I've checked out other locations and it always ends up being 2 or 3 cheering for the Bengals and a million other fans rooting for rival teams. This will not be the case at K&M! It will be the largest weekly gathering of Bengals fans in New York City guaranteed! (submitted by David Urfmann of Brooklyn, NY, 10/19/06)
3rd and Bowery
This is the only bar in town that plays only the Bengals games and plays the fight song after each touchdown and game victory. They serve Skyline 3 & 4 ways, coneys and chili dip during the game, along with $3 Bud Lights. More importantly, the entire bar (not just the back room) is dedicated solely to Bengals fans. During any given game there are at least 100 Bengals fans. This is by far the best place in the city to watch the games! (submitted by Mike Pellegrino and Jim Schroder of New York, 10/17/06)
43 East 7th Street
I would just like to try to have another bar posted for our local Bengals fans in NYC. The bar is on 7th in between 2nd and 3rd and is called Standings. It has been a mellow spot so we have created a Who Dey crowd and are a few people away from getting sound. So the more air time the better the chances to get an actual Bengals bar in the city. (submitted by Nicholas Hamilton)
  Park Avenue Country Club
381 Park Ave South
Every NFL Sunday I meet several other Bengal fans at the Park Avenue Country Club in New York City. It's a great place because the food is fantastic, every NFL game is on, and all of the TV's are LCD projection so the video is crisp. (submitted by Brad Imwalle of Bound Brook, NJ)
  Mr. Bigg's
596 Tenth Ave.
I moved to NYC on a Saturday and wanted to watch the Bengals that Sunday. So I went down to this local bar on my street and to my surprise there were about 5-7 Who Dey fans there cheering on the Bengals. I've been going ever since and have brought some other fellow Cincinnatians as well. Come join the fun! (submitted by Kim Sokolnicki of New York City)

ROCHESTER The Distillery
1142 Mt. Hope Ave
This bar has a great set up with about 3 TVs playing Cinci games every Sunday. Only problem is there's only about 2 of us Cinci fans there. We need more; come on down and show your Cinci pride. (submitted by Cavan of Rochester, 12/11/06)
  Pineapple Jacks
507 Spencerport Rd
This is a great place for football! It's one of the only places where you can drink, eat, smoke and WATCH THE BENGALS! Football brings $5 pitchers and 1/2 price appitizers. Go Bengals! (submitted by Kim of Rochester, 8/9/07)
  MacGregor's Grill
607 Coldwater Rd
MacGregor's is a great place to eat and drink while watching our beloved Bengals. We need more fans! (submitted by Richie of Rochester, 1/24/07)

SARATOGA SPRINGS The Irish Times Pub and Restaurant; 14 Phila St. Small but strong gathering of Bengals fans in upstate NY. I usually get there early enough to secure at least one TV and game audio. So far, the following consists of anywhere from 2 to 8 people. (submitted by Cole McIlwraith of Saratoga Springs, 8/20/12)

4306 43rd ST
Best sports bar in Queens. We have 13 plasma TVs plus a big screen. Our waitress Catherine is from Cincinnati and a big Bengals fan who makes sure the game is on every week. We have food and drink specials every day (Best wings in NY). Come in and join the party. (submitted by Michael McCreesh of Sunnyside, 9/12/08)

SYRACUSE Johny B's Jukebox
103 N Geddes St.
We have the Sunday ticket and I make sure at least one of the 15 televisions has our beloved BENGALS on. I am the biggest Bengal fan in the Cuse and would love a little more company! WHO DEY! (submitted by Gary Shoff of Syracuse)
  Tully's Fairmount
3355 W. Genesee Street
It's the only place in Syracuse where they not only show the Bengals, but there are actually Bengals fans in attendance as well. We are always there when we aren't traveling to the games. It's also "the spot" for Steelers fans in Syracuse, leaving an air of competition. Tully's on Erie Blvd. also has occaisonal Bengals fans, especially for Monday Night games. (submitted by Brooks F. of Syracuse, 12/4/07)
  Hafner's Restaurant & Tavern
5224 W Taft Rd
Every week they host every NFL game, including our Bengals. No kids though, but a lot of different fans from all over the NFL. (submitted by Larry of Liverpool, NY)

WEST NYACK Fox Sports Grill
Palisades Plaza Mall
4540 Palisades Center
Big screens all around (although Jets and Giants will get the huge middle TV). Great food. Good mix of fans. Football atmosphere. Huge bar. (submitted by Gerame H of Weehawken, NJ)

YONKERS The Westchester Tavern
641 McLean Avenue
If you are a Bengals fan then stop into The Westchester Tavern. Located at the corner of McLean and South Devoe just 1 block west off the Thruway in Yonkers bordering New York City, this is a favorite hangout for Who Dey regulars. Maybe it's the free wings on game days or the many flat screens with the huge 90-inch projection screen or just the friendly atmosphere or the great prices or maybe the coldest beer in town but you can always find a Who Dey crew hangin here. So if you're ever lost in Yonkers or just want to be, if you bleed orange and black, head over where the locals that normally ask who dat are now saying Who Dey! (submitted by Brian McEnery of Eastchester, NY, 2/22/12)