Bengals Fan Connection

City Location Comments
BELLEVUE O'Banions Lounge and Grill
2871 Capehart Rd
The atmosphere and people are great. (submitted by Dan Ruhe of Bellevue)
  D J's Dugout Sports Bar
2440 Cornhusker Rd.
Good food and good games, one of the only places in town to catch a Bengals game. (submitted by John Murphy of Bellevue)
  Fort Crook Billiards
908 Fort Crook Rd S
A lot of Steelers fans and a great place to talk trash to them. (submitted by Josh Strausbaugh of Bellevue)

LINCOLN Heidelberg's
4620 Bair Ave
Good food and never too busy. Always have the Bengals on one of their many TVs. (submitted by Ron Walker of Waverly, NE)
  Old Chicago - Southpointe
2918 Pine Lake Rd
They have the satellite package that gets any football game and are willing to put up whatever game is requested, and of course my request is always for the Bengals. (submitted by Robert McAfee of Lincoln, 8/21/08)

OMAHA Brewsky's
84th and Park Drive
42 very large flat screens, great prices and I am able to watch my hometown team win. GO BENGALS! (submitted by Jess Ruark of Omaha, 8/21/08)
  Hooter's on 120th and Center Any resaurant that has the color orange in it always has to be the Bengal hideout! (submitted by Troy Bowling of Omaha)
  Legends Patio Grill and Bar
6910 N 102nd Circle
Every Sunday has a good group of Bengals faithful, always have the game on. Also a gathering spot for Steelers fans - mostly good guys except for poor taste in teams. Food is good and bartenders do that crazy "Tom Cruise in Cocktail" bottle tricks. (submitted by Tim Mykris of Omaha, 5/3/07)
  The Ice House
108th and Maple
Great food, great games, and the waitresses are nice to look at. (submitted by Bob Peterson of Gretna, NE)