Bengals Fan Connection

City Location Comments
BOSTON Sports Grill
132 Canal St
Thanks to an affordable, easy-to-navigate menu and 140 Satellite TVs, the Grille makes an ideal watering hole and an especially appropriate pre or postgame dining destination. Sports fans of all stripes cheer on their alma mater or their favorite teams on one of the restaurant's 15 satellite channels. Bengals games are shown every week here. (submitted by Tony Schmidt of Boston)

BRIGHTON The Avenue Bar & Grill
1249 Commonwealth Ave (Cross Street: Harvard Street)
Dollar beer (Budweiser) and 25-cent wings all day on Sunday (enough said). There's a small group of Bengals fans. Good TV. (submitted by Denny Harrell of Brighton, 11/3/06)

256 Elm Street
We usually have a group of 4-10 Bengals fans, and typically see a few others. Despite all the bars around, it is one of the few that caters to NFL on Sunday. They usually give us a corner to ourselves since we bring so many people. Unfortunately the Pats game still gets the audio, but if we could get enough people there maybe we could turn the tide. (submitted by Justin of Cambridge, MA, 10/5/10)